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Thursday, 7 September 2017


A highly amusing incident occurred yesterday.

I was looking after two year old Rosa, my grand daughter, as I will do so every Wednesday afternoon, in addition to a full day Tuesday. My daughter asked me to deliver a parcel to the mother of a friend for her grand daughter. The mother, a divorcee, lives closeby to me and so whilst out walking with Rosa, pushing her in her stroller, I knocked on her door.

A period of time elapsed before the mother, still looking quite young for a grand parent, opened the door, dressed in a dressing gown and bare footed, although it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Recognising me she apologised for not being suitably dressed to receive me and then her eyes moved over to Rosa and her heart melted, since she loves my daughter and Rosa, but has not seen them for a while.

She said she would dearly love to invite us inside but right now she has someone with her, and looked a little flushed.

I winked at her and said, "You are entertaining a gentleman friend, aren't you?"  and she said, "Er! well, yes!"

I said, "I am so sorry to interrupt!", and we both laughed so darned hard.

I said I had a parcel for her from my daughter for her son and fiancee for their daughter.

Quite a while had passed by now and she said she would love to see Rosa and myself and when would we be available. I said we are here every Wednesday afternoon and she proceeded to ask me for my telephone number, both land and mobile. Then she said she had better go and I apologised again for the interruption, remarking that this was the first time I had ever interrupted at such a crucial moment. Oh boy, she did laugh, and even more so when I continued, "I expect he is feeling rather deflated and you're no longer in the mood now, are you!! . . . the poor chap will have to start proceedings all over again!! Please extend my apologies to the gent!"

She was in absolute hysterics. . . . lol