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Wednesday, 20 February 2019


Once again, Carrie, thank you for your interesting prompt. I was really 'stumped' over this one for a couple of days until a possible  theme came to light, so here goes.

The Sunday Muse #43

Photography by David Nam Lip Lee

I am torn between two opposite and overwhelming forces.
I am pulled apart relentlessly and I don't know which way to walk.
I am lost in a swelling sea of indecision,
Causing this persistent and unending dilemma,
 Which cries out aloud in anquish from the hilltops.
My loyalties are divided in equal measure,
and I am at the crossroads of my fate,
Balanced precariously on a knife edge of two outcomes.

My ancestors and the genes within me plead that I remain,
For I am a Suri kid, a member of that proud Sun Tribe.
Here I am loved and well protected under the iron fist of Suri culture.
Yet these same bands are restrictions, which imprison me, 
Stifle my individuality and curb my sense of adventure.

Should my existence remain within this restricted sphere of predictability?
Where all tomorrows are well sketched and chronicled?
Where challenges and uncertainty and inventiveness are curtailed?  
Or should I strive to break from free from their bondage,
Into a new dawn where each tomorrow is individual and unmapped?  
Where I alone can master my own fate, for good or bad, success or failure?

My descendants plead the other case, as antagonistic equals,
Speaking with such force as an unstoppable waterfall,
Cascading ideas and desires as if shattering into a million fragments.
Each light beam refracts anew into endless colours of opportunity and freedom.
Shall I make a stand for freedom or shall I remain in bondage?

Our life is threatened by our ever changing and invading world, 
Tradition is pushed back by ever expanding modernism,
And just like all those magnificent beasts who dwell beside us,
We are contained within our own incompatible sphere.
How long we can continue our tradition only the sun god knows.

There is more to life than cattle
and stick fighting
and tribal feuds


There are evils in the outside world
Unwelcomed and full of contamination


I am too young to dwell upon these matters.
I will put off my decision until another day.

* * * * * * * * * *

Eddie Bluelights
20 February 2019

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  1. Hi Eddie - wonderful poem and reflection of how challenging their life must be ... especially for the young as they grow and see something of the outside world - yet not knowing of the dangers from being sucked in to consumerism. I admire those who can be in both camps - and recognise that they have much to offer ... advice to their own, and guidance to the modernisers ... while keeping traditions alive, yet allowing developments take place ... I saw a bit when I was over on Vancouver Island ... as I know there's a lot going on elsewhere in the world. Our hands need to be open to all our peoples ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary. Agree entirely. If they can live in both camps so much the better, they get the best of both worlds. Cheers. Eddie

  2. There are always pros and cons to each situation. A thought provoking and beautiful write Eddie! Also thank you for spreading the word for the Sunday Muse! 😎

    1. Thanks Carrie, no takers as just yet but some thinking of joining . . :)

  3. Ah.. interesting take.. We all struggle, drawn by both the safety of the herd and the joy of discovering what is in the wider world... nicely done!

  4. I am impressed. You are a true writer, sir. I hope you are doing well.


    1. Hi Blue
      Well thank you
      I am ok
      Now the winter's at bay!! . . .

  5. Beautiful poem. I like how you thought about if for a while before writing. Until it came to you.
    I will have to plead chicken on this one, Eddie. Like I said, I read a great deal of poetry, but it is not my regular from for my own prose. I'd be scared to post, but will watch yours more closely and let you know if I get braver. That and I'll have to start writing more poetry.

    1. Thank you Julie. I am very encouraged by your remarks. I don't in the slightest regard myself as a poet, but like having a go. . . . :)


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