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Wednesday 24 June 2009

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is relatively new in England, perhaps 10 years here, following importing the idea from the States. As a family we could not all celebrate it together this year since my daughter was busy elsewhere, but we did all meet up at the morning church service where we exchanged all the usual hugs and cuddles for the occasion.

I have a wonderful wife and two great children - a super 17 year old son, Big J, and an equally super 27 year old daughter, Little S, who you might have heard singing on my blog. Their sizes bear no relevance to their seniority since my daughter is 10 years older than my son - it is of course with reference to their heights, since Big J is growing into a huge Oak Tree, leaving his dad looking ever upwards and asking him, "What's the weather like up there?"
Of course the father/daughter thing is very prevalent - the word 'little' being a word of endearment, and in no way hampering her proven ability to stand alone in Cosmos Diabolicus. That said, she knows she will always be 'my little daughter' since she is the apple of my eye - there is nothing on this planet quite like the relationship between father and daughter. Don't get me wrong - I love them both to bits. The same can be said about the son/mother relationship - if, and only if you tow the line and don't make too much mess or clear up after yourself, big J!
Then peace will prevail and I won't have to intercede for you! Aren't us dad's useful! I'll put it on the bill!
With all the recent talk of lions on my recent posts I can honestly say that I would have jumped nervously into a lion's den to protect those kids when they were young, sweet and innocent - I probably would do so now also because I told them on Sunday coming out of church I am very, very proud of both of them and I said I could not have wished for two better children. They are both thoroughly decent, thoughtful and responsible young people who will be an asset to planet Earth. I also told them I loved them both very, very much. Now - enough of the soft talk!
Big J has this sign over his study/bedroom:
Any excuse to practice his electric guitar or dive into his computer games in preference to his studies!!! "Don't nag! Mum and Dad, I'll do my homework later . . . . and later . . . and later!!
Just in case you missed it big J gave me an interesting present which I value highly - he chose it all by himself and being highly proficient in knowing just how to get to his dad's heart he chose this plaque which now occupies a place of pride in my study.

My daughter presented me with a great book entitled "HALF WIT, The Silliest Things People Wish They'd Never Said".
Err! thank you daughter, and I commend you on your bravery - actually she knows me very well since it contains lots and lots of really silly quotations and I now have enough material to seriously rival Granny on the Web with her great humorous posts. I like nothing more than silly things!! Thank you little S. This book will go nicely with a present my wife gave me last Christmas, entitled, "YOU KNOW YOU'RE PAST IT WHEN . . . . " Err! Gee! Err! thanks love!! Actually it is a fabulous read and I will use it on posts from time to time . . . . . so watch out Granny!! . . . . . . lots of material there.

I am very grateful for the new watch from my wife with the inscription, "Don't be late - you've no excuse now! This watch will keep time!!" Hmm! Another piece of freedom gone!! Oh well! Thanks dear!!
My daughter knows the way into her dad's heart very well - she does not do it for any particular reason like, "Dad, I'd like a Ferrari or a Porche please!" No she does it simply because she is a lovely daughter. One of her previous Happy Fathers Day cards 'got to me' a couple of years ago. I keep it on display in my study next to my Bible - such is how highly I value that little card with its simple and loving meaning - it speaks volumes!!
There was a period in my life when I commuted from Bristol to Darwen in Lancashire on business. .
I journeyed on Monday and returned on Friday while the 'girls' stayed at home - Big J was a mere twickle in my eye at that time. I was on a special secondment during my managerial days integrating a complex computer system into a company who had 'acquired' my company just prior to closing it down - nasty so and sos. I was responsible for £5 million business and they had no system to cope with it so for once in my life I had a company by 'the short and curlies' for about six months. My daughter was very young and she wrote this card which I shall always treasure.
I must admit whenever I look at this my eyes smart, I cross my legs and I feel decidely uncomfortable. Now look, love, I know I have long legs, but this is ridiculous!!
Where am I? I mean where are my vitals? Something is seriously out of place!!
You look quite well proportioned but did you always envisage me walking on stilts or when you drew it were you lying on the floor looking up. Ouch! No wonder you are trying to console me with a bunch of flowers.
Actually, we all saw this card and others recently and were in hoots about it - at my expense yet again I hasten to say!!

