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Monday, 11 February 2019


Thank you Carrie for your prompt.
Very thought provoking!!

The Sunday Muse #41

War Horse and Peace Horse"  by Sue Halstenberg

Immortal opposites tussle and spar for victory,
Waking from their whirlpool of suspended animation,
They are driven by timeless fear and impending apocalypse,
For they both know annihilation is at their door. 

When will we ever learn?

Just like insatiable lust and thirst for power,
They remain deadlocked on their knife edged pivot,
Finely balanced, yet each holding back its rival.
For they dare not permit a single drop of escalation.

When will we ever learn?

They make their stand; eye to eye, face to face.
Neither will yield, or cross forbidden lines.
Their threatened universe is held within their hands.
Blood and death must be neutralised with love.

When will we ever learn?

Peace must be strong and War held in subjection,
Or it will spread like a rampant, devouring cancer.
The ghosts of war line up to testify, in their hordes,
The futility of their demise and wasteful carnage.

When will we ever learn?

Twice War prevailed to work satanic malice.
It's four apocalyptic steers plagued each soul within their grasp,
To maim and slay each victim to their symphony of evil,
Orchestrated and conducted by demonic tyrants.

When will we ever learn?

Their course was run, their murder was complete
All was destroyed and War had had its fill. 
Peace ascended from the murky depths once more
With War bridled by a flimsy, feeble thread.

When will we ever learn?

And now that ulimate deterrent rules supreme
And even War is terrified should he ever be unleashed.
Mankind's abject belligerence may tip the scales once more,
For he will never learn to settle scores without a fight.

When will we ever learn?

* * * * * * * * * *

Eddie Bluelights
11 February 2019

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  1. Wonderful poem, we can only pray one day we’ll learn.

  2. Im rooting for peace and discernment! This is wise and beautiful Eddie!!

    1. Thanks, Carrie, As usual a good choice of prompt to get the grey matter going . . . :)

  3. Hi Eddie - wonderful thought provoking poem ... so glad you're back writing again - cheers for now - Hilary

  4. Excellent, Eddie! The repetition worked well here. Love that second stanza.

  5. Mankind never learns as they stew, we just get better at pretending we do.

    1. What you say is dead right
      Talkings too hard so they always fight!!!


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