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Thursday, 3 March 2016


It is Thursday and I am with Grandpa for the day. We are entertaining two ladies this morning/afternoon ~ a little girl 6 months older than me and Nana Sue.

What is a boy to do while waiting to meet a young lady?
Blow bubbles of course. What a silly question.

Gosh Grandpa . . . what a beauty and it did not go pop straight away.

The door bell rang and so we go to the door and meet our visitors, Iris and Nana Sue.

It's not long before Grandpa gets out the cakes and makes the grown ups a cup of coffee.  Those cakes are yummy and Iris and I had two each and poor Grandpa and Nana Sue had just one. Of course in these photos I had already eaten mine.

Then it was play time. Grandpa 'wound us all up' (typical of him) and we chased around the house on my car and tricycle whilst being hotly pursued by a large Caterpillar. 

Grandpa managed to get just one action shot because we were going so fast and Nana Sue was pushing Iris.

The tricycle was my daddy's when he was a little boy and the caterpillar, which we call "Clatterpillar", was my Auntie Selina's, so it must be 30 years old at least.

Iris and I loved being chased by monsters (Grandpa and Nana Sue no less) and we shrieked and ran for cover.  

We both almost got the hang of riding the tricycle, but we need a bit more practice to get it right.

Things quietened down a bit and Grandpa let us play a duet on his piano.  

Later we changed sides so Iris could play the melody, while I played the bass line.

The time flew by so quickly and we noticed the weather was improving so we decided to visit a local farm where there are lots of animals to see, and then would have some lunch out.

Here am I with a sheep which lets you stroke it.

Iris wore a cow mask . . . 

We stayed around for a couple of hours, walking and seeing the animals but it was a bit muddy.

Then Iris started to cry and when we asked her what was wrong she said, "I want to go back to Peter's house and play monsters again!"

So off we went and continued our enjoyment for the afternoon and Iris loved playing with my toys. 

When it was time for them to go I gave Iris a little kiss and a hug. I hope I can see her again.


  1. What fun that pretty ladies came for a visit! Peter looks so serious! haha.

    1. He does, doesn't he . . . could be he is nervous about his date, or more likely he is fed up with people taking photos of him . . :)

  2. Well, isn't this the perfect day?!!! Peter is so handsome with his curls, eyes, and those pouty lips! Oh my goodness!

    1. lol . . . yes I think he's going to turn a few heads. Her gave her such a smacker of a kiss on the lips when they said goodbye . . . . we laughed so hard . . . :)

  3. HI Peter!
    You are sure a lucky boy...your grandpa lets you blow bubbles in the house?
    And.....ride your bike in the house?
    My Papa would never tolerate that monkey business....
    He makes me sweep and shovel and rake!
    My Nana is the best...bakes cookies with me...
    And.....she is really pretty♥️
    I like your curly hair, Peter....
    Your Canadian friend...
    Miss V :o)

    1. Hello Miss V ~ so nice of you to write.
      Can we be pen friends?
      Your Papa sounds very strict . . . but I bet he is a real softy underneath, just like my Grandpa.
      I was with him again today but I decided to be kind to him and give him a softer time so I was a bit quieter. Aren't I a good boy?
      You are lucky to have a Nana to back cookie with and yes she is a pretty gal and she looks a bit like Doris Day.
      I know most girls like my curls but my mummy is getting it cut a bit shorter soon thank goodness and then all the girls will start to leave me alone . . .
      Cheers . . . . :)
      Your Brit friend
      Peter . . . :)

  4. Made me smile brightly when I saw this posted on FB. What a full, fun-packed day.
    And how lucky you and Iris are, Peter, to have Grandpa and Nana Sue in your lives. Such love in these photos.
    I have never petted a sheep so you have that over me!
    Peter, I have to say I love your curls. I have curly hair too!
    I hope you and Iris will visit with each other often and that Grandpa will continue to let us enjoy the photos.
    BIG HUGS xxxooo

    1. Thanks Suzie ~ yes I think those two have made friends.
      Love writing about their escapades and so pleased you like to read them.
      Yes, I have never got close to a sheep before yesterday.
      Hugs to you too . . . xox

  5. Grandpa can play the piano. What kind of tunes does he have in store for us, humble fans?

    Hi Eddie!

    1. You sing it and I'll play it! . . lol
      Mainly (easy) classical ~ I am no concert pianist . . :)

  6. This is so precious! Thanks for sharing, Eddie. Adorable pictures!

    1. Thanks Karen ~ it was rather touching to see them get on so well ~ the first time they had met . . :)

  7. Oh Eddie, what adorable little sweet faces. They are so lucky to have a loving Grandpa. Have a lovely weekend. Thank you for your sweet visit and compliment.

  8. Thank you Linda ~ enjoy your weekend too, no doubt you will be entertaining. Always a pleasure to visit . . :)

  9. So sweet. You must have had so much fun hosting this play date. They kids are adorable.

    1. Thanks Hilary and yes it was great fun ~ I had Peter again this morning. He found a screw loose holding the stair hand rail to the wall and he rushed to get his tool set to try to mend it saying, "Me fix it!"

  10. Sounds like a fun afternoon Eddie!
    I'm hardly ever in blogland nowadays, but I enjoyed reading your account of the playdate.

    1. Hi Mimi . . . have net seen you for a while ~ so nice of you to call in.
      Quite a number of bloggy pals of our era have stopped blogging, alas.
      Trust you are well . . )

  11. Eddie: I bet you needed to lie down in the dark for a while after all that excitement! Sounds like a lovely day. We are so blessed to have our sweet grandies come to visit.
    Peter: I hope you write about more of your trips to see grandpa. Looks like it was fun. Are you going to marry Iris when you grow up?

    1. No darkness necessary ~ I could easily have crashed out in broad daylight after that . . . lol . . . even Peter was a little quiet the next day but I am told Iris wanted to go to Peter's house again to play monsters . . . lol

    2. Hello Nana Shammickite . . . Grandpa passed your question to me . . . well there are so many young ladies swooning at my feet I am not sure . . . but she is such a nice girl so maybe I will . . . if she will have me. Do you think she will? Love Peter x

  12. Peter and Iris are too cute!!! And those blue eyes of Peter's seem to get bluer with each photo! You and Nana Sue must have been exhausted by the end of the day!
    xo jj

    1. Thanks Joanna ~ yes tiring but enjoyable . . . :) x


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