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Tuesday, 14 March 2017


"Bampa!!" there are loads of weeds in your garden. Nanna Sue is working wonders restoring your border, surrounding your magnolia tree. Good job you cut the lawn this morning."

Thank you ladies ~ you are so kind, and I think Rosa may well become green fingered, just like her Nanna and Mummy,

As for me, I am a little side tracked of late, with a big project I am designing and building ~ a pentagonal tree bench, which will fit round a 200 year old tree, situated in a beautiful garden Sue and I look after on Wednesdays. 

On going work continues and it is all coming together, albeit rather slowly, as the project evolves.

Good, it fits around the tree ok . . . so I can take it back home to finish it . . . 

. . . and here is my other helper, Peter, who loves to get involved with woodwork projects.

It should look good in the grounds and it will be somewhere for us to sit to have our coffee.

I built some steps for it and not long ago this whole site at that end of the garden was a compost heap and the tree was covered with climbing Ivy and it was a bit of an eye sore.

I'll keep you posted about the progress, and the way I built it all.

Meanwhile I am afraid I am neglecting weeding in my own garden ~ I must balance out my time better, so I fully accept rapped knuckles now and then.


  1. Hey, if a rapping comes
    You can beat the same drums
    Your knuckles now hurt
    So weeding you can still skirt
    Could be a win win
    Until pain sets in
    Throw in some seeds
    Maybe the birds will yank the weeds
    Of course then you may get bird umm spit
    You know what rhymes with it
    The helper is probably the better way
    Or let the weeds stay
    They want to grow too
    Could dye them blue
    Or yellow if you really have to go
    That popped out, you know
    Can ponder as you sit on your bench
    Which hopefully avoids any monkey wrench
    Can't beat brand spankin new
    As it is built by you
    Plus some shade from a tree
    Now I'm done with my spree

    1. Golly that was some big speech
      What a rhyme, it was quite a peach.
      I'll take on board all your advice
      And deal with the weeds like an iron vice.
      With Sue we getting some gals and guys
      To barter jobs and give us all a prize
      We will use each others strengths
      To do work for each other and as a recompense
      They will do things which we cannot do
      And that way none of us gets blue.
      I will be doing maintenance work
      And they will do work which I always shirk.
      So the weeds will be dealt with as you'll see by looking
      And a lovely lady will be helping me with my cooking . . . . lol
      So I will get that tree bench built and fitted
      And when it's finished on it I'll be sitting . . . . lol

  2. Hi Eddie - loved seeing these happy photos ... and the ongoing projects that you all work on - well done and excellent to see ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary . . . . hope the weather gets better and then I can get cracking . . :)

  3. Rosa is a dollie💓
    Get crackin' on that bench....Geesh!
    Linda :o)

    1. Yes, you are right, she is such a gift and is quite a funny girl too . . :)
      Yes, I will get on with the bench . . . . come over when it's finished for the opening ceremony . . lol

  4. Eddie....
    Your projects look amazing.
    AND those precious Grands ARE amazing!!
    They have grown so much. It is always wonderful to see photos of them.
    Smiles from across the pond...

    1. Thanks Jackie . . . I have started other progects in tandem with the tree bench. A bird table and a pergola in the beautiful garden. We shall plant a clematis and honey suckle and it will span some steps I built last year.
      Yes, I am so blessed with the grands . . . and they are coming along very quickly. I'll be posting a funny thing Peter said the other day . . . :)

      Smiles back to you across the pond . . . :) E

  5. That's a beautiful spot you're working on, may it progress well

    1. Thanks V. It is so good to work there on a Wednesday . . . :)

  6. What... you've got truckloads of...weed? Lol I couldn't help myself. Great project to be working on, too. Always knew you were creative.

    Have a great weekend, Eddie!


    1. Thanks Blue . . . my poem to Pat the Hatt outlines my plan for dealing with weeding and boring household jobs . . . lol

      Yes. I love woodwork projects but always seem to choose very difficult ones . . . :)

    2. Yes, next project is a garden bench . . . :)

  7. Hi Eddie, yes our St Patrick's day was quite lovely. We enjoyed our traditional dinner if corned beef and cabbage. Your garden bench looks lovely. Love the idea of a bench surrounding a tree. It's time to do some gardening, since the weather is getting warmer.

    1. Yes . . . better weather coming which means it will be a pleasure to be outside but right now a cold wind is howling . . . I envy your weather . . I am working on several projects as well as the bench ~ a pergola and a bird fee table . . . keeps me out of trouble . . . :)

  8. I love woodwork projects but always seem to choose very difficult ones . . . :)


    1. Well, this is a difficult one too . . . :)


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