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Thursday, 24 December 2015


Christmas seems to come round so quickly these days, and here we are, another one is due in half an hour.  Time seems to be travelling much faster in recent years.

I hope Santa is well organised and his reindeer are all fuelled up with carrots.  Little Peter has left some out for them when they visit him, and there is a mince pie and a glass of sherry for Santa.  I'm not sure how Santa is going to gain access to their little flat because there is no chimney, but I am sure he has a contingency plan.  Santa must consume an enormous number of mince pies, numbering several million, during the course of his evening's work . . . and I hope he does not lose his driving licence after all those alcoholic drinks, and is able to fly in a straight line  . . . perhaps he should have said, "No! No! No!", and abstained.  He must have a continuous toilet problem in addition to having time to deliver all those presents in such a short time, getting stuck up chimneys and kissing Mummies under the mistletoe.

Well, it remains for me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you have a very enjoyable Christmas holiday.  I did not have time to grow a beard so I used shaving cream, just in case you didn't notice.

I am enjoying my Christmas tree this year.  Thank you Peter for helping me put it up.  Perhaps in a couple of years Rosa may be able to help out as well.

Sunday, 6 December 2015


This Christmas is the first I'm able
To erect my tree upon a table.
I have not done this for two years
Without my wife ~ I want no tears.

This year I had my little boy
My grandson, Peter ~ so much joy.
At home he'd helped his Mum and Dad
To get their tree up at their pad.

I got to thinking it would be great
If we did it here without a wait
The tree was in boxes in the attic
And felt good about it ~ quite ecstatic. 

When Peter came to visit me
I said, "Will you help me with my tree?"
His little face broke into huge broad smiles
From ear to ear, and as wide as miles.

"Grandpa, tree, up in roof, you get it . . . get it,
Me help . . put up , me, me . . . . don't forget it!"
I got the ladder out and ascended
And got the boxes down, how splendid.

We got a little table ready
So tree would rest there, nice and steady.
We put the tree up together there
And found the lights, plus a new pair.

When we turned them on, as a test
His little face beamed, I was so blessed.
We put the lights onto the tree
He wanted to do it and said, "Me, me, me!"

We found the baubles waiting there
And Peter hung some up, without a care.
We added some nice Christmas things
A crib, angels and a bell which rings.

I think next year I'll delegate
And let him do it all . . . lol . . . bless him.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I have been under the weather lately with a sore throat, high temperature, bad cough and general 'yuckiness' ~ I am feeling a little better now but not quite right yet . . . 

This photo of Baby Rosa, received today, cheered me up.

She is a happy bunny these days and she smiles, squeals with delight and gurgles away very merrily.  All is well provided she gets enough feed and boy she is a hungry little thing.

She has more than doubled her weight.

I remember last year receiving a Christmas card from my daughter and son-in-law saying something like, "Happy Christmas Dad, love from Selina, Matt and ?"  I missed the significance of the '?' until Selina said, "Read it again, Dad!"

I jumped for joy.

Her Nana Sue, Matt's mother, was far more observant and she jumped for joy too, without any prompting.

Our lives are all the richer for having her and I can say I have never seen her mother happier in her whole life.  It is wonderful to see her like that.

Peter loves her to bits already.

I am having him to look after on Thursday and Friday and I am going to decorate the Christmas tree with him, which I know he will enjoy.  He helped his mum and dad at his house and as far as I can tell he has not knocked it over yet.  I have bought some new fairy lights for the occasion. 

This is the first time I have felt like putting the tree up since I lost Maria in April 2013.  Life is much easier now.