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Saturday, 3 August 2019


The Sunday Muse #67

I am back and I like this prompt very much.
Apologies for my absence. I feel rather like the prodigal son returning

Thank you Carrie, nice one.

Photo by Thiago Matos from Pexels

Held Captive

So, you reveal a piece of your existence to me,
A piece from the many, shattered and scattered far from my life.
I told you a piece or two is not enough, and will not satisfy my broken soul.
You are held captive, and will not give me the whole of your heart.
The keys to your heart is the price for my love, No more or no less.
Yet you feed me scraps of your life when you know it is all or nothing.
If you really loved me you would ask me to repair all those broken chances we lost.
All that we had, and all we enjoyed, 
All those bright stars of promise, now dimmed against a darkened sky.
Perhaps this jigsaw is an impossible fix so those pieces lost to me should remain lost for ever.

Get lost . . lol
Temper, temper!

Eddie Bluelights
3 August 2019

Thank you Carrie.
The Sunday Muse is HERE


  1. It is so wonderful to see you here Eddie! You made me laugh with being the prodigal son. LOL I love your poem. so fitting for the image. Love is the kind of thing that needs all the heart not just parts. A beautiful and great outpouring of the heart piece of poetry. I have enjoyed your garden pics on instagram. You have been busy that is for sure! Please do not be a stranger. The prodigal son must stay. LOL :-)

    1. The prodigal son will stay. I promise, he has had his taste of freedom like Slugger. lol :)

  2. The "Temper, temper!" made me roar. Sometimes a mouth just can't help it. When a heart tries and tries and keeps on trying alone, things... happen. And something has to give.

    Welcome back, Eddie!

    1. Thanks Magaly and glad I exercised your chuckle muscle. Lol

  3. If you really loved me you would ask me
    to repair all those broken chances we lost.

    Love this line Eddie. It ties in nicely with the image. Yes, broken chances taken from the image of broken shards. Welcome back!


  4. Hi Eddie - cleverly written about a challenging prompt - cheers Hilary

  5. When things end up broken and bare
    At least you can see where they have hair lol

    Not sure why that popped out, just went with the rhyme. Gotta love those scraps that one gives just to keep them on the hook. Time to cut bait and run at that point.

    1. Yep . . the game of life . . .
      What trouble and strife
      Who'd have a wife? . . . lol
      Aggro is rife

      Yet . . . would not have them any other way
      If I thought about it night and day.

      This poem did not came from any lamentatiom
      It was entirely from my own imagination . . . lol

  6. A wonderful write on how loving someone can hold us captive, almost like we need to learn something from it before we say goodbye and get lost... lol. Temper, temper! Loved

    1. Hi Viki, Put that last bit in to make you all laugh . . lol
      Very good to see you and loved your take as well.
      I am rather glad all these romantic games are a thing of the past.
      I was never brave enough to say get lost and temper, temper . . lol
      Just suffered in silence . . . Awwww, did I hear you say? :)

  7. Erm...I suspected that you never actually said that. Suffering in silence types are more sought after:)

    1. Oh good! lol
      I am most encouraged. I am saying nothing lol.

  8. Wonderful to hear from you Eddie, and I enjoyed your words :)

    1. Thanks Michelle, I am kind of migrating to Instagram these days, but writ my poetry here. Instagram is becoming more popular and is fast and operates mainly from cellphone. Met a few old and young friends here.

  9. Very clever write, Eddie! All those missing pieces.

  10. My comment disappeared. A clever poem! Love the end of it


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