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Sunday, 10 March 2019


The Muse #46

Thank you Carrie for this week's prompt, hand picked by Chrissa (also thank you)

'Farm Truck Filled With Flowers' by Floret 
If you want a copy of this lovely print you can get it HERE

(The more I look at it, the more I like it)


Blooms packaged with emotion
Speak from our hearts, with pure devotion.
This truck-full now is on it's way
So we can make a special day.

They speak with love for every reason
No matter, what, and for each season.
There's nothing close that has such power,
As the love within a single flower.

Words alone cannot compare,
If given, when you really care,
Each bloom contains a magic spell
To wish one happiness and 'be well',

They speak to all the broken hearted

When loved ones die and are departed.
A loving wish can help to heal
Those with a loss and a low down feel.

A baby girl, a baby boy!
New life on Earth and with such joy!
They're welcome into our earthly dwelling,
Even with their incessant yelling.

Sometimes we convey 'happy', sometimes it is 'sorry',
Sometimes it is 'well done', sometimes it is 'worry'.
Sometimes it may be a simple 'thank you',
Sometimes it's a plea to a soul, "I love you!" 

Flowers given can melt a lady's heart,
Her resistance will flee from her, and depart.
She may love you more than words can say,
If you speak from your soul words of love night and day.

If your message is honest, and is always sincere,
She will come to adore you, have not a fear.
She will hand over the keys of her heartstrings to you,
In exchange for some flowers ~ she will always be true.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Eddie Bluelights
10 March 2019

(In reality, there is a likelihood that the sentiments in the last two verses will simply not work. She is still much more likely to choose a jerk!! . . . lol)

Once again Carrie, thank you for your prompt, and to Chrissa too.
We are still looking for more members to join our happy flock.

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  1. Love the truck full of flowers 🌷🌸🌼
    Linda :o)

  2. Yes a gift of flowers can represemt so many things! Your poem is beautiful like the blooms themselves! A lovely flowing piece of poetry Eddie! You always rhyme so beautifully!!

    1. Thank you, Carrie, your comments are always a great encouragement to me . . . :

  3. I like the symbolism, anything that tells someone we care about that they are loved is a wonderful thing. That's one of the reasons why it pays to know our friends and loves. For me, a cut flower often evokes a similar reaction to what most people will show if offered a bleeding limb as a gift. But for a cut flower lover, a bouquet would certainly go far...

    Your closing statement made me roar.

    1. My late wife actually did not like cut flowers ~ she much preferred a potted plant which will carry on living . . . :)

      Glad to make you laugh, but I have acyually found this to be the case on ocassions . . lol

    2. I, too, love potted plants! I have a jungle in my living room. My husband gets me seeds and potted plants the same way other spouses get flowers for their sweethearts.

    3. When I visit Marias grave I take a potted plant to her and not a bunch of flowers. . . She would like that . . :)

  4. "There's nothing close that has such power, As the love within a single flower." Yes! I love potted flowers. They keep growing and blooming. I feel sad at times when I see cut flowers. I'd love to go where they were grown. Beautiful

    1. Thank you, Suzie. Yes, a shame to cut them isn't it. Poor flowers.. :)

  5. This made me smile. A good reminder of all the shared celebrations and joys and anticipation.

  6. I really enjoyed your poem, Eddie. A wonderful write.

  7. Well, Mr. Blue-Lit One, you made me laugh out loud with the yelling and the postscript about choosing a jerk. That probably shows something about me, that out of all that loveliness I pick out the silly stuff.

    1. Very refreshing to meet someone else who likes to be silly. It's second nature to me . . . lol

  8. I like the love in giving flowers to someone. And I like the silly stuff too. I don't care for yelling babies though.

    1. Thanks Toni.
      No, young babies screaming get to me. That's why my distant cave men ancesters went out hunting. They would much prefer to meet a sabre toothed tiger . . . lol

  9. Beautiful words, well done Eddie. Are you thinking of publishing? If not, well, you should.

    1. Thanks Val for your encouraging comments. Quite difficult and expensive to publish, I think, but will investigate. My Son In Law could do the artwork, as he is an artist/designer. Hmmm! . . . :)

  10. And if in the end they don't work
    The cat will eat them and consider it a perk

    1. Now that a fair and fitting suggesion,
      I hope they don't give it digestion . . . . lol

  11. I love the ease of heart in this writing Eddie, very care free and poetic. I am to a lover of potted plants.

    1. Thank you Regina . . . encouraged by your comment. . . :)

  12. That is a lovely poem and flowers do bring joy. I can’t imagine getting a truckload of flowers... my head would be in a swoon from the aroma.

    I do think there is something romantic about a single flower.

    I always feel bad when flowers wither away and die (sigh) such a weeping willow am I.

    1. Hi Truedessa, Thank you for those kind words. If I had a spare truckload of flowers I would be pleased to send them to you . . . or would you prefer a single rose? . . . lol Yes, it is sad when flowers wilt and die and that is why my late wife preferred potted plants which do not die, unless she gave them too much water and drowned them, which happened ocassionally.

      A weeping willow . . lol

      Great to see you here. I have often admired your work . . . :)

  13. This poem is as breezy and beautiful as a flower. I like that you mention celebrations.

    1. Aw . . .thank you Sara.
      I like our little band and participating in the Sunday Muse a lot. . . :)

  14. The earth laughs in flowers, right? Beautiful photo and poem! I have a bouquet in my studio right now....

    1. Maria likes potted plants best so she would be pleased with this lot, but now they are destined for someone else.., :) x

  15. Very romantic. Women love flowers. I think you like being the only man on this poetry site:)


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