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Thursday 2 July 2009

Did you invite Mr and Mrs Peacock round, love?

I was dozing after a meal in our conservatory last weekend and was wakened by my over excited wife saying, "Wake Up! Wake Up! There are a couple of birds outside!"

"Are they in uniforms or not?"

"No! listen - there are two Peacocks on the garden shed roof!"

"Don't be so silly!" I retorted, getting settled in my chair and nodding off again.

"Quick, quick! Get the camera!! quick or you'll miss it."
"Must I?" Then I looked out of the window and I was amazed to see we had two peacocks on our back lawn - hardly regular visitors at any house these days. And there they were, cool as cucumbers - just breezed in to see us from out of nowhere! Was I dreaming I wondered?
By the time I got the camera they had moved closer and I managed to get three good shots.
There he is walking fearlessly closer towards me, displaying his feathers - his wife was round the corner behind him. Obviously he was on the scrounge. I backed off and then he and his Missus advanced. She seemed a bit shy and stayed in the background.
And after a few pieces of bread and a drink of water he puffed out his chest with pride.
Having had enough of our company they walked around the side path to the front of our house, crossed the road and went straight up to a neighbour's front door, followed by me. They stayed by the front door and then my sense of humour got the better of me so I slowly approached, rang the front door bell and carefully made my retreat behind a bush at the side of their house.
I heard the neighbour make a startled comment to her husband that some friends had called round to dinner. I appeared to join in the fun. We discussed where they might have come from but were unable to offer a suggestion. Mr and Mrs Peacock wandered down the road and headed off towards the park. I'm not sure what they eat in the wild - must look it up.

I remain totally baffled as to where these visitors originated!
It is not every day two large peacocks visit a humble domestic back garden!
Whatever next, I wonder - Emus, Ostriches?
I keep looking nervously over my shoulder - perhaps a couple of lions may walk round the corner looking for their dinner!


  1. A whimsical view of your back yard. Keep your eyes peeled on that roof; you never know what you'll see.

  2. I don't know..but I'm all impressed that you have a conservatory...I've never entirely understood what one is but it sounds awful nice.

    A game of Clue...Mrs Peacock in the conservatory with a candlestick?

    Great daughter, Sophia who is six is very taken with them.


  3. Eddie, how blessed are you and your wife to see such beauty. What a treat! Your right you got really nice pictures of them, and gave me a chuckle by ringing your neighbors doorbell.
    Well done my friend.....:-) Hugs, Bernie

  4. You have a couple of peacocks just stroll up to your house?!?!? I would have called CNN. I think that's cool...and somewhat perplexing. Do you have an aviary or a wildlife park nearby?

    The most I ever see are wild turkeys. Ugly bunch. But the crows are starting to make a come back after losing them all to West Nile Virus several years ago.

  5. Wow Eddie those photo's were amazing! You had me laughing when you rang your neighbors bell and hid! It sounds like something my husband would have done!
    Enjoy your new pets Eddie!

  6. Peacocks just dropped by!! Wow :D Take two WOW :) They were even smart enough to ring door bells these days. People and peacocks of yore were somehow not built as smart as these :D

  7. How lucky can one person be Eddie!! To have peacocks visiting and allowing you close enough to take photos of them; thank you so much for sharing this!

    I hope they're not in any danger, being on the loose and all.


  8. That's amazing. What a treat and I love that you shared it with your neighbor.

  9. Wow, I can't imagine seeing peacocks in the wild! What beautiful birds...

  10. Wow, that's so cool!! Very beautiful birds!! enJOY your weekend!!

  11. your note about putting blue lights in your photo. I can sure try, but you will have to forward your email address to me at

    I think I can just lift the pic from your blog. Or you can go to and make one for yourself.

    No that's not me above "Vaya con dios" It's a blogger friend who passed away last year. You can click on her photo to read about her. Or find the post in my list of past postings... in January 09

  12. Very nice bloggey you have here, Eddie. The peacocks and the photos are beautiful. Thanks for visiting and for adding me to your reading list!

  13. Wow! How fantastic to be visited by peacocks in all their glory! You are so lucky!
    I have the occasional wren, but then I know my place ..... no delusions of grandeur or anything! LOL!

