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Thursday 10 February 2011

Your Hip is 'hip' Eddie

Well, I've just had my hospital examination to mark the first anniversary of my total hip replacement operation.
I had another X-ray that day which shows that the replacement hip joint is perfectly aligned and still firmly set into the femur and pelvis.  I had my camera with me this time and the lady consultant who I have seen several times allowed me to take a couple of shots from her computer screen.

See the screws holding the socket joint cup in place on the pelvis?  Imagine them rasping out that little lot and using all the power tools in the Black and Decker range! And notice the way they chopped off the head of the femur and rammed the the ball joint spike into the bone after pumping in some cement.  It does not hurt at all now apart from sometimes in damp weather, but only for the first few steps.

Earlier the lady consultant remarked when she saw me walking, "Hey, look at you move - that's perfect!"  And I had just walked a brisk three miles from where I parked the car.
She said, "Does the other hip give you any trouble?"
I said, "No, why?"
She said, "The joint is nearly worn out!  I can't undersatnd why it doesn't hurt you - see the gap of missing cartilage between the ball and the socket."

She went on to say that the X-ray is only two dimensional and may not have picked up that there may still be quite a lot of cartilage there on a different plane.  She said, "Obviously it is not troubling you and we are very pleased with your operated hip, so we are discharging you. If you have any problems we can do the other one for you." 

We always enjoyed our chats and she was fascinated by me donating 92 pints of blood and managing a donation just 9 months after the operation. Apparently the risk of dislocation has fallen to below 1% so I can ease up a bit on restricting movement.  After the consultation I shook her hand and said I would also like to thank the surgeon, the chief consultant, personally for giving my life back to me.  She knocked on his door and he did not have a patient with him so I did thank him and he was delighted that I did so.

Regarding the X-ray photo. Originally it was one photo but to save my modesty I cropped out the central part LOL. The full version is available on prescription only and please make out generous cheques to Eddie Bluelights LOL

On to other things - I am still having a partial break in BlogLand and from the Sunday Roast but I hope to return soon.

Meanwhile I received an email from someone called Paul asking me if I would consider selling my blog. No way Paul, it is part of me.  Not for sale!  Has anyone else had that request?

Finally, I saw an interesting maths conundrum recently which works for people born from 1900 - 1999.
Take the last two digits of the year which you were born and add these to your age next birthday.  The answer is always 111.  How about that for a piece of useless information! LOL


  1. Great news, Eddie! And as for the other hip not hurting,...ummmm...we'll just see how resistant you are to the power of suggestion!

    So kind of you to thank those who healed you. The world would be a better place if we'd all take just a moment of our days to say 'thanks.' You never know how that one word can lift a person's spirits.

    Paul wants to buy your blog? Like, the whole blog, your words, your stories, your comments? Or just your URL? No, I've never had such a request, and I sure wouldn't sell.

    Well, maybe. It depends on how much he's offering.

    And, in closing, does Mrs. Bluelights know that you're willing to...share the full monty xray for a few dollars?

  2. So glad to hear that you're doing well, Eddie. My sister is in such need of this surgery but seems fearful to do it. I can't blame her but I wish she'd get HER life back again.

    Paul sounds like a scammer. I wouldn't engage in further contact with him.

  3. Ethel - errr! no!! shhh! . . . Mrs Bluelights does not but I won't tell if you don't LOL. Thanks for your comment and I owe you an email which I will post tomorrow. I am off to get my much needed beauty sleep.

  4. Hilary ~ I would not hesitate to recommend the surgery to anyone. A couple of months inconvenience is well worth it to get one's life back on track. It is not very painful and pain killers are available. The procedure is very straight forward and hospitalisation is only 3 days. I would be happy to email her to give her some moral support ~ Eddie

  5. I have to change your Italian nickname to Edoardo Bionico now.

  6. Eddie I just love your wit. Do save the full xray photograph. It will save you time while traveling in the US...those crazy full body scans you know. Just whip out the photo and show them. haha.

