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Saturday, 22 August 2015

BABY ROSA ~ 3 Days Old

Baby Rosa and Mum were able to go home from hospital on Day Three ~ and for a while the little family settled down together as a unit and all got a good night's sleep.

Nanna Sue visited and took some lovely shots:

Grandpa visited the next day and baby was having a little trouble feeding.  She kept falling asleep on the breast and it became a little frustrating for both mum and baby.

She was no nearly as happy here, was she?

Oh dear!

Last night I heard they returned to hospital because baby has now become slightly jaundiced and the hospital staff want to get to the bottom of the feeding problem.  I think they let mothers and babies out too quickly these days  . . .  but it is so busy and rather like a conveyor belt.

Babies are are all little miracles aren't they, and it is quite amazing how they develop into perfect little people.  Not long ago Rosa was developing inside her mummy before she became a noticeable baby bump: 

We hope Mother and baby can return home soon.  It's quite a worrying time for all of us until things settle down on the feeding front.


I have just heard that they are able to come home again.  Both parents are very quiet and they have been advised to be much noisier when baby is feeding so she stays awake.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


We are still on cloud 9 here . . . 

. . . a little life has entered the world . . . a life with some of our genes in her make-up, which will live on and on in future generations.  Quite a thought.

Today was Selina's and Matt's third wedding anniversary and boy what a present they almost had on it ~ this little bundle of joy arrived one day, but just 4 hours before it.

Let me introduce you to Rosa, one day old and practically perfect in every way . . 

And here is her Mum, Selina, who looks remarkably fit and well after the birth. She always was strong and fit was my girl.

. . . and the proud dad, Matt, a gentle man who will make a great father, as indeed will Selina be a fine mother.

. . . . . "Hey !!  . . . . let me have a cuddle ! Come to Grandpa!"

I managed to stop her crying and to rock her to sleep and the others were amused at me making baby noises . . . but Rosa seemed quite happy with Grandpa . . .  and didn't mind the 'pass the baby' game at all.

Matt's mother, Sue, came with me to see our grand daughter and we are so proud of her.

Nanna loved her to bits as soon as she saw her, as did Grandpa.

"Cuddle me some more please, Nanna" . .

"Nappy changing time, Daddy! . . . come on, do your stuff!"

Meanwhile Mummy has no baby so she has to make do with a teddy bear . . 

Grandpa suggested she should have had quads so we could have had one each . . . 

Almost time to go . . . . some parting shots.

"Hey Mum, my turn!"

"Well done girl, I am really very proud of you!"


And so ended a beautiful visit and first encounter with Rosa. Wonderful day.

Selina is staying a second night at the hospital so that she and baby get the breast feeding right ~ they are almost there. 

And as for you, little Rosa, I can't wait to see you again and to introduce you to toddler Peter.

I'll get back to the wedding subject next post.


This August always promised to be an eventful month for our family.  Firstly, with the wedding of my son, Jon, to Lisa on 8th and now the arrival of a baby daughter to my daughter Selina and hubby Matt tonight, 17th.  So this news is hot off the press.

Here is Selina at Jon's recent wedding comparing and introducing her bump to the bump of one of my favourite nieces, Verity, who is two months behind Selina with her future bundle of joy, also a girl.

Rosa entered the world at 8.30pm this evening weighing in at 7lb 2 oz and two days early.

Mother and baby daughter are doing well.  Selina was in labour for just 4 hours and all went well.  It was a water birth.  Matt rang me to tell me the good news and he was quite emotional and as pleased and proud as punch.  We shall celebrate tomorrow evening.

Earlier I had heard the news that Selina had gone into the maternity ward from Matt's mother, who has been ringing all evening with snippets of information ~ we are so excited.  We shall be visiting to see Rosa, mother and father tomorrow afternoon. Sue first rang me at 5pm saying we were soon to be grandparents. 

That maternity ward at Bath Royal United Hospital has many happy memories for us. Both Selina and Jon were born there, and also baby Peter . . . and now little Rosa.

I was an anxious grandpa for a while but I am so pleased the birth went well and quickly and so proud of my little girl becoming a mum. She will always be my little girl.

I hope Maria has sprinkled some stardust on little Rosa, just as she undoubtedly did on Peter.

I will post more on the wedding soon and of course I shall post some photos of baby Rosa as soon as I can.

And of course, I shall be posting about Selina and Matt's wedding three years ago, not yet done because of the then traumatic events in my life.

Thank you all for your interest.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


On Saturday my Mummy and Daddy got married. It was a beautiful day in all respects and the weather was very sunny, but not too hot.

I am very thoughtful here aren't I? . . and during the morning of the wedding I was hoping for good weather and that everything would go well for them.  As their little page boy I was determined to ensure, with the help of my Uncle Joe, the usher, that everything ran as smoothly as possible.  

Earlier, a few days ago, I had gone with my Nanny and Mummy to the Suit and Dress hire shop for a fitting of my clothes . . . aren't they nice? 

My little 15.5 inch outside legs barely stuck out of my long suit jacket and I was a little disappointed because I had left my little black shoes at home.

My Grandpa, my uncle Jeff, the best man, and my Daddy had been to the shop together for their fitting a few weeks before that and, as usual my Grandpa had the shop laughing as he cracked jokes and amused us.

Saturday 8th August, the day of the wedding, arrived and there was quite a commotion in the morning getting ready, with four men and myself getting into our clothes.  There was no lady present to keep us in order and to organise us, so us men tried the best we could alone.  Unfortunately, I did not want to wear my nice clothes and I had the screaming 'Ab Dabs' as my Daddy tried to get me into my white shirt and tie and waistcoat, and my little trousers kept falling down.  Fortunately, my Grandpa found some safety pins.  My little, or should I say big, grey jacket remained on it's hanger for the day, although several people tried to put it on for photographs.  I agreed to keep my waistcoat on, together with my shirt and tie.

During the wedding service I was so tired I stayed asleep in my pram, but I joined the party when I woke, just as they entered an adjoining room to sign the register.

Mummy was wearing a very strange white dress with a very long train and the Matron of Honour, my Auntie Isla, kept bending down to straighten it and my Mummy had great difficulty sitting in the chair to sign the register. I thought this was all very odd.  My trousers fell down several times, so Daddy carried me down the aisle whilst arm in arm with Mummy, leading the procession out of the church to the sound of Handel's famous Hornpipe from his Water Music Suite.

The wedding rehearsal was held on the previous Wednesday and I made the lady vicar laugh so hard as she was instructing the wedding principals, with their backs to me, on the serious matter of wedding etiquette. I walked down the full length of the aisle, carrying a huge Teddy Bear, almost as big as me. I 'plonked' it down on the step at her feet between my Mummy and Daddy, and said, "There!".  Everyone had looked round and joined in the laughter, along with all the onlookers. The lady vicar said that would be a nice touch at the actual service, but it was a one-off and I did not oblige.

Anyway, my Grandpa asked me to write this post because he is busy getting photos together from various sources, which he intends to post shortly.

Meanwhile I insisted he shows you some photos of the happy bride and groom.

More soon . . . probably two or three more posts.

Didn't Peter do well?

We all had a glorious day . . .  I am a very proud father indeed.


Several of you have remarked how serious Peter looks.  He has asked me explain that he was thinking of the implications of the Marriage Vows his Mummy and Daddy are about to make and being a very philosophical fellow like his Grandpa he has no hesitation that they will do just fine:

lol . . . more next post . . :)