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Sunday, 6 December 2015


This Christmas is the first I'm able
To erect my tree upon a table.
I have not done this for two years
Without my wife ~ I want no tears.

This year I had my little boy
My grandson, Peter ~ so much joy.
At home he'd helped his Mum and Dad
To get their tree up at their pad.

I got to thinking it would be great
If we did it here without a wait
The tree was in boxes in the attic
And felt good about it ~ quite ecstatic. 

When Peter came to visit me
I said, "Will you help me with my tree?"
His little face broke into huge broad smiles
From ear to ear, and as wide as miles.

"Grandpa, tree, up in roof, you get it . . . get it,
Me help . . put up , me, me . . . . don't forget it!"
I got the ladder out and ascended
And got the boxes down, how splendid.

We got a little table ready
So tree would rest there, nice and steady.
We put the tree up together there
And found the lights, plus a new pair.

When we turned them on, as a test
His little face beamed, I was so blessed.
We put the lights onto the tree
He wanted to do it and said, "Me, me, me!"

We found the baubles waiting there
And Peter hung some up, without a care.
We added some nice Christmas things
A crib, angels and a bell which rings.

I think next year I'll delegate
And let him do it all . . . lol . . . bless him.


  1. How very nice...I'm pleased for both of you! It looks great, too!

    1. Yes and thanks . . . . so pleased we did it . . . :)

    2. You didn't give me a prize for being first! haha.

    3. Aww . . . how remiss and ungentlemanly of me.
      Here it is . . . . :) X

      Now don't tell everyone or they will all want one . . . . lol

  2. Love your wee Minion helper...
    Linda :o)

  3. Awwwww....precious photos, Eddie! I love everything, you both did great! :)

  4. What a curlytop! So nice to have some professional help with the tree. He did a smashing job. And you did a smashing job with the poetry! I'm hoping for the same type of tree assistance from my little people too.

    1. He gets it from his mum . .
      Traditionally I always put up the tree and it was great to have my kids successively helping ~ there were 10 years between them and this covered quite a few years before they got fed up of helping . . lol. My wife used to always come in from the kitchen just as I had finished installing the Christmas lights and fine tuned the angle of the branches . . lol

  5. The joy he brings you is immeasurable. I'm so happy that you are making the best memories with him, Eddie. He is a gift from the Lord.
    Thank you for sharing these photos with us.

    1. Yes . . . but he was sooo slow . . . lol . . . and it took us 2 days would you believe? . . ha

  6. What a darling little you have to help you set up your tree! And what a wonderful way to begin some new Christmas memories with your grandson - you deserve these good memories Eddie! =)

  7. Such a sweet lad with handsome curls. I can tell he was excited and of great help.
    I know it's been difficult for you to celebrate the holidays, but you have started a new tradition with your little Peter and I love that!
    Here's to more wonderful memories.

    1. Yes . . . will be pleased to do it each year and no doubt little Rosa might want to get involved at some point . . :)

  8. More rhymes from Eddie in the place to be!
    And I'll raise you a Scooby Dooweeeee!
    Did I tell you my wife like to delegate too?

  9. Hi Eddie - wonderful .. he looks positively chuffed! Enjoy .. it'll be his tree now - you're right there .. cheers Hilary

  10. Look at you go
    With the flow
    All up and ready
    I like to delegate steady
    That is one trippy minion shirt too
    With plenty of them in view

    1. Good job he cannot climb the tree
      Or he'd be the Cherub on the top to see . . . lol

  11. You've gone all poetical again!
    The lights will cheer up your nights!

    Have fun decorating the room now......
    Maggie x

    1. Thought it nice to say it in rhyme
      It captures better our good time
      The lights are nice and look terrific
      But a little soporific . . . lol

      Eddie x

  12. He looks so happy! These are some good memories...and the tree looks magnificent.

  13. Your little helper is precious! Spending time with the littles is always a joy. They grow up so fast.

    1. So lovely to see you Linda . . . . I'm coming over.
      Yes . . . I am most fortunate to have him AND my granddaughter, Rosa 14 weeks. . . . Yes they grow up very fast, it seems like yesterday my children were babies . . . . :)

  14. Adorable helper
    Impressive verse
    My own rhyming's not great
    But it could be much worse

    May your Christmas be merry
    May your tears be few
    May your own kids and grandkids
    Have many more years with you

    Have a great Christmas, Eddie. <3

    1. Hilary, thanks for taking the time
      To write me such a sweet wee rhyme.
      It is always so good from you to hear
      It brings me joy to see it appear . . . :)

  15. Did you know we have the same balls? X-mas balls... lol

  16. So cute, I love his minion jumper! Hope you all had a Happy Christmas!


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