    I'm glad you have been fully discharged from your hip surgery! And I hope the other one doesn't ever give you any trouble!

  7. So happy that you got an A+ at your check-up, Eddie! Now you can go ahead and dance a few fast two steps and jitterbugs. LOL And as for this Paul guy, I agree with Hilary, and think that you should not communicate with him again. Sounds fishy! LOL

  8. OOOoooh....and I thought my 'critter' looked fierce....that x-ray with the screw/bolt looks menacing to me....and your description complete with the sound effects made me draw back and cringe.
    I'm so glad that you are doing well with your replacement, Eddie...and also glad to hear that the other one isn't bothering you.
    Regarding Paul buying your blog... What?? What's with THAT!! Absolutely not...and I would 'write him off'...
    Best wishes and many warm smiles to you my friend.

  9. Pleased to hear you have recovered so well from the hip replacement Eddie.

    Why would anyone want to buy a blog? I don't understand this at all. It's flattering of course, but how could anyone continue a blog that belongs to someone else? Crazy!

  10. You hips look wonderful! So pleased that the other one is holding out.
    I am experiencing increasing hip pain as well as wrist and ankle. This ageing process is so annoying.

    Sell your blog!!!!!!! It must be a scammer. Hold on like grim death.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  11. What a blessing that you have healed so well and completely! That is wonderful news!!
    No I have not had anyone contact me to buy my Hilary careful!

  12. Hi Eddie, so glad you have put a post up, it's good to know how you are doing. Loving the x-rays, very cool!

    I do know one other blogger who has been approached to buy her blog (she mentioned it on Twitter). She said it sounded like a scam so she ignored it.

    Take care of you :-)

  13. Very good news, Eddie! I am so glad you are doing well.

    There are no 'Pauls' in my life. Thinkin' I'd like to keep it that way!

    xoxoxo, cd

  14. I'm coming up to my fourth anniversary of having my knee replaced on the 26th of Feb - Marvelous joint replacements aren't they? You're right when you say they give you your life back. :)

  15. Damn it, Eddie, I came here looking for X-Ray Porn! How DARE you cut out the good parts!

    No, nobody has ever wanted to buy my blog. Rent it, as in advertise on it, but no offers to outright buy it. How much is he offering? Maybe if it's enough, I'll let him have mine :-)

  16. Isn't it amazing how hips and knees are replaced so much lately, relieving people of the horrendous pain. I am so glad you are doing well, Eddie.

  17. Buy your blog? Tell Paul it'll cost him a hip! ;-) *grin*
    Glad you are doing well!!

  18. Hi Eddie, High Five on the great one year hip surgery check up! I know you've worked really hard at getting back to "normal" and I commend you on your success!

    Keep up the good work. xo jj

  19. A little bird told me that you think I should blog about my leg. Well ok then I will. Like you though I will not be sharing a certain xray in its unabridged format - I was surprised to see more than my bones!

    See you Thursday

    The Mighty Sam

  20. Hi, Eddie
    Glad to hear you covered your modesty, he he. Really good news that you've been discharged and I hope, if you do have to have the other one done, it won't be a long process.

    I wonder if one gets arthritis in a hip joint that's been replaced. Isn't that something that happens when the weather is damp, or is it just a myth?

    Good to see you doing well.
    Best wishes, CJ xx

  21. Looking good Eddie.

    And it's also a good example of how, when reading someone's blog, you get to know them inside out!

  22. Thought about you as I was dozing of last night, Eddie. I have been a bit laid back lately and have missed seeing you around. Thought 'I must find out what's wrong'. Seems like nothing is, only me being lazy and not reading my mates.

    So glad your hip is ok, and interestingly I was told exactly the same thing about my 'good one'. And It doesn't bother me too much either.

    Wishing you well. XX Moannie

  23. Great you are not experiencing any problem with the implant. Very informative.


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