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Tuesday, 16 April 2019


The Sunday Muse #51

The tragic events of the devastating fire of Notre Dame has caused me to post this piece as my token of respect, albeit a small voice, in sympathy with the citizens of France, both believers and non-believers and lovers of magnificent buildings throughout the entire globe.

Archways To Heaven

My children,
I reach out to comfort you from beyond time and space, suspended by a thin beam of love from infinity.

I see you pour out sadness and weep unending tears.
I hear your prayers, and all your sung Ave Maria's.
I hear every single sorrow and every bleeding heart.
I too, cry a little tear as I watch you grieve in silence.

 My faithful, loving children.

You watch in disbelief as my temple burns and crumbles,
Each piece so lovingly assembled by your forefathers, from their hearts and their souls.
They built this mighty house with all their skill and artistry,
As a fitting testimony to my name and to my lasting grace, and they have their reward.

My faithful, loving children.

850 years of faithful service and 200 years to build,
Devastated in just a few hours.
I know you find this so hard to come to terms with.
Yet the stonework remains ~ have hope my children.

My faithful, loving children.

Not one spark shall be wasted ~ every cloud of smoke not lost,
For every molecule has a purpose and all will come to me,
The fire will rise ever onward and ascend into the highest heavens,
Bringing with it all your talent, each fine brush stoke, each woven tapestry, each carved figure, each stained glass image, each mighty oak rafter, each crafted leadwork and ironwork, each plastered ceiling 

~ everything, 

all will glorify my name.

My faithful, loving children.

And with it I shall rekindle every broken heart and every saddened spirit.
I shall raise a new legion of craftsmen, masters in every trade,
And from the ashes will rise this mighty house once more,
In all its splendour and all its glory, just like my temples did of old.

Take heart, my children
I have already set the wheels in motion.

* * * * * * * * * 

Eddie Bluelights
16 April 2019

It is a sad week, this really got to me.
Not quite sure why, as powerfully as it did.

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  1. This was so sad to watch, although I have some comfort in the coming together of the Parisian people. Just wonderful.

    1. Thanks, Michelle.
      You know this could be a vehicle to get the people to unite together . . . but at what a cost. I cried a few tears as I watched, and watch and watched in almost unbelief. Nice to see you . . :)

  2. Incredibly sad loss. Your writing about the singing of the people together, brings some unity to this disaster.
    Beautiful writing, Eddie.

  3. This poem is a beauriful tribute to the great loss Eddie! I love that it is voiced by God Himself and the hope that flows from that! This is utterly lovely and brought tears to my eyes again. 😢

    1. Thank you Carrie for your encouraging comment. I should have warned readers to take a box of tissues. 😂

  4. Hi Eddie - you've encapsulated so much into the poem ... there is hope and yes the craftsmen are around to rebuild and repair - lovely words ... all the best - Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary, I think there will be a deluge of people wanting to help. Cheers, Eddie

  5. This was so beautiful and expresses the worlds sadness of a lost icon but promises hope.

  6. Thank you, I have just been searching this type of information about this topic and yours is the greatest I have discovered till now.


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