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Wednesday 12 May 2010

Home Improvements Taking Up Time

My wife and I were pondering moving home at the end of last year and wondered about 'down-sizing' (a well used and 'in' phrase here in England in recent times).

We looked at 15 newer houses and just did not like any of them. So I said to Mrs Bluelights, "Let's save ourselves a bomb on Estate Agent's fees and Solicitor's fees and 'do the place up' instead. So that is what we decided. We love the garden. We love the house. We love the locality and the neighbours - well the pretty ones anyway LOL.

But the house was looking 'tired' and needed some modernising. So we decided to renew the windows and doors except our beautiful wooden front door, renew a lot of carpets, and completely modernise the kitchen.

Before my hip replacement I managed to decorate two bedrooms and we had the double glazed windows renewed at the rear of the house. I was in a lot of pain with my arthritic hip but managed to complete the bedroom decorations just before I was admitted to hospital for my total hip replacement.

I am an agent for a local window company so we got a very good deal on the windows and they are high quality ones with all the latest benefits like fire escape openings, internally glazed units, partial opening locking mechanisms etc.

We have just had the front upstairs windows replaced and our bedroom recarpeted. Two neighbours were so impressed with the windows they want me to give them a quote - which is nice. Tomorrow we are having the remaining windows fitted in our largish lounge. We had to get things cleared away ready for the fitter, who I know very well. I expect I will hold a few things for him while he secures the windows.

As you can imagine we have been very busy here for a number of weeks and consequently I have been rather inactive in the blogging world, except for preparing roasts. which does take some time to do but I feel I must keep them coming.

It is now 12 weeks since I had my operation and I can walk around freely without using sticks but sometimes I get a 'twinge' of pain when I start walking - just for the first few steps, then I can keep going for over 2 miles. I'll tell you all about it in another post. I can jog a little as well - moderately for about 50 metres. Oh! and I celebrated this morning. I can poot on my left sock ny myself!! A giant step for Eddie, a small step for mankind!!

There were some heavy things to move today and I was very surprised how easily I managed to do it - like lifting one end of the piano and walking it with my son in small steps into our breakfast room.

It was then I got inspired to sit down and have a go on the Joanna as the East London Cockneys would say. I played some Bach, his Prelude No 1 from his 48 Preludes and Fugues and I was surprised that I got through with just a few mistakes. I have not played for 15 years. My son was gobsmacked since he has never heard me play. Then I tried my previous party piece, Prelude No 6 which I used to be able to rattle off beautifully. My fingers crashed all over the place but some of it was OK. Then a Mozart Sonata - if you get him wrong he is very unforgiving and it sounds awful. Then Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata - just the first movement. I used to be able to play it with no mistakes and I was a bit frustrated but quite pleased. If you foul up Beethoven you can get away with it much more easily than with Mozart. I could not find Chopin's Prelude No 2 which I used to play.

So to sum up I murdered Mozart, severely injured Bach and mugged Beethoven, all of which leads me to a question:

Q. What did Mozart do when he died?
A. He started decomposing! LOL

In conclusion I would like to publicly thank Marguerite for presenting me with this award.

You are such a 'sweetie' and I appreciate very much being one of your blogger buddies and I am grateful for the award which is proudly nailed to my side bar. I am supposed to nominate 10 blogging buddies and I shall do so in due course.

I do have a lot of posting ideas but time is at a premium at present. The ideas are just 'wizzing' around in my head at present LOL


  1. very cool at your progress...dont over do it...

    i am working on it next...smiles.

  2. Oh, are really doing the place up...Hope you are not climbing any ladders, however!! Tell Mrs. Bluelights to hold off on those projects for a little bit longer...LOL...You have a great many plates spinning, it sounds. Roasts, remodeling, murder and mayhem...sounds about right for Sir Eddie...LOL...

    But seriously, don't worry about us. We are enjoying the Sunday meals, and will await your posts patiently! Congratulations on the award from Marguerite! So well deserved! You are a wonderful friend to all who know you...a true gentleman! I am proud to call you my friend!

