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Tuesday, 26 February 2019


Thank you Carrie for your interesting and challenging prompt. I don't know any Irish ladies so I have had to improvise.

It seems that Saturday posting is a good move because we have quite a lot more participating this week.

The Muse #44

"Ireland" by Emily Soto, fashion photographer

Lady Chameleon, donned with a living and interwoven camouflage.
You fail to escape my gaze, and you are discovered.
Don't be shy, I mean no harm and will not trespass too far into your comfort.
Your autumn red and gold and green apparel suits you well,
Framing your beauty around those pale, delicate features and head of jet black raven hair.

Who are you?

I would wish to speak with you, to probe those ideas and thoughts within you.
For you ooze mystery and fascination and the secrets of a strange and bygone age,
Somehow, a step or two outside all known reality and present tradition.
Yet you are a jewel set brightly against any dark and murky day.

Who are you?

I can hear laughter and joy within you, striving to be set free and come alive,
Your Irish humour cannot hide and is bursting to be set free.
Your serious countenance cannot persevere,
For I know I am the catalyst and the instrument for this rescue.

Who are you?

I see a smile, battling for supremacy and worth a thousand days,
And then a laugh, like music to stir the very soul within us.
Then you step forth with outstretched hand and speak with the voice of melody.
"Craic Agus Ceol!" is what you say, and laugh to a symphony of heart throbs.

Who are you?

Again, you say those magic words, "Craic Agus Ceol" and laugh once more in a crescendo of melodic counterpoint,
"It means we had fun and music!" 
 . . . . . and then you took my hand.

Your laughter captivated every living fibre and every hearts desire.
You smiled and said, "That's a Gas" and noticed some confusion on my brow.
"That means, it's funny! . . . share with me."
"Come with me and I will teach you more.

For . . . I like you.

Come Riverdance with me for all eternity".

Eddie Bluelights
26 February 2019

What a beautiful accent the Irish have, especially her. I can hear her magnetic voice within me.

(You see, I can still 'pull them' . . . lol)

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  1. I almost asked her to teach me to Riverdance, but she might have said, "That's a gas!"... lol

  2. This was such a delight to read Eddie! Love the repeatimg question throughout and the ending was wonderful! Beautiful and fun!

    1. Thanks Carrie. At first I wondered what on earth am I going to write here, then things must have gone round and round in my subconscious and an idea came. After a bit of research into Irish sayings and customs things slotted from there on. I find most of my inspiration comes from the unconscious. As soon as I start thinking too hard, nothing comes. A always do it like that. That is why I am not one of the quickest posters. Yes, I made it fun. I added a final line since you read it . . :)

  3. ...and then you took my hand. I like that - it draws one in and personalizes it. A joyous poem.

    1. Thanks, Margaret . . glad in turned out joyous from rather a sombre start . . :)

  4. Wonderful and enjoyable write, Eddie.

  5. Eddie I love the mystery in discovering, "Who are you?". Refreshing, let's Riverdance.

  6. "Come Riverdance with me for all eternity" Oh I love that image!!

    1. Thank you, Susie. Wish I could do it. They make it look so easy . . :)

  7. I love your beginning, "Lady Chameleon, donned with a living and interwoven camouflage."

  8. There shall be no hiding, when one is truly looking... Lovely.

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you, Betsy. Lovely to see you .. :)
      Means a lot.. :)

    2. . . . and carry on blogging . . :)

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