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Sunday, 15 December 2019


The Sunday Muse #86

Here we are again with another thought provoking prompt, this time from Shay at Fireblossom.

Thank you Shay.

I was wrestling in my mind how an attractive young lady may sometimes ponder on another life, now forbidden to her since her vows of celibacy.


I cannot break the 'habit',
I'm dressed this way, you see,
To show my dedication
To my vows of chastity.

Although I am committed
To break with worldly pleasures
I sometimes find it difficult
To fully grasp these measures.

Beneath these holy garments
There lies a beating heart
A lady fair and beautiful
Not to be set apart.

Life long self denial
Is the price which I must pay
To prove my high devotion
To Him to whom I pray.

I still have aching feelings
Which come to light sometimes
Of earthly love and children.
Such thoughts are hardly crimes.

I guess I'm not unusual
And not the first to feel
These thoughts of utter sadness
Sometimes before I kneel.

* * * * * 

May their reward in Heaven be great.

Eddie Bluelights
15 December 2019

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  1. I love the play on words in your title Eddie! A wonderful write and it is surely sad. I don't believe God meant for us to sacrifice this way, although I do have respect for those who do. This photo is a wonderful Muse indeed!

    1. Thank you Carrie. I agree that God would not be so cruel both to Nuns and Priests.

  2. " Beneath these holy garments
    There lies a beating heart . . ." Nice! The whole poem is totally believable. I rarely see the "habit" anymore, though I know more than one celibate person. The choice cannot stop one from feeling and thinking, though it may be different than we imagine.

    1. Thank you Susan. They are deeply devout but must have human feelings . . I really admire them and Priests. I know quite a few Priests. One drank me under the table once. Most have a wonderful sense of humour, as do a lot of Nuns, I am told.

  3. We mustn't forge that Religious are human beings, too. And yes, May their reward be great. :-)

  4. Oh... this is very beautiful. My take was in no way so generous and I DO feel guilty as I only knew nice nuns growing up. But I've heard horror stories. Well penned!

    1. Thank you Margaret. I enjoyed your take very much. I have found Priests in particular almost live life to the full. 😊

  5. Our dedication to holy and cloth doesn't make us immune to feelings, thoughts and sometimes actions...Love your voice for the image.

  6. I love the ‘real’ approach you took with this ... nice message, nice rhyme.


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