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Sunday, 3 February 2019


The Sunday Muse #41

Thank you once again, Carrie, for your prompt, intended to get our cerebral hemispheres working, even on a Sunday.
As a young man I was very loathed to go out with a girl called Ivy. She was so clingy . . . lol

Look deeper,
Inwardly and beware. 
All looks calm and innocent
With not a trace of malice,
Or evil, or anything but sweetness.

Or so it seems

The fruit is succulent,
Nutritious, delicious,
Full of good intentions
To every unsuspecting soul.

Or so it seems.

Light prevails over darkness
With shimmering victorious highlights.
Shade is under its firm control,
Obeying its master in false submission.

Or so it seems.

Yet darkness threatens to arise
With deadly poison and a merciless death grip,
Smothering and suffocating
All who touch it, or live close by.

Or so it seems.

Evil bides its time to play its winning hand,
Taking hold on all with such relentlessness.
It's roots run deep with immortality
And shouts dominance to weakness and subjection.

Or so it seems.

Enjoy your mastery, together with your rule of terror
This is for now and you know this cannot last.
You will be removed and killed.
Your victims will prevail to be set free.

 . . . . light and fruit once more will bless us.

* * * * * * * * 

Eddie Bluelights
February 2019

I was a little late posting last week.  Pleased to say I am more punctual this time.

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  1. Hi Eddie - 'Or so it seems' ... love the refrain - we always need to look further and think ... I used to have a 'pet ivy' ... he eventually got taken from London and transplanted into my parent's garden! Cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you, Hilary . . . I have an outbreak of Ivy in my back garden. Once established it is so difficult to get rid of. Can be eradicated with weedkiller and black sheeting but so difficult.
      Cheers, Eddie.

  2. Like Hillary I love the refrain in this Eddie. I love the creative way you went with the photo!

  3. You can just feel the vines creeping up in this verse!

    1. Thanks Chrissa . . . Bit of a bind is Ivy . . . :)

  4. Wow Eddie, you really outdid yourself on this one! Cheers, cher!

    1. Why, it's my friend Marguerite,
      What a surprise, what a treat,
      You walking in on pretty little feet.
      You visiting is right up my street.

      Thank you too for your kind vote
      And liking this and what I wrote.
      But if you choose to stay away
      And not come here come what may,
      I thought I'd send you warning signs,
      Stay away again and it's 50 lines. Lol

      Thanks Cher

  5. "It's roots run deep with immortality" (or so it seems)

    Love this Eddie. Excellent write!


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