Inside the card she wrote a very moving message which I will not show on this ocassion.
In conclusion I wish to publicly congratulate my daughter. Last July she graduated with a BA (Hons) in Education and Drama and in July this year she will graduate again with her PCGE in teaching Primary School children Key Stage 1.
Further, she applied for and won a teaching post in a very good primary school not far from where she lives. This was her first job application and she won it even before she was a NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher).
Her mother and I prayed together aloud to God during the interview - we prayed earnestly and with a feeling of expectancy because our daughter has done a lot of good for others during her short life and I suggested to God this might be an opportunity for 'pay back time'. Perhaps it was or perhaps it was entirely down to her own ability but the main thing is - she got it! And thank you God anyway.
Oh! you might be asking, "What did your daughter do?"
She has always been a very fine singer and when she was just 17 she staged a concert in our local Methodist Church to raise money for Kosovan Refugees. She filled the church, sang 16 beautiful solos and raised £1300. She did other concerts and raised money for other causes.
Big J - your time will come my boy, but for now I salute you my daughter and I am very, very proud of you.
God Bless you both and of course my wife also.
And now a very pleasant surprise.
Contender for Post Of The Day 29 June 2009.
Presented by David McMahon at Authoblog. Thank you David - this is much appreciated and I am honoured.
My congratulations to the joint winners and other contenders.
Now previews of coming attractions:
A number of you have asked for some Ambulance Stories which I promised you a while ago.
I am very sorry I have not had time to post any recent stories as yet but I have started to write them. Life is a bit hectic lately, both inside and outside of Blogsville.
There will be some sad ones - there will be some funny ones - I'll try to get some posted as soon as I can.
I did an ambulance type post called Fond Memories of a Dear Patient which you might like to read. This was my very first post in January 2008 and I decided to wait until I had a larger following before I posted more like that. Thanks for your interest.


  1. These are sweet sentiments about your children from a wonderful father. You are lucky to have each other.

  2. aww...this is so sweet! a light, funny, warm post of love from a parent. I'm sure your kids are proud to have you as their dad.

  3. is very apparent that you have a wonderful family. Our children are the sparkles in our eyes and our hearts. Your children and your wife honored you admirably on Father's Day. Bravo to them. You seem to be a great Father.
    I looked at your daughter's drawing. I can understand why you will keep it and treasure it forever. It contains things that I'm sure you've noticed...but have you thought about the deeper meanings that perhaps come with the "Good Luck" drawing.The sincere and loving mind of a child can share much through his/her drawings.. Look at the smile....notice that not just ONE person is smiling in the drawing...but TWO!!...and they aren't small smiles....they are grand ones...and look at the color of the smile....brilliant color. That speaks volumes about the happiness felt there. (I'm no psychologist...far far from it....but I do look at things deeply and with much thought...and think that what a child draws says a lot about the child and the family.
    Look at the flowers...They are larger than SHE is...They are full of color (happiness, again!) Daddy deserves the biggest flowers, the brightest, and best flowers...and he makes me feel happy. I love my Daddy! Those long legs of yours Eddie...I've been thinking about that part of her drawing...Daddy will be able to jump the greatest divide....and he would do that for me...My Daddy is and always will be "tall in my eyes." That's just my take on the drawing.
    That drawing is full of love for you.
    Happy Father's Day, Eddie.

  4. Well, I only know you through the bog world, but you always come across as this warm hearted, tough but softie kinda bloke, proud yet humble where it matters. So I am not surprised you have such wonderful people in your family. If you were my Dad I'd join your two with cards of appreciation.
    Now about those books...
    Worried Granny

  5. That was a lovely post! I love the picture where your vitals are missing!
    I just LOVE these children's pictures and I must get some photos of my grandchildren's masterpieces.
    All those jokes we are about to suffer............. groan!

  6. Eddie:

    This is lovely, lovely stuff. I really got a great smile from the "long legs" card! People talk about furnishings and jewelry and that sort of stuff as "family treasures", but this is the sort of thing that's really a family treasure. Truly lovely.

  7. That was a truly beautiful fathers day post.
    How lucky are you to be a much loved Dad :-)

    best wishes

  8. Haven't forgotten the awards, by the way. Just taking me some time to get around to writing them up.

  9. Eddie,
    Thanks for the award; I shall treasure it. You're too, too kind.

  10. Eddie I have so enjoyed your post.

    I wonder if those kids are so amazing because they have an amazing Dad and Mom, or are the Dad and Mom amazing because they have such amazing kids.

    It does my heart good to see a father who loves and appreciates his children so much.

    Lovely blog Eddie.

    Renee xoxox

  11. Eddie is your wife's cancer to the bones breast cancer or a new cancer all together.

    One thing they use here for the bones is Pamidronate (I don't know if that is the official name). Anyway it is quite good.

    I hope that she is well and that the family is well. I know cancer affects everyone.

    Love Renee xoxo

  12. Eddie I am so glad that Lola (I adore her) hooked us up.

    I took Tamoxifen but it didn't work for me but I am now taking Femara which seems to be holding it at bay as well. The States passed last year and Canada this year a new drug for Her2 positive called Tykerb I would love to get on it but it hasn't been approved by the provinces yet.

    Anyway, the best of luck to you and your wife. I always say to myself 'live to fight another day, because who knows what will be on the market.'

    Love Renee xoxo

  13. Oh, Eddie, that was a beautiful post. Dads sometimes find it hard to express how much they love their children. My Dad loves me, I know that he does, but it would be wonderful to hear him express that pride and love the way you have. You have very lucky children! Your wife is also very lucky. Bless you and your family!

  14. Yes Eddie and it makes your bones ache like a bugger.


  15. Well, hello Mr. nice to make your acquaintance. Lola is a very good party planner...she gets everyone excited about being in the blogosphere.

