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Saturday, 20 February 2016



A Funny thing happened at the Fish and Chip Shop

This week I have not been in a position to help anyone so I am recalling a fairly recent and rather amusing incident, when I attempted to help a 'down and out'.  

I was on my way home after working in my daughter's garden and I felt very hungry, just as I frequently do.

I decided to buy some fish and chips in a town which is about half way home. Also, I needed to buy some groceries from a supermarket, nearby.  

I had just bought my fish and chips when I noticed a young lady sitting outside the supermarket.  She was an obvious 'down and out', and probably homeless. Fortunately it was a nice day, so she was not cold.

I stopped and asked her if she was hungry and in broken English she replied that she was, so I gave her my fish and chips.

I returned to the fish and chip shop and asked for another portion. The lady serving looked at me rather strangely and remarked that I had just bought some and I replied that I liked them so much I was buying some more. She laughed and looked amazed, saying, "But you have not had time to eat the first lot!"

I joked that I was hungry and then I said, "Well, actually I gave them away to a 'down and out' girl just outside, so I am getting some more for myself.

She said, "Oh how kind, I shall charge you just half price!", and we both laughed.  She said, "What would you do if you saw another 'down and out' outside? Would you give them those too?"  

I said, "I would send them in here! ~ your turn!"  

She laughed and said, "I might not be as generous as you!" and we both laughed again.

On my way back to the car I saw the girl eating her fish and chips and she was alone.  I asked her if she was enjoying them, and she replied rather curtly, "There's no salt on them!"  . . . . lol

I said, "Well, the fish and chip shop is next door, go and ask them for some salt, and they might throw in some extra vinegar".

I thought . . . the ungrateful thing . . . but I smiled inwardly and thought it was all rather amusing.

When I got home I transferred my fish and chips onto a plate but boy, the lid flew off the ketchup and my fish got drenched and was swimming in a pool of ketchup! . . . . lol

No matter, it was delicious. I like ketchup.

Now doesn't that look appetising? . . lol

Now we are in the mood for fish and chips, please tune in for my next post in a few days when I recall a story from my ambulance days and a favourite Fish and Chip shop that my colleagues and I used to frequent regularly. 

Preview of coming attractions when I hope to get some new ambulance stories posted.


I digressed ~ now back to topic.

This year the lovely Manu is hosting the RAK series, following our equally lovely Betsy who hosted during previous years.

We are always looking for additional stories to inspire others to try to make someone's day a little happier (or a lot if we can). 
So if you have any ideas and would like to participate in this very worthy cause then please contact Manu by clicking on the picture.

  There will be a full set of instructions explaining exactly what to do next.

Also, by clicking this link those interested in reading other participants' RAKs can do so.

Please join in if you can and help to spread the word about RAKs.


  1. haha you need salt when you swim with them fishes
    Or maybe that is down and out wishes
    At least from her there were no dirty dishes
    As out the ketchup swishes
    Did her ungrateful comment make you mad?
    Did you really squeeze more than a tad?
    You water a river to run red?
    Hey, a river can be a fish bed
    Better keep my distance just in case
    You may spill ketchup all over the place

    1. No she did no way make me mad
      I thought it funny the cheek she had.
      I should have taken my ketchup with me
      And covered the chips with it . . . . he he he !!

  2. Hi Eddie....
    A wee bit too much ketchup!
    I prefer tartar sauce on deep fried fish....but I hardly ever get that....usually baked for me!
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Linda :o)

    1. Hi Linda . . . I like tartar sauce as well, maybe next time . .
      Cheers and enjoy your hols . . . :)

  3. Eddie, what a great RAK; that's so cute!
    Actually, I don't like fish and chips but during last summer I spent in UK my daughter enjoyed it a lot.
    Thanks for taking part.

  4. Sorry, I didn't realise the post had changed. When I visited it still had the same title so I thought I had already commented. Silly me! I think it's great what you did with your fish and chips. I mean giving them away, not chucking a great dollop of tomato ketchup all over the fish! I bet the fish wasn't very pleased either.

    1. Yes I see why . . .
      Just come back from the chippy tonight . . . :)

  5. Yummmm - love fish and chips. Nice of you to treat the young lady even if her behaviour was less than stellar.

    1. Thanks Suzie ~ so I know the way into your heart ~ fish and chips . . . lol

    2. My deep, dark secret revealed...

  6. Hi eddie,
    That is a lovely thing to do to give your meal away - and also from Fish and Chips lady to give your 2nd portion half prize! I'm inspired by your actions!

    1. Thanks Nina, will be over to read your's a little later . . . :)


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