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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Out Of The Darkness Comes Welcome Light

We, my family, were hoping for a ray of sunshine to chase away a dark cloud hanging over us, but yesterday a flood of light returned to our lives.

Many will know that my family has been blighted with cancer problems in recent years, and we have lost some much loved family members.

First, my dear wife Maria in April 2013 after a 16 year battle with breast cancer.

Then, six months later my daughter's father-in-law was struck down quickly with cancer of the oesophagus, six weeks after diagnosis.

Then my sister's husband, Harry, who passed away recently after his 15 year battle with prostate cancer.

My dear sister, Maggie May, at Nuts In May, also suffered two vicious cancer attacks, first in 2009 when a secondary cancer appeared like lightning and the primary was not evident anywhere so the oncology people did not know for certain what they were dealing with. Fortunately they picked the correct chemotherapy and that stopped it in it's tracks.  They did say without this treatment she would not have survived more than a few months and not seen her 70th birthday.  She enjoyed a short period of remission but it returned with vengeance in 2011 to her lower back and she had to undergo 30 blasts of radiotherapy.  Her and Harry seemed to be taking it in turns to undergo chemo and radiotherapies for their cancers.  

Maggie's treatment seemed to have done the trick and she has been in remission, or hopefully cancer free ever since. The doctors said the chances of a complete cure were very slim and checked her periodically.  Yet to everyone's surprise she remained cancer free and they regarded her somewhat as a walking miracle.

Then she had to undergo all the stress of Harry's illness which weighed very heavily on her physical health and recently she detected something was far from right with her and feared the return of cancer.  She could not get herself sorted out because she was too busy lovingly looking after Harry and visiting him in hospital, and latterly in a nursing home.  In addition to all this she had to battle with the medical authorities and the nursing home to make sure Harry received the best care possible.

After Harry's passing she had a consultation at the oncology centre and they detected something was wrong and ordered a CT scan and a biopsy. That was last week and we were sweating ever since, fearing the results which came at her consultation yesterday.  She was quite convinced the news would be bad and everyone was rather doubtful.

People have been praying for her all over the world ~ wonderful blogging friends of her's and mine, with one lady adding her on no fewer than three church prayer lists.

The consultation to discuss the results was yesterday and the news was better than any of us dared to imagine.  Maggie is completely clear of cancer and can resume a normal life, which she so deserves so much after losing her husband. 

The culprit is fibrous tissue about the size of a golf ball and a haematoma, both which can be completely cured, plus a hairline fracture of her pelvis which is healing well.  She must have got that during one of Harry's falls.

I want to thank everyone who prayed for her and for all your good wishes. I have lost too many friends and loved ones and now I still have my sister.

Please visit Maggie if you have the time ~ she has written a short post herself . . . HERE

Light indeed has returned to our family.

Sunday, 18 October 2015


Gosh this looks like a huge bundle of laughs, doesn't it?  !!!

Doesn't it conjure all sorts of grisly possibilities about what might be going on inside ~ the mind boggles!!

I was inspired to take this photo as I walked past the building recently in my home town.  I thought that to the uninitiated it might sound rather strange and a little funny.

Here, where I live, we take the name for granted  . .  and as completely harmless and in fact with affection . . . 

In fact the full name for this building is The JN Fear Institute.  It is a charity, founded in April 1937 and financed in his will by a prominent local businessman, John Nelson Fear, and built 20 years after his death for local clubs and societies from the proceeds of a wise investment of his legacy. Inside is a large hall to seat 120 people and a stage where would be actors can perform. Various craft groups and societies meet there, including our local chess and bridge meetings.

One of it's users is The Keyford Dancing School where young ladies learn the art of ballet, modern dancing and tap dancing and it is where my darling daughter learned all three disciplines about 25 years ago.  I videoed all my daughter's dancing medal performances all those years ago.  I still have them and I am in the process of getting them transferred to DVD.

I met Selina's dancing teacher and owner of the school recently and she recognised me straight away and we had a lovely chat.  She remembers me well and also my daughter; she has helped very many young ladies to gain poise and deportment which they will carry through their entire lives.

So for me there is no fear whatsoever attached to this building ~ just fond memories.

Thursday, 8 October 2015


I had a pleasant surprise tonight to receive this photo of a smiling and almost laughing Rosa, my dear grand daughter.  Well done Selina and Matt ~ all the hard work seems to be paying off.

It is almost as though her little "awareness" switch has been activated.  I have a suspicion that a little sense of humour is developing . . . 

. . . . and it wasn't a response to one of my jokes either . . :)

I am so happy that she is more settled and isn't she doing well?