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Saturday 14 November 2009

The Sunday Roast

Thumbelina Invites You Into Her Secret Worlds

This week's interview is with Thumbelina,
who writes the blog
Secret Worlds .

Thank you, Thumbelina

Here's the first of the standard questions. Why do you blog?

I come from a long line of thumb sized blog attempts. Some were not very good at this blogging lark and Tom Thumb ended up being an expert blagger instead. For a definition of blagging look here:
He started off small and would just blag his way into things but eventually he moved onto the other definitions of blagging. *sigh*
I try my best to not think about it.
So, blogging helps to block the memory out. I have gone from writing a huge number of posts a month to one or even.... none! But on the whole, I have managed (with the help of a large pointed umbrella being poked up my behind) to churn a post or too out here and there.

Have I answered the question yet? I'm not sure. Why do I blog? Well, I guess the main reason is because I like it. Unlike a lot of certain social networking sites (which I won't mention) I am comfortable with blogging. (I was never comfortable with blagging although I could do it. Definition #1 that is.) I am in control of my blog, and, (if I want to be) I am in control of who comments or visits my blog. So I feel safe-ish on the blogosphere where I can get viewpoints on my writing, my photos and generally care about what is going on for a heap of people I have never met but love dearly. They seem to care about me too!

What's the story behind the blog name?

I used to have a tiny tiny thumb-sized blog but nobody could see it. So I decided I had to get to the big sized blogs.
Then I used to have a much more transparent blog and name. People on the outside knew who I was on the inside. One day though, some one I thought was nice turned out to be not nice and would come and lurk and take information about me from my blog and use it on the outside to hurt my boy. So I moved and she moved. And I moved again and eventually, to cut a long story short, I found a secret hideaway which I call my Secret Worlds. It is my world inside the blogosphere and most of you know who I am, but the one on the outside doesn't and that suits me fine. So Secret Worlds it is and I am happy here. I can be as crazy as I like in here and it's all right because you know me.

What is the best thing about being a blogger?

The friends. Thumb sized ones and ordinary sized ones. No doubt about it - it's the people you 'meet'. Yes it gives creative outlets but without the feedback it means nothing. There are some of you out there that have followed me through 3 blogs (one private) to this fourth blog. That's friendship. Thank you thank you thank you. Outside people don't always get it but blog friendships are some of the best and most sincere friendships - perhaps because we have to make the effort and actually visit and reciprocate etc.... I dunno. I am not sure how it works - in theory it shouldn't - but it does. And blogging is about people. The people are the best thing ever about being a blogger. And none of them are thumb sized. Some are thumbnails, but not thumb sized.

What key advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

Don't try a thumb sized blog. No one will see it. And also....
This has been said before but I agree with it 95% : Be yourself.
I say 95% because you need to keep 5% back. Don't tell everything unless you want it on the news headlines. It is the world wide web after all. Also, when you start out, until you have found your feet and got comfortable with your blog persona and style, don't tell "friends" on the outside. Wait. You don't know yet what you want to blog. Learn from my mistake! Wait. That's the 5%. Give yourself the freedom to write what you want how you want. You can't do that if you know the neighbour is reading it.... But once you're sure (or it is a lifelong solid friend) then by all means... it's up to you who knows about your blog.

Also, in your own home, if you have a significant other, involve them even if they are not bloggers. My hubby knew from the start what I was writing - the post was always available for him - and who I was communicating with. I would tell him about these bloggers who commented and it has been the best thing I did as I have good friendships with many of them. There is no "blog jealousy" in our house. If I hadn't explained some of the comments or shared some of my blog friends' posts with him, it could have led to some jealousies and problems. (He is not the jealous type either.) So be 100% open about what you write and who you communicate with online in your home. My hubby knows Maggie, Daryl, Suldog, Hilary and Frank, David and all those others (yes and you Eddie!) almost as much as I do. That would happen with "real" friendships (he knows my friends but not as well as I know them) and that is what I made sure I had happen with these friendships. There is never a problem then visiting blogs or emailing . . .

What's the most significant blog post you've ever read?

Oh my goodness. I really cannot answer this one. There are so many blogposts that are significant for different reasons. I wouldn't want to single any out and couldn't either. What I will do is direct you to Hilary's blog where she has started linking to Posts of the Week following on from David's Post of the Day feature. If you visit that each Wednesday (ish) then you will definitely find significant posts. I promise you.

What's the most significant blog post you've ever written?

Probably this one and it isn't even on my blog!! Typical!

Okay - seriously, it is hard to chose because really it is YOU the reader who should decide that. But there are some that have meant a lot to me and have got my heart and soul in them. They show ME, warts and all, raw, vulnerable I guess, but also they show the people I admire. I have picked three and some of you out there will remember them -
one to my mum, one for my dad, and one about losing the most precious thing I could - myself. Apart from those three, I have numerous photo ones I am particularly proud of but these ones inparticular I like - The Portuguese Skywatch, and an earlier Skywatch, (that's yet another sunset) and The Box - a hilarious look at how a fat cat sits in a small box. Hilarious to me anyway. :0/ Finally (you see? I can't pick just one! There are so many that mean so much for so many different reasons!) If you want to read some fiction, I wrote two short stories. One is "The Last Day" and the other is called "Inseparable". Hope you enjoy those.

