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Saturday, 13 April 2019


It's Wednesday Muse Time again


A bit late for me to submit on Saturday, but better late than never.

This week, Toni has asked us to write about the rain.

My mind rushes back to a time just after my hip replacement when I awoke in hospital.

Not a poem this time, but a memory.

Can't You Hear The Rain?

Hip Hip Hooray

Before my operation, in the room adjoining the operating theatre, I was asked by the anaesthetist, "Which leg is it?"

Rather horrified I said "Left", then quickly added, "my left, and the one appearing on the right as you look at me!"

He laughed and proceed to draw an arrow pointing upwards on my left leg.

I said, "Why the arrow pointing upwards?"

He said, "Oh! so we give you a hip replacement not a knee replacement!"

Remarking that my nervousness was waning slightly, now we had reduced four possible permutations to one, he offered a mild anaesthetic before they commenced with an epidural procedure. They would be using the standard array of tools, Black and Decker power tools, along with various hammers chisels and saws, for their handy work.

Fortunately I was not conscious of anything unpleasant except when the catheter was inserted, then mercifully the sedative kicked in, and oblivion.

I awoke in a bed and a gorgeous lady nurse was sitting by my side.

I looked at her, smiled and said,  "Am I in Heaven, or are you Aphrodite?"

She gave me a beautiful smile and laughed. "Eddie, you are alright.  Your surgery was a complete success. As to whether you are in Heaven, can't you hear the gale outside and the rain lashing so hard against the windows?"

"No, you are on planet Earth, in the recovery ward after your hip replacement surgery."

She laughed again, then gave me a little wink.

Toni, from your list I believe the correct Japanese word for this type of rain is 


Eddie Bluelights
13 April 2019

* * * * * * * * * * *

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  1. Absolutely love this story Eddie! Getting surgery can be so scary! I am glad that you always find your sense of humor to help you through the touch times, and that you had a beautiful nurse to make you feel at ease when you woke up. I am about to post the prompt for this week. See you in a bit, and have a good weekend. (Hope all is well with your hips. I have trouble with one of mine, and it sure does make moving around harder!)

    1. Thanks, Carrie. It was a fuuny experience. This all took place almost 10 years ago and the hip replacement was a complete success. It is now middle aged . . lol
      The other hip plays up but only sometimes. It is quite a big operation and takes a while to recover but is well worth it. Hope your's gets treated one day to make your life less painful. I had to retire from the Ambulance Service just before I had the operation because you can't really have an anmbulanceman with a walking stick can you? . . . lol

    2. I am glad it all went well and is long since over Eddie and i have found when one limb gives you trouble you over compensate to help it and then in turn you hurt another one. At least that has been my experience

    3. Yes, that's true. Not sure how my right hip has survived so long really . . . :)

  2. This is brilliant, Eddie, and I am pleased all went well for you. When I had a hip replaced the surgeon talked to me before and because he could see I was very nervous he did the complete 'put her to sleep'job'. I survived!

    1. Thank you, Val.
      We are the only remaining members of the bloggy club, ever think of that?
      Yes, they are very considerate and compassionate these days . . . :)

  3. It is wonderful your sense of humour saw you through - that would be rather alarming, asking which leg and the big arrow. Yikes! LOVE your wit upon waking.

  4. I can't believe I didn't comment on this earlier, especially after your so kind words following my operation. In any case, you did have an angel at your bedside! Nice.

    1. Thanks Jim. Glad you are getting better. We all have an angel looking out for us. :)

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