    Lovely post. I imagine you are quite a wonderful "daddy". I always called my father "Pop." That seemed endearing, just like him.

    You're fortunate to have such a loving family.

  16. Eddie,

    Isn't parenthood fantastic! Congrats to you and your wife on raising children you can be so proud of!

  17. You're a very lucky father, I mean daddy. Such good kids...but of course they've the long legs now, too so not so little kids. But always kids. That is the way.

    Sending my best to you and your wife. I see what Renee is writing of and I'm thinking you could use some positive thinking going out there into the Universe. Here's mine.

  18. thanks for dropping by yesterday Eddie! congrats on the POTD nomination! can hear your father's heart in these words. have two amazing boys myself and cherish every minute. hope your week starts off great!

  19. I could resist nailing this to the mast.
    I am sure David will not mind - found at Jane's on Gaston Studio

    david mcmahon said...
    Eddie Bluelights is a creative genius!

  20. Oh, I really enJOYed this post Eddie! Congrats on the Post of the Day mention!

  21. Och you big softie you!
    I like your kids, they rock.

    CONGRATULATIONS on potd, Edoardo! Bravo I'm very happy.

    Big kisses, you sweet daddy

  22. See, Eddie, see your lovely friend/party-planner extraordinaire/beautiful Mama to E/sublime cuisine queen/film buff/art buff/photographer and..well...all-round most special girl Lola? Well, I came over here after reading about you on her blog and oh, how delighted I am that I made the journey!

    What a wonderful blog you have - I will spend more time exploring, but first I have to say wow! what a truly fantastic, loving and much loved Papa you are. Thank you so much for sharing such precious parental reflections with us and for introducing us to your exceptional children.

    And I, too, send special warm and healing wishes to your wife -- Renee made mention of her illness in her comments.

    P.S. Those of us with stilts instead of legs have much to be grateful for - not least that we can see over other folks' heads in a crowd! I'm 5' 11" which is quite high enough for a girl.

  23. Greetings Eddie, I must apologize for not visiting sooner. I saw your comment on my blog and wanted to thank you for coming by. I have been busy trying to keep up if there is such a thing as keeping up! Anyway I truly enjoyed your post about Fathers Day and I was reminded of a sign that I read and loved, it said " A dad is someone who carries his childrens pictures where his money used to be!" Sounds like you are a wonderful dad Eddie!
    By the way, my husband and I absolutely loved watching Fawlty Towers. They don't show it anymore here. But it made me think back to all of the laughs we had together watching it! I will have to check it out on youtube. I am not quite used to all of the things that can be done on the internet!
    I will be back to visit you.

  24. Thank you for having dropped by my page some days ago. You've a brilliant sense of humor Eddie. Consider me a regular visitor from here on :-)

    Loved the sign over your son's study :D The gift yous son gave you was so aptly chosen :-) I have been giggling silly at your description of your daughter's card.You're wonderful Eddie and your children are indeed blessed to have you as their daddy :-)

    The heartiest of congratulations to your daughter for a job she so deserves :-)

  25. Congratulations on Post of the Day
    Eddie. You richly deserve it.

  26. I'm a friend of Bernie's-Diana's-Jacki's-and Stillness's- we follow each other to great blogs...You sound like the perfect dad and husband...Loved the drawing with the long legs...first visit but now I'm a follower.

  27. Hi Eddie, Just getting around to reading some of your posts. Now I know why so many hold your friendship, so dearly. This was a beautifully written post and I see why it received the POTD.
    Your expression of love for your family is refreshing and heartwarming. Like one of my reader's said, the expression, "the nut doesn't fall far from the tree" is so true with regards to children. You and your wife have obviously done a great job, with those two. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, during this difficult time.

  28. Eddie...It's Friday (July 10)...almost 5 P.M. here...
    I've been to a friend's blog...and can't quit crying. I don't think you follow her....or follow Diana....but I'm going to post the link here (if it will allow me) to let you know what's going on...
    I will comment on your comment on my blog soon...but right now, I'm just hurting for Diana.
    Marcy posted us that Diana had to have her cat put to sleep...and it opened up such a wound in me.... Our cat, Sammie (15 years we had him) was taken from us last year. He didn't die a natural death...wasn't put to sleep....and I won't go into what happened to him...but I hurt for her...and wanted to 'unload'...and I know you'll pray for me as I cry through this.
    How's this for a 'cheery' post...sigh.
    Thanks for listening....

  29. Hi Eddie, haven't heard from you in a while so thought I would pop in and see if all is ok.
    Eddie I noticed a comment left concerning your wife's breast cancer. I too have gone through breast cancer and it was a horrible year but so far have come out the other side of it. I am praying for her Eddie so that you both will have side by side rocking chairs for many years to come and to enjoy your beautiful children of which you are so proud. Good Luck my friend and may God Bless....:-) Bernie

  30. I am very grateful for all you kind commentsand your friendship ~ Eddie

  31. This was so heartfelt! You are so lucky, and it's so nice to be reminded to appreciate all of life's gifts.


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