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Tuesday, 15 August 2017


It's by no means unusual. It is a universal problem with pets fouling lawns, invariably someone else's, away from the house where they live.

I have a real problem in my back garden where a large black and white tom cat has made my lawn his own private and exclusive toilet. He is very territorial and does not tolerate any other cat around.

Don't get me wrong, I love pets, including dogs and cats, and I do realise that they have to go somewhere. I don't mind as much if it is on the garden borders, but the lawns are a little different where the grandchildren wish to play. 

Until recently I have managed to keep it clean but a while ago there were no fewer that 10 poohs in various stages of decomposition, and I must say that the poor animal appeared, according to his results, to have an ongoing abdominal issue . . . with pooh being the operative word.

I have not been able to photograph him because he scarpers as soon as the deed is done.

I have tried various deterrents, including this lion face which I drew on an old bird table with the help of Peter. I had high hopes of it being likened to the ultimate nuclear deterrent, but no such thing. Perhaps my lion looks a little anaemic.

We placed the face on the cat's usual walkway to the garden lawn and I was highly amused, when looking out of the kitchen window on day one, at his reaction when he saw the lion face. He looked at the lion and then at me looking at him with an expression on his face as if to say, "You will have to get up much earlier than that in the morning to get one over on me!!" . . lol. Then he proceeded to go right up to it fearlessly, knock it over and then to urinate on it, looking back with what I can only describe as a triumphant cat smirk.

We have tried all sorts of things to deter him including orange peel, which they are supposed to hate, lion's pooh which was about as successful as the lion face, and these metal cats with marble eyes, plus a sound repeller,

 None of them worked and all were treated with complete contempt . . . lol

The only thing that seems to help is to keep the grass short, which I try to do regularly.

I'll try again with my camera to get a shot of him.


There is a sequel to this story. My next door neighbour knocked on my door, asking if I had seen her next door, on the othe side, neighbour's cat, a black and white one?  
I said, "Oh! that must be the one which keeps fouling my law."
She said, "Me too! but the cat is very poorly and is 14 years old. Have you seen it recently because Mike hasn't? Could you let them know if you see it again?"
I said I could tell it was ill by it's revolting deposits.
Well I did think I saw it again but it seemed smaller, much trimmer and fitter and did not use my lawn as a lavatory, and just walked on by, also ignoring the lion face and various deterrents. 
So I rang the neighbour to say I had seen it and Jill said, "It cannot be our's because our's passed away after being run over by a car a few days ago ~ it must be another one!"

Shame, poor cat . . . but it is quite a coincidence that the one I saw is almost identical, yet a bit smaller.


  1. This is a bad problem. When we lived in a neighborhood this was an issue for everyone. Now I have opossum, foxes, and deer leaving their evidence everywhere. *sigh* Best of luck, Eddie!

    1. Hi Michelle, Perhaps the cat might be able to read in which case I will leave a 'please keep off the grass!' notice . . . lol. I've heard that foxes are particularly messy.

  2. Hi Eddie...
    I prefer to call it " poopies"...
    Good luck!
    Linda :o)

    1. Hi Linda, Nice name for a nasty product . . . lol

  3. Hi Eddie - that sort of thing is such a nuisance ... I feel for you and for the cat - but as you imply it's a fact of life. Love the photo of Peter and your lion face - clever ... cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, I had hoped the lion face might be a bit more successful. Maybe next time I will make it nod on a body and make its jaws move . . lol

  4. lol sounds like he has it in for you
    He really wants to use your yard to poo
    Try to stop with a face
    A kick and pee on it he'll embrace
    Sure not going to let the human win
    Sticking it to you, quite literally, with a big grin

    1. lol

      I never thought this tit for tat
      Would be victorious for the cat.
      I hope he'll choose another garden
      Or at least his stools will harden . . lol
      But as at present I must confess
      A very wet and sticky mess . . . . ugggh!

      But I can see the funny side
      as I laugh and grin with smile so wide.

    2. Maybe he has worms
      As out the sticky mess squirms

    3. Ugg . . I don't think even worms could live in there
      They'd flee and run away in despair . . . lol

  5. Firecrackers. Maybe firecrackers would scare him away.
    But I do love your fake cats.

    1. Hi Martha:)
      Sounds a bit drastic with the firecrackers ~ maybe it would scare the fake cats and the lion too . . . haha.
      Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. What you need is... an even bigger cat or a couple of bottles of human pie.... I mean pee... to scare the beep! out of him. I kid you not.

    1. Probably will . . . . my pee would be enough to scare a lion off I have no doubt . . hahaha
      Great idea and will do . . . :)

  7. Use the garden hose at full blast? That should do the trick. But you may have to get up early and hide behind a bush until he comes along. The alternative is to find out where he lives and complain to his people. If they don't respond, perhaps pick up all the poo and take it over to his house.... but that's a bit mean isn't it.

    1. Hi Sham .. . . yes good idea . . . might do that.
      Yes, it is a bit mean so I don't think I'll do that; cat belongs to next door but one neighbour . . :)

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  9. Replies
    1. Eddie..... you have friends in strange places I see!

    2. It appears so doesn't it . . . lol
      I copied and pasted into Google Translate which recognised the text as Arabic and translated as:

      The "Ideal Cleaning Company", so it seems as though they are offering me their cleaning services to clear up my lawn . . . hahaha!

      Isn't that kind of them and they are willing to come all that way to help me too . . . :)

  10. This is hilarious. Cats are smarter than you might think and once their mind is made up, there is no changing it. They rule the world, don't you know. :)

    1. All I can say is thank goodness he was not a tiger . . . haha!
      Yes, the feline population do seem very focused on what they want . . . lol

  11. Hi Eddie - that sort of thing is such a nuisance ... I feel for you and for the cat - but as you imply it's a fact of life. Love the photo of Peter and your lion face - clever ... cheers Hilary


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