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Saturday, 4 January 2020


The Sunday Muse #89

Once again Carrie has provided an intriguing prompt for us. Thank you Carrie. Had to let my unconscious do all the work on this one. 

 "Take Me Up"  by Lauren Withrow


Take me to my dreams, take me up, I say.
Let each wing beat dictate its true way.
The route to freedom is both light and joy.
Not like this cold dark prison and all its chains.
I am done with this wretched and lonely place
Where I can but claw a little happiness from all its mire.

Where you take me I know not, and do not care
For I know you will ascend swiftly to the clouds
Where the angels sing and faces portray a happy heart. 
 Where light commands final victory to resounding choruses.
Come let us fly together through the elusive gate of time
And dwell in rapture with all whom we have ever loved.

Eddie Bluelights
4 January 2020

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  1. A wonderful capturing of the image Eddie! I love it! So glad you joined us!

    1. Thanks Carrie. Glad I joined too :)

    2. Wow is good to be back with my ex again, thank you Dr Ekpen for the help, I just want to let you know that is reading this post in case you are having issues with your lover and is leading to divorce and you don’t want the divorce, Dr Ekpen is the answer to your problem. Or you are already divorce and you still want him/her contact Dr Ekpen the spell caster now on ( and you will be clad you did

  2. Oh, take me to dreams. This is so beautiful. The lift I needed today.

  3. Even without the photo, the words say it all.

  4. To be lifted to light and joy! What a gift!

  5. Love how the picture transforms into such beautiful words. The path to freedom is as wonderful as freedom itself.

  6. This is beautiful. I, too, think of being lifted up and reunited with those I have lost. Beautifully done.

  7. Great bouncy, floating rhythm and the hope that accompanies the words is lovely.

  8. "I am done with this wretched and lonely place
    Where I can but claw a little happiness from all its mire."

    Two amazing lines from a wonderful poem!

  9. Oh how you do go on, Eddie. Me, I'll be bringing marshmallows to roast!

  10. Wow, Eddie! You, sir, are a true poet.


  11. Hey Eddie, just thought I'd let you know I popped in to read a few of your blogs today! Have a great day and keep inspiring us!!


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