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Saturday, 18 May 2019


The Sunday Muse #56

I have returned after a couple of weeks rest from poetry, but not physical rest because I have been busy redesigning my garden.

This week Fireblossom is hosting and has set this interesting girl and a motor cycle theme, which links nicely with a piece I am working on.  Thank you, Fireblossom.

Photo: You bring out the best in me

I love my bike.
It is me; I am at one with it,
and it is everything I could ever want.
Yet, my mind races back to another time,
When my dad's bike ruled the world.
I cannot help remembering what it spoke to me.
Strange words, as if spoken by The Bard himself.
For this bike had class and the voice of Shakespeare alone could do it justice.

* * * * * * 

A Blast from the Past


Behold this regal masterpiece of classical tradition;
Fashioned by genius ~ the pinnacle of man’s inventiveness.
My countenance conveys such majesty, such strength, such beauty,
Crafted as if by gods, and not mere mortal men.
My mighty chest doth heave and swell with worthy pride,
With endless praise and accolades which rain upon my person.

Consider then my purpose and exceptional design,
A powerhouse so supreme all others fall prostrate before me.
For while I but sleep, I am the object of awe and fascination,
For how could mere mortals conceive such true perfection?
What miracle doth inspire such thoughts to cause my very being,
As if the gods themselves had willed and demanded my creation?

Beneath my shimmering face of steel there lies a noble heart,
A mighty symphony of interwoven moving parts,
Which when conducted, will awaken and create such terror
That all creation shall know I am the rightful king of princes.
All those mere upstarts, who wouldst dare contest my reign,
Are not mine heirs but false pretenders to my throne.

Behold, I awake and stir and in due season set in motion
All those inward parts of muscle and steel sinew, 
Which wouldst cause those fools who dare rival my authority
To bow down one by one and kneel before their king.
I roar! A thunderous bellow of a roar ~ like a beast possessed.
Yet this is but a prelude to such marvels as my power within will fashion.

And now I rise to make the very air surrender to each blast of fury.
Hot gas and blood explode from deep within my furnace,
As each deep-throated roar progresses to my next astonishment.
Yet my powerhouse doth but idle and my real task not accomplished.
But in due season I shall reveal my true and terrifying majesty,
My pulsating heart and lungs shall spring to life with deafening ferocity.

Claps of heavy thunder cascade from deep within my bowels
To mute all lesser sounds as I dominate the very air.
For now my real power engages into drive, 
Propelling me to terrifying motion
In a cacophony of canon fire, with ever wild crescendo,
Commanding every face to turn with awe in my direction.

They bow and marvel at my charismatic presence.
Each clap of thunder causes wonder and admiration so profound.
As my mighty furnace shouts its domination to the heavens
For now I fly; I fly on eagle's wings and with all my energy now harnessed.
The chilling wind doth strive in vain to cool my raging furnace,
And whatever thrust required of me I shall meet in plenty.

Now hear this! 
All you pretenders, and mere princes who wouldst dare to have my crown:
Get in rank! – you shall not have it.
For your pedigree will not stand the test of time 

. . . . . . . . . like mine.

"Well, that was daddy's bike.
I have just a Ducati",
She said with a wink.


(They are better)

Eddie Bluelights 18/5/2019
from a first draft 2009

* * * * * * * * * 

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  1. Replies
    1. Not sure those words were around in Shakespeare's day, come to think of it neither was the Harley . . or the Ducati for that matter. Fun prompt. Thank you, Shay.

  2. When riding my bicycle I used to try and imagine I was on a Harley Davidson. The HD stayed top of the popularity stakes for many years and I did wish I could have one. Yes, even in my young days!

    1. Yes, they do have a cult following, still. I too would loved to have had one. My barber has a beautiful three wheeled version.
      I'll make a deal with you, Val. You get one and I will, then we can both be Hell's Angels. Lol
      Nice to see you, as always. :)

  3. I love the way you wrote this, Eddie. Wonderful!

    1. Thank you Sara. I was looking for an opportunity to revise this one which has been hanging around for a long time. Happier about it now.

  4. Both awesome and--in places--terrifying. :) Enjoyed this!

    1. Thanks Chrissa. I would love to ride one but at my age it might be a little like riding a rhodeo bull . . lol

  5. Nice pieces Eddie. I think you knocked the prompt outtadapark!

    1. Thanks Rob, wanted to link the prompts better, really . . :)

  6. Born to be Wild... :) My husband and I had motorcycles when we were first married...Let my clarify I road with him. :) There was nothing like it. We live in Houston now so the terror of riding in this traffice is not one we want to experience. Love your poems!

    1. Thank you, Susie . . . I was a scooter young man . . . not nearly as much fun, or as gloriously noisy. Yes, Houston on a bike would be rather terrifyig . . . :)

  7. It's so nice to see such a really interesting second generation hobby

  8. Sure a wild ride I'll stick to reading about. Death traps they'd be with the roads around here.

    1. Yes . . . they can be death traps but we can imagine . . :)

  9. Hi Eddie!

    I haven't been on a motorcycle in a long time. Probably, since an old boyfriend almost wiped

    1. Hi Trudessa,
      I lost no fewer than three school friends in motorcycle accidents ~ all killed instantly. My nephew had a serious accident too but chose a good time to have it. Twenty years earlier he would have died, ten years earlier he would have lost a leg, but they managed to save it and he still has a gaping dent in it 20 years later.

    2. Sorry, to hear of your loss, it's no laughing matter. Luckily for me we survived a close call.

    3. Glad you survived, True. Being in the saddle is exhilarating yet dangerous. The friends were all young and speed crazy so it was quite inevitable at least one would buy it. But all three on separate occasions was quite something.

  10. I have never ridden one, have you? Looks very fun and I'd do it in a second if someone ask me!

    1. Nope, never ridden one. I say, you get one and I'll get one and we both will be Hell's Angels... :)
      I bet you'd have a go too. 😂

  11. Love the magnificent voice of the beautiful bike Eddie. So enjoyed every word!!

  12. Hi Eddie - or King Edwin ... now I'll have to rename you! I've only ever been on a motorbike when I was a kid (15) ... and you have to lean with the turn ... wasn't that happy doing that! My father did say to me when I was driving at 17, he'd thought about getting me a motor-bike for my 16th birthday ... I'd have liked that - but being away at school ... I probably wouldn't have had much use for it.

    Wonderful poems - well done ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary . . . or should I say Lady Hilary . . :)

  13. Your bike sure roars with authority! Excellent. Over from Karen Bowens. Enjoyed your writing.

  14. I love the strength and intimidation you evoked in this piece. Riveting!

    1. Thank you very much. Had to have several goes at it . . . I saw a Harley today . . . awsome!!

  15. Waxing eloquent on a redneck subject! ;)

    1. lol . . . . . great fun. Should I get one? lol

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