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Sunday 6 November 2011

After 18 Months From Surgery I Feel At Long Last I Am Back In Shape

Well Folks!!
I thought I'd give you an update on my health following my total hip replacement in February 2010.  So it is 2 years next February since I went under the knife, electric saw, chisel, hammer, electric drill, nails, glue and goodness knows what else.  I have covered all this in previous posts, including the Deep Vein Thrombosis and treatment I experienced shortly after the operation - all now long gone and behind me..

I did recover very well and quickly, to an extent, but I did not realise fully that a complete recovery would take a lot longer than I would like to admit, being a rather impatient individual.  Folks, it is a big operation and the surgery knocks the body about something rotten - particularly affecting the lower legs and feet.  It is strange that even the leg not operated on seemed to swell just as much as the one which experienced the actual surgery.  Very strange.

So why am I writing about all this now?
Well, I have felt very well for over a year now and have regained my strength and stamina, thus enabling me to undertake quite strenuous activity, like in the summer when I worked on some major garden projects.

 Gosh! What a brute this equipment is - it sliced through concrete like butter!  I shall write all about these projects in due course.  I doubt whether they used this monster on my hip but there were plenty of power tools used from the Black and Decker range, I am sure.

So after about 9 months I was very able to undertake hard physical work but very recently I think for the first time my legs and feet seem to have returned to their normal size.  I can now wear my normal shoes but in particular I am delighted to report that I am able to get my feet into my favourite gardening Wellington Boots.  Of course you may be wondering why on Earth would I want to wear those awful "passion killers" and not something more becoming and striking like tight black Cowboy Boots.

 Hmmm! I see what you mean!!
For a start if I did wear tight black Cowboy Boots  most people around here would consider me stark raving bonkers. My point simply is I am delighted to have normal sized feet again and my green Wellington Boots are proof that this has occurred.  Also, equally pleasing, is that my black Ambulance Boots fit me once again but alas not for Ambulance duty since I am retired from the service.

Several bloggers did ask if I would add a Video YouTube of a Total Hip Replacement so you can see what a hammering I actually received.  I did try to find a video showing all the surgical procedures but this one was the best I could find.  My apologies for the picture being blocked out by the theatre staff sometimes.

"Was it worth it?", you may be wondering.  "Overwhelmingly, yes! The pain has gone, I have full mobility, It feels as though I have never had a problem and I feel great, but most of all I can wear my green Wellington Boots again.  If ANYONE out there is worried about the surgery and experiencing severe Arthritic pain like I did, then please go ahead and get it done!  You will get your life back, but it will take 18 months, plus, to fully recover.

So here is the YouTube,  Watch it if you dare LOL, and think of poor Eddie under the knife.  The chap, Greg, seemed to have had worse Arthritis than I had but I was well and truly confined to a walking stick.  Imagine it!! An Ambulanceman with a walking stick!! No wonder I could not carry on with it.

Soon I shall return to my Painting and Decorating stories with a few Ambulance stories thrown in as and when I think of them.

Meanwhile The Sunday Roast is still on hold until I can devote more time to the column.  I am very grateful to those friends who have offered assistance and I shall be contacting you in due course.  Thank you again.


  1. Having watched a couple of hip replacements in real life, I feel I don't need to watch that link Eddie.

    I don't remember them using anything as advanced as that concrete chiseller of yours though. Mallets were the order of the day, I seem to recall.

    Glad things have worked out well for you old bean.


    The Jules

  2. Hi Eddie, delighted to hear you're 100% now!
    I've eaten too much ice-cream after tonight's dinner, so won't watch the video right now, lol.

    ambulance stories please, pretty please??

  3. I passed on watching the video...I see all the surgery I care to see and more watching Grey's Anatomy on the tv! So glad you are fully recovered and feeling well!

  4. Hi to my friend with the new hip.
    I'm glad that you have recovered completely from the operation. It seems that it was just yesterday....but then, I didn't have the surgery, and to you, I'm sure that it has been a long and rough road. But, it does seem only a short time ago that you were undergoing the replacement. I'm glad that you posted an update on it....with a video of that type of surgery.
    I watched the video. Very interesting....and I felt so bad for the guy that was undergoing the surgery....not for the surgery itself, but because his hip had fused before he got the help of the surgery. I can't imagine his discomfort and pain with the ball and socket in his hip fused together like that. Thank goodness that there are surgeries of this kind!!
    Continue to take care of you....and receive the smiles that I send with this comment.
    Smiles and hugs, my friend!

  5. Great photo of you, Eddie, but that concrete cutter looks scary! LOL Those boots must be really special! I would have just bought a larger pair or better yet, a pair of tight black cowboy boots! LOL And who cares if people would think you're stark raving bonkers? LOL So glad you're back to normal and sorry, but I'll have to pass on the video, since I faint at the sight of blood. :)

  6. I'll pass on the video but I wanted to let you know that I'm so happy for you that you're feeling so well. And that your tootsies are back in the Wellies again. :)

  7. Not in a million years could I watch the video-- I'm such a wimp, and, I'll probably need my hips replaced down the read so I figures I won't look til I have to.

    You are a great endorsement for he procedure and I'm thrilled you're feeling so well. It's a big surgery and I know how active you prefer to be. Glad it's soooo much better for you know.

    Keep feel good and if you run out of major household jobs at your house, you're welcome to come and tackle a few at my house any time ;-)

    Cheers, xo jj

  8. Good news Eddie Glad you are back and active
    I am amazed at how many younger people seem to be getting replacement hips - two I know in their 40s !

  9. This is great news! I am glad you are back to "fighting" condition!
    Good for you and your wellies are looking great!!

  10. I debated about watching the video, and in the end my decision was yes. I was happy that it wasn't a gory thing, because I learned a lot from it.

    Glad, too, that you recovered so nicely. And I like your boots!

    xoxoxo, cd

  11. As much as I love you, Eddie, I shall not be watching the video, thank you. I'm just glad to hear you're doing so much better!

  12. I'm glad to hear you are feeling back to normal. I'll take a pass on watching the surgery video, though!

  13. That is a brute of a thing you are holding. Make sure you don't put it through your foot!
    What are you cutting up anyway? Make sure you don't go through a drain! (Thats what being married to a builder does!) You know the pitfalls.

    Lovely to see your smily face. I think you are definitely doing better than we two here!
    Take it easy!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. Hi Eddie, so glad you have recovered fully and are ready to take on the big projects again. Thanks for offering to share the video with us, but I declined to watch it. Too gory for me. Stay healthy and I look forward to seeing the projects on your blog.

  15. So happy you are feeling strong again, dear Eddie! *smiling warmly at you*

  16. Hi Eddie....checking back in with my friend to make sure that all is well with you and your family.
    I send warm hugs....always.


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