    Loved this post, btw. I enjoyed hearing all that you've been up to...didn't realize you played favorite instrument...and nothing more beautiful than classical piano! Bravo! Bravo! Encore! Encore! Hugs, Janine

  3. Sounds like a lot of work there Eddie! But it also sounds exciting. To "do" up the place so it looks brand new is wonderful. Especially modernizing the kitchen. That is always a plus.
    I am so glad to hear that you are doing so well physically. That is super news!
    Just don't get carried away. I think lifting the piano may constitute getting carried away a bit. Just be careful!

  4. Careful that you do do too much!

  5. That's quite a project. I replaced the windows in my older home - all 20 of them. But it was well worth it.

  6. Sounds like your surgery fixed up more than your hip!

    We've been talking about replacement windows for a while, but are reluctant to lose the beautiful wooden sashes....

  7. Oh Eddie...from one pianist to another: good on ya! I'm soooo glad that you sat down and tickled the ivories....and I imagine your son was 'gobsmacked' (love that word now....use it ALL the time!)...since he didn't know you played. (Love your humour (notice the spelling) about Mozart. I notice that you don't 'play' around with the are into some serious music, my friend. I'm impressed....verrry impressed!
    I'm glad that your hip is healing can run (jog)further than I can....and I don't have a bionic hip!!!
    I also love your term: sticks. I smile. We say 'cane'....
    I'm always glad to be here....and I thank you for your kind comments to me (and I can always count on your humour....yes, I can.) Be glad that the 'sag' hasn't reached your area...It's disgusting....absolutely disgusting. Wearing them in our school system is against the rules. If only the schools could run the 'streets' like we run the schools. Where are the parents?
    OK...I vented enough on my blog...I won't continue (more) here on yours!!! :)))
    Hugs and smiles to you, Eddie.
    As always, give Maria a hug for me, too.....

  8. Wow, sounds like a major project and re-do! I'm sure that it will all be worth it in the end. I am so happy that you are making such good progress, but no more lifting pianos, please! lol That is so cool that you play the piano and I hope that you get back into it. You are so very welcome, cher. The feeling is mutual and you are most deserving, mon ami! Hope that you will be posting some of those ideas that are "whizzing around in your head", lol soon!

  9. Eddie I am sure your home will look lovely when all is done. So happy for you both.

    Now that sounds like you are a real pianist.not.a.piano.player. I bet it was such a treat for your son to hear you and for Maria to be able and hear those songs again.

    It does sound as though your hip has really healed well, look at all you are able to do now, how wonderful.

    Have a great day......:-) Hugs

  10. I think it's a great idea to stay where you are and make improvements if you love your home. And it sounds like it's going to be quite beautiful. I hope you're taking some before pics so that we can see the changes. Glad to hear that you're improving, Eddie.. don't overdo though. :)

  11. Can't say I have accomplished as much in the past few weeks.
    You are such a brave 'soldier' Eddie, well done!
    Lovely post.
    Love Granny

    Te He, the word verification is...inflatin.... first time it is nearly a real word.

  12. Oh my, with all this going on you've still kept The Sunday Roast well and truely Roasting (yes, one day you'll get my "stuff" for it).

    Seems all this has been good exercise for your new wonderhip! Do keep up with your re-found piano playing abilities, you might even tempt me to get my alto saxophone out (I haven't played it since the sixth form back in 1981!!!).

    Pity my neighbour should I start again on the saxophone - Nope, he would get what he deserves with the noise from his electric Guitar. Hmmm - must check out where I can now buy saxophone reeds from .............

    Expect your re-developed home to look wonderful,

    Sending much care and love,

    Michelle and Zebbycat, xxx and purrrrumbles (loud and in a low, low pitch)

  13. ...And you play the piano!!!!! You never cease to amaze me Eddie.

    Sounds like your home is looking pretty spiffy and so are you. So glad your hip surgery went so well.


  14. Sounds like you've been very busy!

    I love reading about house remodeling. Please keep us posted!

    I sometimes wish I had the patience to learn the piano.

  15. If your house was tired beforehand then ours is EXHAUSTED by comparison!
    Hope it is going well & you are not overdoing it. Also hope the neighbours order the windows. Thinking of your commission.

    Good for you attempting the piano. We used to have some good musical times, didn't we?

    I shall be busy next week, but after that maybe we could meet up?
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  16. Just keep putting your best foot forward...

    word verification is 'missis' - hmm, let the missis lead when you dance and you'll be right!


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