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Monday 7 March 2011

Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our wedding anniversary recently - goodness me, time has flown by.
Here we are all 'starry eyed' and ready for our journey in life into the unknown.
Isn't Mrs Bluelights a beauty? - still is!  We are on the way to our reception dinner.
Thank you for 38 wonderful years, my dear, and for two wonderful children.
The horn rimmed glasses are long pre SpecSavers . . . . LOL . . . and the style was very popular at the time.  Reminds me of the guitarist Hank Marvin of The Shadows, who played for Cliff Richard.

It would be nice to be young again, knowing what we know now! LOL


  1. Many, many congratulations to you and your good lady!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful picture! You both are so young and good looking! Wow! Happy 38th!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Eddie and Mrs. Bluelights.
    38 years is very impressive, she must be a patient woman, LOL! And you're right, Eddie, she is beautiful.
    So, what anniversary is 38? I can never remember the paper, tin, silver, gold thingy!

  4. dude look how cool you are...neat pic and happy anniversary!

  5. Many congratulations to you both and I adore the photo, wonderful! x

  6. Love the photo! You have 10 years on me and the hubs. (In all fairness, this is my second marriage)

  7. Happy Anniversary. What a wonderful achievement. Mrs Bluelights is indeed a very beautiful lady.

  8. Happy Anniversary. What a blessing to have 38 years. All praise is due to God.

    And you looked almost exactly the same you are now. And Mrs Bluelight is a beauty and she looks like the happy but shy bride. Which I think is a rare nowadays.

    Congratulations Eddie.

  9. Eddie! That is a beautiful photo. You're blessed to have 38 years together. Given the little time we have on earth, you're lucky you found someone like her.


  10. Great photo and tribute Eddie, congratulations on 38 years!

  11. Happy anniversary Eddie. - Jazz

  12. Heartiest Congratulations, Eddie and Mrs. Bluelights!!!

    Your wife is very lovely (I'm sure both inside and out!)...and you are quite dashing as well! An adorable couple you make!

    Hoping you enjoy an additional 38years together!

    xoxoxo, cd


    You do look a little like Hank Marvin and Mrs Bluelights is very pretty. :)

  14. Now where have I seen that picture before?
    Hope you both had a very happy time.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  15. Happy Anniversary!! May you have many more celebrations!!

  16. What a wonderful picture! Many congratulations to you both.

  17. Oh yes, yes...what a beautiful wedding photograph!!
    What a lovely bride! And look at that beautiful lace mantilla wedding veil. J'adore!
    Who is that lucky man beside her? ;-)
    Eddie Blue, you look like Michael Caine! :)

  18. Congratulations, Eddie! Many happy returns to you and your lovely bride!

  19. Oh yes! Congratulations, Eddie and Mrs. Eddie. You are a great inspiration indeed. Thanks for your lovely concerns regarding my hijacked blog. I can't figure out what could be worse, losing a blog or losing a wallet. Both seem so invasive!

  20. You two were adorable!

    Thanks, Eddie! I think I may have done okay today:). MAY have!

  21. What a great photo! Love those glasses! lol Congratulations to you and your lovely wife, on your 38th, and best wishes for many more! Cheers!

  22. Congratulations Eddie, to you and your beautiful bride.

    As to being young, you are kiddo.

    XX Annie

  23. A very belated but HAPPY 38th Anniversary wish to you and your beautiful wife, Eddie. Its looks like you had a grand wedding.... and 38 wonderful years so far!

    Cheers to you both. jj

  24. congratulations on 38!

  25. I'm a little late in wishing ou oth well, but better late than never!

    Mrs. Bluelights was the very picture of the beautiful, glowing, blushing bride! And you weren't bad yourself, Eddie!

    And since you DO look almost exactly the same, I'm assuming Mrs. Bluelights has only gotten better with time, too.

    38 years with the love of your life - what more could you ask?

  26. Hi Eddie, Wow, you and the missus were such a cute couple on your wedding day. Still are no doubt. Did you post a photo of you both now sometime? I don't remember seeing you together. Anyway, I hope your anniversary was special and fun.
    Congrats on so many years together, showing the rest of us how it is done.

  27. Happy Anniversary you two! Love that picture of you!!!


    Sheila :-)

  28. You look like Hank Marvin of The Shadows in that wedding picture! How wonderful that you have enjoyed a happy marriage.

  29. Good wishes to you both! And yes you do look like Hank!!


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