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Sunday 31 May 2009

Time for a Rest and Reflection

Today I have been having serious thoughts concerning my involvement within the blogging arena.

I have made this decision.

Today will be my penultimate post for a while - but there is one other I wish to post before I take a long rest from the blog world for a few weeks. I am extremely tired and drained - I require a complete battery recharge and it must be now. Sometimes I am up until 1am or 2am, sometimes later, and this is affecting my life, my judgements and my relationships with my real world responsibilities, plus several unintended mistakes whilst corresponding inside blog sphere. I am looking forward immensely to retiring to my bed at a reasonable hour and rising suitably refreshed the next morning - I've forgotten what that luxury is like.

I find the blog world is beginning to take over my real world and I am neglecting areas of life which should have my full attention. I would go further, I am beginning to be totally addicted to it and this situation is ridiculous and I will not allow it to continue. I have not learned yet how to achieve the required balance. However, I love the blog life and I have enjoyed your fellowship and the challenge of writing.

My alternative was to 'scale back' but I find this option very difficult since the whole operation of writing, visiting and commenting is part and parcel of blog life and I feel I cannot do it by halves. It is not fair on my readers.

Whilst writing I have several apologies to make:

I am deeply concerned that I have failed to visit my followers' blog sites consistently and make appropriate comments to their work. I know this is hurtful because I have found this to be the case myself, so I understand how you must feel, totally. Please accept my apologies for this - I have tried to visit on occasions but it really should be a regular visit for every post for every follower, and I am sorry I just have not got the time available for regular reading and commenting when I have a full time job and domestic responsibilities. Perhaps when I retire things may be different - I do hope so.

Secondly, I have created this character, Eddie Bluelights, and I believe he has been accepted into the community to some degree and I am grateful for this. However, in my enthusiasm for his perhaps over developed sense of humour I may have exceeded the bounds of normal blogging behaviour and, whereas I do not think this has upset anyone in particular, I must ensure that my Mr Hyde becomes under total control of my Dr Jekyl. When I return this will be the case - Eddie's enthusiasm will be curbed, I promise, but still 'twinkling'. Meanwhile if I have offended anyone please accept my unreserved apologies - I had no intention of doing so, but upon reflection a couple of comments were a bit over the top. I am sorry for this.

There is another reason for my decision but I am not at liberty to discuss this.

I promised some ambulance stories and I can now get these ready for my return along with other stories which may be of interest. I shall be free to write these up now.

Also I am considering embarking on a writer's course which hopefully should develop my style(s) further.

I am very sad at 'bowing out' - I certainly give you all a Mr Darcy bow because I have got to know a lot of you well and I will miss you all dreadfully, sob sob.

I am privileged to have met some top 'notch writers' and photographers 'whose sandals I am not fit to untie' and really I am not worthy to comment on their wonderful work. I will not mention names - they know who they are.

I am honoured to have met all my contacts and I thank you all for your companionship, advice and help.

It is not goodbye but just 'until we meet again' - and I look forward to that immensely.

God bless you all ~ Ed
Hello folks - just popped in to collect the mail.
I thank you for your very kind comments and I think you all deserve a plate of fish and chips 'on me' for your kindness - but sorry, someone has emptied half a bottle of ketchup on them. Hope you don't mind.
You may:
Eat them now!
Take them away as an award - Bluelights' Brilliant Buddy Bloggers - Fantastic Fishy Friends!
If you want to eat them now then there is an article about fish and chips which you'll just have time to see.
I will be popping in from time to time to see what's happening but I look forward to coming home to blog land soon.
I am not quite The Terminator I thought I was - in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger . . . . . . "I WILL BE BACK!"


  1. Oh, Eddie!!! Everyone will so greatly miss you!!! And your words, and decision are so unnecessary!!!! But I am sure I speak with a loud chorus when I say we wish you all the best, and a proper many of us are in the same boat!!!! Take care of yourself, and we will all look forward to your wit and wisdom when you return! The sun shines less bright in blogland today as a result of your decision. Every one of us, your followers, will be so disappointed!! God bless you, my Brit bloggie pal! ~Janine

  2. Oh dear. That is a pity.
    You must get your rest. 2 am is rIdiculous time to be going to bed. I am fortunate that I can do my blogging in small sessions, though my better half does think I spend too long on the computer. However, he likes to sleep in front of TV, so each to his/her own, I say!
    Maybe it is the second blog that tipped the balance.
    Hope you will get back before too long. In the meantime, have a good rest!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Eddie, I haven't had the chance to get to know you but I do understand trying to juggle everything. It takes a great deal of time and effort to do it all. I find myself questioning things and shuffling things all the time. Balance is important. We'll be around when you're back. Enjoy life!

