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Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I have been under the weather lately with a sore throat, high temperature, bad cough and general 'yuckiness' ~ I am feeling a little better now but not quite right yet . . . 

This photo of Baby Rosa, received today, cheered me up.

She is a happy bunny these days and she smiles, squeals with delight and gurgles away very merrily.  All is well provided she gets enough feed and boy she is a hungry little thing.

She has more than doubled her weight.

I remember last year receiving a Christmas card from my daughter and son-in-law saying something like, "Happy Christmas Dad, love from Selina, Matt and ?"  I missed the significance of the '?' until Selina said, "Read it again, Dad!"

I jumped for joy.

Her Nana Sue, Matt's mother, was far more observant and she jumped for joy too, without any prompting.

Our lives are all the richer for having her and I can say I have never seen her mother happier in her whole life.  It is wonderful to see her like that.

Peter loves her to bits already.

I am having him to look after on Thursday and Friday and I am going to decorate the Christmas tree with him, which I know he will enjoy.  He helped his mum and dad at his house and as far as I can tell he has not knocked it over yet.  I have bought some new fairy lights for the occasion. 

This is the first time I have felt like putting the tree up since I lost Maria in April 2013.  Life is much easier now.


  1. Baby Rosa is so lovely. Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather, but no doubt Peter will get you moving again this week.

    1. Last time I had him on Friday I had to move pretty quick
      Because over both of us he was suddenly sick
      Gosh . . . . took a bit of clearing up . . lol

      Yes we are so happy to have baby Rosa . . :)

  2. Well Peter has one up on the cat
    He knocked the tree over flat
    Cassie did too
    Two for one at our zoo
    One tried to climb it
    The other tried to eat it a bit
    Each time it fell
    and they ran like hell
    The ? would have made me look twice at my sea
    Like to think it would be gotten by me
    Happy and hungry is a fine way to be
    As long as she doesn't think the tree is food like the cat you see lol

    1. lol

      Well young Peter drives his car round the room so fast
      The chance of him hitting the tree over is vast.
      I'll have to position it to one side
      away from anywhere he would normally reside..
      Your cats are much more problematic
      Because they are so much more acrobatic.
      Young Peter has not yet learned to climb a tree
      So I don't think it will fall over, but maybe . . . . . . . . lol

    2. lol don't count any chickens before they hatch
      The tree may fall over and crush the whole batch

    3. Thanks for the warning I must start to limber
      If tree is knocked over I'll shout, "Timber!"

  3. First of all.... feel better, my friend. So sorry to hear you have been sick and that you had a temperature. That can make one feel very bad. Take care of you.
    Next....isn't she a precious little one! I know it cheered you up beyond words to get this photo today.
    Peter and his GrandDad will have a marrrrrvelous time putting up the Christmas tree. You are making memories for him (and for you) that are forever ones.
    Sending you warmest wishes and hugs from across the pond.

    1. Thank you Jackie . . . hope I am restored soon to my former glory . . . . lol
      We are so fortunate to have her and so grateful.
      Yes Peter and I have a real good bond and sometimes he cries because he does not want to go home . . . aw
      My warmest wishes to you and you lovely family ~ a big hug for your Mama . . . a help yourself to one . . :)

  4. What a blessing! She is precious, Eddie. Sending you both warm hugs from Montreal, Canada. :)

    1. Thank you Linda . . . .hugs right back . . . :)

  5. A happy bunny? She looks like a little reindeer to me. haha.
    You are so funny not getting the ? in the card....made me chuckle....
    She's a cutie...doesn't look anything like, who does she favor?
    Hope you feel better!

    1. Thanks . . . .oh gosh . . .a happy reindeer then . . . . just like a man to get that wrong and to miss the '?'.
      Other than that I am highly observant . . . lol
      I think, and I am inclined to agree with her Nana Sue, that she is a mixture with the top of her face a little like Matt and the lower part a little like Selina ~ and she has a tinge of auburn hair like Selina. And of course she inherits my sunny and fun and happy disposition . . . lol
      Thanks ~ I am still coughing my lungs out sometimes . . . . may need to see the doctor if things don't improve. Lisa goes back to work tomorrow so I must have Peter on Thur and Fri . . . :)

  6. A happy bunny? She looks like a little reindeer to me. haha.
    You are so funny not getting the ? in the card....made me chuckle....
    She's a cutie...doesn't look anything like, who does she favor?
    Hope you feel better!

