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Sunday, 2 April 2017


My daughter and son-in-law were given an old garden bench a few years ago and to be frank I did consider that it would be unlikely that we could ever restore it.  It was almost forgotten until recently when I said it would be very useful to sit on and enjoy the summer months.

There were several repairs neccessary, including a new central support, which I measured and made at home using my new bandsaw which cuts curved shapes, making the repair possible. The whole support structure was very weak and I have 'beefed it up' considerably, whilst trying to make it look good.

This afternoon I took the 'mod' along and fitted it and it is now very strong. A couple more modifications are required which can be done easily.

Then we got to work with an orbital sander and elbow grease and I am really pleased, and somewhat surprised, that that teak woodwork is in very good condition, and the bench is looking a lot better.

Next time I go I shall take my blow torch and scraper to get some thick paint off at the back and then we shall apply a coat of wood preserver over the entire bench.

Very pleased with it and great to know I have made it strong enough for three people to sit on it.

Shame we did not take a 'before' photo. 


  1. It looks great! I know they'll love it in their garden!

    1. Thanks Betsy ~ my live these days seems to be revolving around tree benches, benches and bird houses . . . love it and have bought some fabulous new tools. The man at the wood distribution centre wants me to give him some samples so I can sell them. He laughed when I said it was for up markey blue tits, great tits and robins who want a 'pad' to entice nice birds . . . lol

      Yes I agree the 'big kids' will like it when finished. I made some additional parts for the chasis today and all waiting for the weekend.

  2. Hi Eddie - well done - nothing like saving a lovely bench .. and teak is such an excellent wood - lovely to see - cheers Hilary

  3. Looks grand
    And well in hand
    There on the green land
    As it can stand
    Going right to town
    With many benches down
    Or on the go
    You won't be lacking for places to sit when you go out though.

    1. Ihave a friend who has a bench.
      I call her the wench with the bench . . . lol
      When I say it it makes her laugh
      One day I'll send a photograph.
      I got it for her on-line
      She loves it and says it's fine.
      I am going to trace a template
      So I can make a duplicate.
      It looks to be not that hard
      and then I can keep it at my yard.

  4. HI Eddie....
    Oh it will look great when all oiled up!
    Now...get that tree bench done! Hahaha!
    We are wet here...again!
    Linda :o)

    1. Yes, I think it will.
      OK . . . getting on with the tree bench . . . lol
      Decking boards arriving on Thursday and hopefully I can get cracking with it and get it transferred to site and to it's final resting place . . . :)
      Then may I sit down and have a rest? . . . haha

      We are dry here at present but next week looks a shocker . .

  5. Thank you for restoring this to a beautiful and useful piece for the garden.
    Lovely already....
    (I love wooden furniture to look a bit ancient/aged. I think it shows much beauty.)

    1. Thank you, Jackie, loved doing it and more to come . . :)

  6. That's really lovely. It's very like a teak bench that was at my mum's house for years. After she died, I took a lot of furniture back to Canada, but could not take the bench and gave it away..... I wonder if it is still being sat on and looked after. I hope so.

    1. I hope it is still in use and graced with someone's derrier . . lol

  7. We are dry here at present but next week looks a shocker . .


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