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Sunday, 8 October 2017


Hi Folks!

I have joined a creative writing group here in my home town and I thought I'd post my first piece. I was given this picture and asked to write something about it. So here goes:

A Fish Out Of Water

It is the boredom; the sheer monotony of my life,
Seemingly with no purpose ~ an existence only.
My whole being is condemned to randomness and no structure,
Devoid of anything except swimming aimlessly;
Round and round, up and down, down and up, then round the other way.
All this when confined within a small round glass prison full of water,
Changed once a week; an occasion when something different relieves my sanity.
This is my entire world, a planet explored in total in just a single hour.
All routes and combinations are etched into my tiny brain,
And I am not challenged with any thought, idea or dream.
My companions are silent, non communicating and ignorant of my presence.
There is no conversation or recognition or fellowship or any stimulation of any kind.
The monotony is unbearable and I must escape into whatever lies outside my universe.
A fish just in water is not good enough for me ~ I must break free
Or I shall lose what little I have of a mind.
I'll take a chance and become a fish out of water.
I'll settle the matter once and for all, whatever the outcome.
Even if probability dictates I shall not land in a pond.


Pleased to say I've found my thinking hat.
Thought I'd lost it for a while . . . lol


  1. Eddie, I love this. Very accurate to the photo and creative as well.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. Loved writing this. A funny ending after a fish rant . . . lol.
      I attend the group twice a month so I shall post accordingly.

  2. Well done Eddie - and I'm so pleased you've joined a creative writing group .. that will help stimulate your grey cells ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks, Hilary. It is great fun. Another meet this afternoon.
      Frey cells certainly need stimulation, that's for sure. Thank goodness I found my Thinking Hat. I might write a poem about that soon . . . lol

  3. Sure thought away
    With a fish foray
    Such a life
    Free from strife
    Free from all
    Maybe get a cat call
    Hop out and bam
    A snack or toe jam
    But would be out of the water
    Maybe come back as an otter

    1. Hi Pat with the cat
      waiting to eat fish when it lands on the mat . . . lol
      It is wishful thinking of it to land in a pond
      To make sure that it happens t'would would need a wand. . . . lol

  4. Hi Eddie...
    Great little story...albeit a tad depressing...but great writing!
    We just had our fantastic Thanksgiving at the cottage yesterday...great day!
    enjoy your week!!
    Linda :o)

    1. Thanks Linda, great to see you. It was not meant to be totally depressing but humour tongue in cheek. In reality I think a goldfish's memory is so bad that by the time it gets round it's bowl of water it has forgotten about the previous lap and therfore everything to it is a new experience . . . lol
      Enjoy your week too . . :)

  5. Excellent! I'm glad I never succumbed to buy a goldfish in a bowl.

    1. Hi Valerie, thanks and I am so thankful I am not a goldfish. . .lol

  6. The monotony is unbearable and I must escape... Thank you for describing my life lol :)))

    You're a poet
    And I know it!

    1. I think you would remember the scenery in a goldfish bowl each time you went round . . . lol. I read somewhere that goldfish have memories with a duration of two seconds . . lol

      I am sure your life is not like that and you have managed to leap out of the proverbial golfish bowl into an interesting and challenging life, rather like your Borar Bora . . . :)

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