    1. Nice to see you again so soon . . . . lol
      You must like it here or is it the coffee? . . . rofl

    2. Hi Eddie...
      You are a silly billy...I always delete the comments that come thru twice!!
      AS soon as I opened your blog...I knew she was a reindeer...
      Hope you are feeling better and the tree decor goes well...
      Remember to take a few pics of Peter...and get him to smile!!♥
      Have a cup of will make you feel soooo much better!!
      Linda :o)

    3. lol . . . . . you know me, I love a laugh . . .:)
      I think I was put off thinking she was a reindeer because she had only a Rosa nose and not a Red nose . . . lol.
      . . . but now it is mentioned it is obvious she is a reindeer ~ lol
      Getting the tree down tonight and yes he is a tad too serious isn't he.
      I am still coughing like 'billy-o' but sore throat has almost gone ~ thank you hot honey and lemon slice mix . . . :)
      Cheers and yes I will take some piccies of little Peter. I have a nice new Smartphone with 8Mpix facility so can take some really sharp ones . . . :)
      Eddie . . . :o)

    4. . . . and I didn't notice the horns . . . I mean antlers at first . . . lol

    5. Hope you enjoyed your day....

  7. Sweet Rosa - what a cutie-patootie!
    So sorry to hear you've been ill. Not good. I was dealing with some intestinal issues for a couple months and have just started feeling a bit better when I seem to have caught a wee cold. Grrr. It's always something.
    So glad you feel like putting up the tree and Peter will have such fun with you!
    Hugs to you and your Christmas lad. ((((()))))

    1. Hi Suzie ~ and thanks for your good wishes. Sorry to hear of your issues and hope you are fine and dandy soon.
      Yes I am getting the tree down from the loft in a while ready for tomorrow. Hugs . . . :) x

  8. Dear Eddie, sorry to hear you're under the weather but it sounds as though you are feeling better, especially after seeing that photo of that sweet face of a granddaughter of yours! What a cutie she is! She makes a most excellent baby reindeer ;)
    Glad to hear that you putting up your Christmas tree this year and that 'life is easier' for you these days. You deserve joy in your life =)

    1. Hi Monica ~ feeling a lot better today ~ yes a cute little reindeer and there was I at first thinking she was a bunny . . . lol.
      Thanks and joy returning gradually . . . but have hopes of continued improvement after that devastating blow . . .
      Very nice to see you . . :) x

  9. So sorry that you and Lil' Peter have been sick and I'm sending prayers for a speedy recovery, cher,

    Decorating the Christmas tree with Peter sounds like fun and I'm so glad that you're up to it this year.

    Baby Rosa is so precious! I think that she favors Selina and Maria! :) You are so blessed!

    1. Well look who's here!!!!
      Lawdie Bless my Sanity . . . lol
      Thank you . . . those prayers must have been heap powerful medicine because I am feeling a lot better now.
      Yes, looking forward to the tree decorating with little Peter. A project to keep him amused.
      I am so lucky to have that little granddaughter and of course Peter . . . I am certainly blessed . . :)

  10. Hi Eddie - that's wonderful you're feeling your way into the Christmas spirit this year - always so difficult. Rosa looks amazing and I just hope the both of you have fabulous days on Thursday and Friday ... Cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary ~ I am trying to gain some strength for the Thursday and Friday Grandson duties . . . lol . . :)

  11. Replies
    1. Just like me!!! . . . . lol

      Thanks and great to see you are able to get out of the kitchen to see Eddie sometimes . . :)

  12. Rosa is adorable. Is that a donkey suit she is wearing?

    Sorry you've not been well and hope you're feeling a lot better by now.
    Also sorry I haven't phoned for a while. I will be in touch.

    I'm also feeling in a Christmasy mood and wondering where to put the tree this year.
    Take Care..

    Luv Maggie x

    1. No she's a reindeer, Maggie . . . .I didn't spot the antlers at first but I was corrected by several highly observant ladies who don't miss a thing!!! . . . . lol . . . . . :) x


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