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Sunday, 3 December 2017


It was a first for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

A local school had been let down by their regular Santa after all the grotto tickets had been sold and they were frantically looking round for someone to rescue the day.  I was asked to step in and immediately said, "Ho Ho Ho! ~ I would love to, provided you have a Santa outfit because I have left mine in Lapland! . . . but it is a little short notice for me to grow a beard, have you got one of those too?" . . lol

I tried on the outfit at my daughter's house, quite near the school, and little Rosa, my two year old granddaughter, was amused and not frightened at Grampa, dressed in this apparel. 

She seemed quite entertained by it but we think whenever she sees a Santa she will think it is Grampa.

The young lady who asked me to do it was so over the moon she gave me a kiss and a hug and came with me to the school to introduce me to the PTA who organised the event.  Now that alone was worth it . . . lol

Thank goodness the outfit fitted but the beard was a little tricky and it was rather difficult to find my mouth to eat a mince pie.

The children came into the grotto in groups of 8-10 for a 15 minute slot and I was busy for about 3 hours. I asked them all the usual Santa questions like naming all my reindeer which some managed to do, and whether they had all written their Christmas present letters to me.

The elves said there was a sack full of letters, written by the children that morning.  I asked them what they wanted and hands shot up and one by one they told me. I asked the elves whether their presents were ready at the elf factory and the kids were relieved to hear they were or were being made.

I suppose I was a rather unusual Santa because I asked them whether on Christmas Eve they would cut carrots for the reindeer in 9 pieces so Rudolph does not hog them all, like he usually does. Also I asked them to leave only half a glass of sherry for me because that night I would be driving a sleigh.

I asked the boys and girls if they had been good and do you know what? They all said yes ~ fancy that! . . lol

I saw a present addressed to Eddie and pretended it was mine, which got a laugh before I handed it to the correct recipient.

One of the boys asked me why Rudolph's nose was red and the others were black and I said it was because he is the lead reindeer and we travel so fast his nose gets very hot but the others are shielded so theirs' stay black.

At times the boys and girls were in hysterics, along with the parents and elves, and I invited the kids to have their photos taken with me. I asked them to say, "Ho Ho Ho!" with me as their Mums and Dads took the photos, remarking that it was much better than saying, "Cheese!"

I handed them their presents and remarked that I had never seen presents being unwrapped so quickly and are they as quick wrapping them!

A good time was had by all and they have invited me back again next year. The young lady saw me later and said there had been loads of favourable comments about this year's Santa and he is the best they had ever had. Something to put on my CV I suppose.

Since then my daughter informs me that two other schools may approach me to be their Santa. Gosh, what have I started? 

I wonder if the real Santa got the job so easily . . . ha ha ha . . . or should I say ho ho ho.


  1. lol look at you go
    A Santa with the right ho ho ho
    Wanted by one and all
    Even getting a little frisky as you deck a hall
    Soon they'll have you waving in a parade
    Then you'll have it made

    1. Ho Ho Ho
      Glad I had a go
      Just couldn't say No
      Ho Ho Ho . . . . lol

  2. Eddie, this is so wonderful. Think of all the joy you brought to the children, and their parents. Press on, I say!!

    1. Thanks Michelle
      I think a lot of them wanted to pull my beard to see if I was the real deal . . . lol

  3. And a good time was had by all. I am glad I popped in, just in time to read this wonderful post. You made a great Santa, Jimmy. I bet you get called on every year from now on.

    1. Hi Gloria, I mean Valerie . . . . lol
      Thanks for popping in . . . yes I enjoyed it very much but could not be a full time Santa ~ it is too blooming hot in all that gear . . . lol. I will probably do it for them again next year . . . :)

  4. SORRY EDDIE... I was just visiting Jimmy's blog so his name slipped out. Apologies.

    1. That's ok, Val, sometimes I get my girls mixed up too . . . . lol. Nice to see you and I shall pop round soon for a cuppa. :)

  5. Adorable! And Santa is pretty cute, too! haha.

    1. Once cute . . . . always cute . . . hahaha!

  6. Hi Eddie- sounds like the perfect volunteering for you - just glad Santa is away at the moment and you can so easily step in and amuse one and all - looks like a job for life ...??!! But what a great fun one - cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary . . Can't say I would want Santa's job but love to do it once in a while. Nay get an outfit next year. Another school wants me . . . :)

  7. How wonderful to see you you lovely man. Have wonderful holidays dear Eddie

    1. Thanks Cloudia . . . . lovely thing to say, but you forgot charming . . . . lol

  8. Hi Eddie.....
    Very busy few days here....apologize for my tardiness...
    Rosa is a doll! Love the blonde hair....
    Wishing you and your family a Wonderful Christmas...
    Linda :o)

    1. Apology accepted but don't do it again . . . lol
      Yes, very fortunate to have that little bundle of joy along with her bigger cousin. Her hair colouring is just like her paternal grandmother's ~ maybe she will soon wear it up with a hair grip . . . lol
      Have a wonderful Christmas, Ho Ho Ho! What would you like me to bring you for your stocking? . . . :)

  9. Two other schools? Does that mean you're looking to start a new career?

    Merry X-mas, Eddie. I hope it was a good one.


    1. Not really, Blue, but would like to do it sometimes . . . . a garden centre is interested too for next year.

      Great to see you. Hoping you are winding down a bit.
      Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year . . . . . Eddie :)

    2. Well, what are you waiting for? Just go for it!

  10. Aw, good for you!

    Peace and Joy to you in the New Year!

    1. Thank you, S.A.W. and Happy New Year to you, too . . :)

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