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Friday, 9 August 2019


The Wednesday Muse

Thank you Toni for this interesting prompt.
Many apologies for my lengthy absence.


Spread your wings, my beautiful creature.
Bask in the sun and drink in that sweet and treasured nectar of life.
For your existence is but the passing of a morning cloud,
Yet time enough for you to flutter while you find a mate.
Contemplate, reflect upon your long lonely journey,
When you crawled on your belly, gorging ravenously,
Ugly and unwanted you went to sleep,
And discarded your outer hideous countenance.
Your inner beauty transformed into a winged tapestry
Your wings pumped up by a myriad of swelling vessels.
Behold I see a miracle which not a soul can fathom.
You took to the air and fluttered high into the breezy sky 
To give us joy and happiness.

Eddie Bluelights
8 August 2019

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  1. the image of the wings unfurling into glory :)

  2. I love the wings unfurling into glory. We all are ugly until we are touched by love. Beautiful.

  3. I love the transformation of true beauty you have displayed in your lovely poem Eddie! So glad you have been joining more at the Muse. Have a good weekend.

    1. Thank you, Carrie, I love being here. Have a good weekend too :)

  4. And they do, don't they? I love butterflies, for themselves and for all they symbolize.

    1. Thanks Shay. Agree and there are so many varieties. It is a wonder they manage to find a partner of the same species. But that is the subject of another poem, no doubt.

  5. You had me at that first beautiful line, Eddie.

  6. Hi Eddie - lovely ... they are magnificent insects ... let alone amazing in their natural ability to exist as they do.

    "You took to the air and fluttered high into the breezy sky
    To give us joy and happiness."

    Delightful ... cheers Hilary


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