  5. WE'll miss you and hope you return soon.

  6. Just found you...I hope you get rest...but also extend yourself some grace!!! Sometimes halves is ok!! sometimes its all we have!!

  7. Hi Eddie.
    Going to miss your humour, and stories, and challenges. Hope you have a good rest and I look forward to your return. I hope you will let us all know when that is.
    I think also, us fellow bloggers, with have great empathy with your words, one can get a bit addicted, and once that happens, it starts to control you instead of the other way round. I too had to take 'myself in hand' and make sure it didn't interfere in my 'real' world.
    Wishing you all the best; you have a responsible job which you are committed to, and a private domestic life too.... all the balls can't be kept in the air at the same time.
    Love to you and yours.

  8. That's rather sad, when I've only just met you. I know what you mean about it taking over ones life though. I love singing in a choir and at practice today I found myself thinking 'I'd rather be blogging'! Dangerous.

    Anyway we look forward to 'seeing' you again some time.

  9. Time out is a good thing and real life must take priority. I never found any comment you made to be over the top or offensive, always polite and entertaining. See you after your break. Good luck, you do good work.

  10. Dear Ed,

    I believe you are too hard on yourself! Truly. I can't imagine you have offended anyone. Really? Did you, or are you just concerned? Oh dear, I feel bad to hear this, as maybe it was an oversensitivity on someone's part.

    I do hope you get some rest, regroup, and come back to blogging. We all need breaks sometimes. Take care of yourself and the ones you love. Your blog friends will be happy to see you whenever you return. That is the nice part of this world. we all get it! Life gets busy and sometimes we just get too tired.

    Happy summer! Perhaps I will see you in the fall. Be kinder to yourself.

  11. I enJOY your blog very much, Eddie and look forward to your return!

  12. I agree with Meredith of The Things Ce Carried, you may be a little too hard on yourself, because you could never be offensive.

    Like I said in an email (which perhaps you may have not received...) it takes a great deal of effort and time to blog. I myself have a very hard time juggling it all.

    Now you must replete, rest and dedicate yourself to your life. We'll be here waiting open-armed for your return to blogland.

    In the meantime, please stop by my place and collect a little thought I have there for you. It was planned days ago, but posted 1 hr ago (there's time management for ya).

    Ciao dear friend,

  13. What do you have to apologise for? You're one of blogger's gents. You entertain us regularly and now we'll have to wait for you to come back. Which you must of course. In the meantime, gather your thoughts, and remember we're here when you're ready to come back.

    CJ xx

  14. I have re read your post and I feel sure you would never offend anyone.
    You have a great sense of humour and seem a very kind gentleman.
    I am sure that you help to make the blogging world a better place. Follow your instincts. They will not let you down.
    Can't please all of the people all of the time!
    Hope you feel rested soon and look forward to your next post.

  15. oh! how sad, I just found you! ^_^ Well, I will be among those who will wait when you are ready to write again. So go and have fun, get your good night sleep(s) and chores done! We're just here, whenever you feel like coming back.

    PS. I will be popping here on your blog every now and then to see if you've already got something. haha just kidding! (no pressure)

  16. This universe is consuming and I have found that it is best viewed through a telescope rather than a magnifying glass. No doubt you will come back refreshed and with a different perspective. I wish you renewed health, better sleep, and laughter.

    By the way, I have not stayed away with any purposeful intent. I have been reading blog posts as they come up in my Google Reader and I usually read about ten of them two or three times a week. It just so happened your posts never came up...then I saw your recent comment and I made a point to stop by. You are always welcome at my site - pop in and out as time permits, and blog without obligation either as a writer or a reader. It is much more relaxing and keeps blogging enjoyable.

    Enjoy your vacation, my friend.

  17. Well, in the short time I've been reading you - and you me - I've come to think of you as an exemplary gentleman and a kind soul. Nothing here to contradict that. Recharge, come back strong, and I'll be happy to see you when you do.

  18. Sorry to read that you are feeling stressed.
    Wise move to take some time away from blog land as it's not going anywhere. Enjoy yourself.
    Having time out makes for a better blog.

    See you again soon
    Best wishes

  19. I respect your decision, but I, nay, WE, are all going to miss you.


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