  14. Eddie that is crazy. har har

    I absolutely loved that you knocked on the door, that is the kind of fun my Dad knew how to do. Men like you are not a dime a dozen.

    Hope all are well at home.

    Love Renee xoxo

  15. what a surprise! I only see them in the zoo or on TV! How I wish more of them are out there and could visit me too!!! ^^

  16. And to think you were going to sleep your way through the visit! Good shots you got, too. Maybe they will be frequent visitors, so better read up on their diet!

  17. Eddie, I can't imagine looking outside the window and seeing these 'treasures' called peacocks. I would absolutely be so excited, I probably wouldn't even know where the camera was....and if I found it, where the shutter is loated. These are sooo pretty. What a show....and I'm so glad your wife alerted you. You got great shos!!!

  18. That's really cool, Eddie! The best I ever get in my backyard is a robin or the rare cardinal.

  19. Eddie I love your sense of fun.
    What a treat to have Peacocks visit.
    For a time in my childhood we had Peacocks living with us and they would escape on a regular basis until eventually we had to find them a new home.
    My beautiful Mum was a little eccentric because they were certainly not usual pets in suburbun Perth.

    best wishes

  20. Peacocks are truly the greatest bird. Really. If I were a bird, I'd be a peacock.

  21. Stone the crows! Talk about one-upmanship! Peacocks on a shed roof, rather than weathervains, is taking things too far - even if it was really none of your doing... Next thing you'll be hiring a butler to answer the front door and selling tickests for tours round your estate...
    Thanks for visits to my humble abode, by contrast! x

  22. Oops - should that not have been weathervanes? I plead ignorance; all lowly Serfs can't spell as well a Lords Of The Manor such as yourself...

  23. Hi, Eddie...I shouldn't be here...I'm supposed to be in my underground bunker...but you are TOO KIND to me!!!!...Stopping by to say "hi!" even though I am away!!!! How did I ever find such a wonderful friend??? You are a TRUE BLESSING in my life, and I am so very thankful for modern technology which has enabled me to find such a terrific friend!!! BTW, I simply LOVE this post!!!! Wow!!! Peacocks in your garden?? How do you rate???? This distinction simply proves once again that you are a stand-out in the crowd...a winner...and a prince among bloggers!!! Have a wonderful summer, my friend!!! You can count on a long visit when I return!!! I can see I'll have a lot of news to catch up on when I "see" you next!!! God bless you!!!! And in the meantime, if anyone asks, you NEVER saw me!!! LOL...~Janine

  24. Golly, I've missed your super comments, Janine! They are a real tonic. As my grandmother used to say frequently, "I do like being praised!" especially by such a lovely lass! - God Bless you, my transatlantic bloggy buddy. x

  25. Eddie....please stop by my blog ...and pick up the Warm Heart award. Thank you for always lifting up spirits, bolstering friends, cheering those around much you do for others...and with a kind spirit.

  26. You are quite welcome, my friend.
    We just got home from our granddaughter's birthday party and discovered that our son's fishing boat (the one I posted a photo of on my blog) has been stolen. We are filing a report now....sigh. Don't people have any respect for property? It angers me to think that someone would come on our place....take our things (that isn't all they took)....and just slink away in the night (I guess it was nighttime....who knows?) Anyhooooo, I just posted your comment to my board....and I am happy that you liked the Warm Heart Award. You are more than deserving, Eddie.
    I'll be back....

  27. Mr Eddie!
    What happened to your face? Why is it blue ;-)
    I have missed coming here. I am still on my break but I want to say hello!
    Hope all's well with you.
    Love the peacocks! I wish they'd drop by my place too!
    Take care, Mr Eddie! :-)

  28. Great to hear from you again Cherry - lovely surprise this morning. Enjoy your break and there is always a cuppa for you here ~ Mr Eddie x

  29. Used to see them in Lincolnshire, they would eat them here!

  30. Emus AND ostriches, mate. I just gave 'em your GPS co-ordinates!

  31. Yay Mr Eddie, we are both on David's potd mention today.
    That Mrs. Peacock - she's very sassy! ;-)

  32. Absolutely loved this posting and the Blue Tit posting. Love to read bird / nature stories. I like the bird houses you built, very nice.
    Am sure your a missing Janine as she's on blog rest as much as many of us. We await her return!!


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