If you were going to pick two blogs for roasting, which two would you pick and why?

Again, it is hard to just keep it at two blogs and also trying to remember who has already been roasted! So I am going to say Frank at Baron It All. Frank posts every week or so, maybe more often, and is a keen fisherman. I am not a keen fisherman but he takes me (us) on quiet serene walks and has a wonderful sense of humour and irony. He also has a great dog called Benny and it has always been a real pleasure to visit this gentle man.

The second blog I would nominate is Laughing Wolf at Loopy Lair (Paws and Reflect). Laughing Wolf's blog is an absolute treasure chest of information and fun. He often copies stuff into his blog but it is nicely chosen and edited and inbetween these bits he has his own writings and thoughts. He always, (like Frank) always answers a comment in his comments and is another gentle man. I love sitting on this blog and learning stuff.

 Thumbelina screensave cropped


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  1. Thank you Eddie for giving my blog the exposure. I enjoyed doing the interview and I'm much happier on a bigger blog than the thumb sized ones.
    Take care.

  2. Lots of fun reading about your blogging history.

    Long Overdue

  3. Thanks Eddie, for introducing me to yet another "new to me" blogger. Can't wait to find out what this one is all about.

  4. Thanks so much for the introduction.

  5. Oh my giggly goodness... what a fun Sunday Roast! I love all the thumb-sized tongue-in-cheek pointers and pint sized wisdom. Super grand, if not in stature then surely in enjoyment!

    Thanks Eddie and Thumbelina!

  6. Wow! Thumbelina....... so pleased to see you this week being roasted and to see that I am mentioned on your Roast because you are and will always be a true friend.
    I think I have known all of your blogs and I know who you are. Might have missed the *bitty thumbnails!* though!

    Great interview Eddie and I loved reading these replies and will come back & look up all the links later!

    Nuts in May

  7. Wow! Great interview! You have a fantastic blog! I hadn't seen it before, can't understand how I missed it!


  8. This has been a really lovely Roast, and has given the best and most thoughtful advice to new bloggers I have read. I know because I had a go when it was my turn for roasting. Thanks Eddie for taking the time out to do this for us when you have enough on your plate at the moment.

  9. Thanks Eddie for another enjoyable interview. This weekly event has introduced me to some wonderful blogs I might never have visited otherwise!

  10. You certainly Roasted this young lady Eddie.

    I must say that you have filled David's shoes very well Eddie and jolly well making it a success, well done.

  11. 1:42 P.M. (EST)
    This girl is wise beyond her years. Her pointers are right on the mark; I went to her blog, and I enjoyed being there. She has a lovely blog.
    I listened to her U Tube (REM) of "Everybody Hurts"...and I couldn't agree more. Thank you for a great roast, Eddie. Again, you've done a superb job.
    Smiles from Jackie

  12. Just checking back to see what's up...and I see that somehow my comment didn't get posted...ARGHH!! I commented earlier today...have been having computer issues today...wonder how many other of my comments got lost today??? Sheesh!!!

    I can't wait to check out Thumbelina's blog!!! She may be "small" in her tales, but she has enormous wit and wisdom as evidenced in your roast!!! And the screen shot of her blog is gorgeous!!! So, I'll be off as soon as I leave here...

    And you, Sir Eddie, are doing a marvelous job as host!!!! I agree with imac!!!! You have risen to the challenge admirably, and have carried on with great success the traditional bloggie feast!!! You're superb, sir...simply superb!!! Three cheers and a toast to the British gentleman with the flashing blue eyes!!! Hugs, Janine

  13. Eddie, Thumbelina is a fine choice. We've been blog-connected for a very long time now - from my own early days, and she's a warm, funny, talented blogger. Thanks for sharing my pal with the rest of your blogging community. Nicely done!

    Thumbelina, it's great to see you and not have to squint! What a cute and clever thumb-sized idea. I'm so glad that you're here getting some due recognition for your always-welcoming blog. Thank you so much for the shout-out. You've placed me in fine and familiar company.. just like family, indeed. :)

  14. What a great roast, Eddie and Thumbelina! Really enjoyed meeting this "new to me", fellow blogger. On my way to visit, now! Keep up the good work, cher!

  15. Absolutely delightful interview. Thank you!

  16. Lovely person. I've followed her through at least two changes; don't know if I qualify for the three. In any case, nice choice, Eddie. And lovely job, as usual.

  17. Ah yes our Thumbelina is a tiny person with a huge heart ... a true friend and a total loon in the best possible way!

  18. We see things like-- I enjoy meeting so many new people through blogging too-- Like you and Eddie. Thanks for a great interview Thumbelina. I'll visit your blog soon.

    And thanks Eddie-- Great job.


  19. Oh gosh, I can so empathise with having to hold back on certain things, unfortunately some of my best posts have to remain unwritten - frustrating, but necessary, if I want my kids to have any friends left! And there is a certain neighbour who is a mine of hilarity - trouble is, it would hurt her to realise it. Shrug.

    A wonderful interview, thank you Eddie for carrying on the tradition, it's almost like old times!

  20. aww... thx for the nod, t! :)

    [if wuffs could blush thru all that hair, i would]

  21. very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one hear that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.


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