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Saturday, 19 January 2019


Because I joined Carrie's poetry circle only recently, I missed the opportunity to write something for 

The Sunday Muse #36

I thought this was an interesting prompt, so here goes.


Life's bearing was lost to me
It had no sense of purpose or direction.
My inner compass failed to register anything except
A mirky, barren landscape, as I wandered aimlessly
Through a life; rudderless and without control.

No matter which heading I followed
Be it North, South, East or West,
It was always the same, I could find no comfort.
Instead the savage reality of loss prevailed, 
Devoid of anything I once held dear, or was of true value to me.

My wife was gone, a true friend of forty years.
She was the pinacle and focal point of my life,
Without whom there was nothing but emptiness and sadness
And the sorrow of an aching heart, beating alone in an empty wilderness.

Yet gradually a sense of order and meaning returned to me.
An acceptance that one day, perhaps in another dimension,
We shall be renunited in all the happiness we ever dared to hope for.
This time forever, and where neither could be abducted away
so cruelly.

I saw before me a bright morning star
A beautiful lady, young again and dressed in a white robe.
She is just as I knew her, yet her radiance shines much more vividly.
She smiles and offers me once more the golden keys to her heart.

With this promise accepted I adapted to my new course
And set sail to a more meaningful bearing in this life.
Happiness and humour returned once more to my soul.
And the poetry of music and colour regained it's meaning. 

Eddie Bluelights
19 January 2019

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  1. Beautifully penned, my friend.
    I know it must seem like yesterday that your Maria passed.
    Your love for her and your hope in seeing her again are evident in such a lovely way through this poem.

    1. Thanks Jackie . . . wanted you to see this . . :)

  2. Grief can certainly make us feel lost. You captured that beautifully here Eddie! I wish for you hope and renewal. You will meet your dear wife again one day at heaven's gates.

    1. Thanks Carrie ~ I hope she does't tell me off for being a naughty boy sometimes and letting the cleaning go a bit . . :)


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