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Thursday 7 July 2011

Blood Donation No 92!! Phew

It was time for me to visit Dracula's Castle again, as I do three times a year - this time for my 92nd blood donation.  I always say, "If  I make 100 then I will have a transfusion for a change." 

Up to that point the day had been quite uneventful - nothing to inspire a chapter in one's memoirs and I did all the preliminary things like answering the usual questions like, "If you are a man have you ever had sex with a man with or without a condom!" This question always elicits the same response of sheer revulsion every time I answer it, along with similar questions.  I can think of nothing in the whole universe I would hate to do more than this . . . but we all know the National Blood Transfusion Service have to ask these questions because of the tight controls necessary on HIV and trying to prevent spread of AIDS.  Similarly the questionnaire asked if I have ever had, or am descended from anyone who suffered from, CJD or "Mad Cow's Decease".  This unfortunate disease was rife 15 or so years ago in UK and for a while no-one dared eat beef.. The French in particular boycotted all our meat, including Lamb for ages and it affected our entire economy for years. Quite a number of unfortunate people contracted the decease which is not at all pleasant and invariably fatal.  Anyway,  with me declaring a definite no to all of these questions I was summoned into a room for an interview with a nurse who went through the questionnaire and proceeded to test my blood by pricking it with a needle and squeezing a drop into a green solution designed to test the iron content of my blood.  I have had only one failure during my donating life when the globulule floated but this time I watched it sink quite quickly to the bottom.  "OK! you're fine to donate!".

Another nurse escorted me to the donating area and I lay on the bed awaiting Count Dracula.  He was not there but the countess in the disguise of a doctor prepared my left arm for the dreaded needle after applying blood pressure to my upper arm.  When the needle is inserted in a vein it sometimes hurts a little, but more often than not all I ever experience is just a bit more than a prick. Some of my friends, all strapping great chaps, are terrified of needles, and have not the courage to come with me to donate blood. Anyway on this particular occasion she was very gentle with me - all I experienced was a slight prick and I said, "You can do it next time!", which elicited a smile.

Prior to this something new happened.  I was handed a card advising that to assist blood flow during donation it is recommended that we should crimp our buttocks on and off for the entire period.  I laughed myself silly at this and so did the nurse who said it always caused amusement.  As a joke I proceeded to ask, "Which ones, Gluteus Maximus, Gletueus Medius or Gluteus Minimus?" and continued that I had not the foggiest idea how to voluntarily control either of them!".  She howled with laughter.  Oh dear, Eddie strike again!  She said "Forget it, just pump your hand as normal!".

During the donation I noticed a lady next to me and a gent on the other side, all donating.  She looked at me and laughed and asked, "Forgive me for asking but I am wondering, can you do it? "No, haven't a clue!", I said and laughed out loud. "Neither can I, but I'm trying", said the chap in the next bed and he must have tried too hard because he promptly broke wind.  We were in hysterics. The nurse remarked that she regretted the day that this ridiculous card was issued as it invariably was responsible for causing a great deal of embarrassment.  I can see her point. Oh well, I suppose it gave us something to laugh about . . . . and material for my blog.  As a parting shot I did ask her if there was anything else I should practice before my next donation.  Good job she had a good sense of humour.

Normality returned, the donation was completed and a nice cup of hot coffee and biscuits were my reward.  I do it all again in September. Until then, my friends at the transfusion service.  You all do a great job.

Oh and by the way . . . . . can ayone out there do it?

"Do what?"

"Err . . . . . you hnow!" LOL


  1. Hi Eddie! Loved this tale of blood donation. (un)fortunately, I can't donate as I had Jaundice as a child, phew! I don't like needles, that was nearly the hardest part of giving birth for me, on all 3 occasions!
    Middle daughter, who has just turned 18, went off and gave her first donation last week, so proud of her.
    I was astonished to hear that they've stopped giving Guinness- it used to be a great way to get a free pint, LOl! She did get a bag, a badge and a can of Coke, and she was thrilled.
    Your lantern is cool!

  2. Sounds like you had a jolly good time at the blood bank! LOL Congrats on your 92nd! Well unfortunately, I faint at the sight of blood, and have a phobia of needles, so that leaves me out for donating! LOL And I have no idea how to "do it", either! LOL

  3. Congrats on the 92nd pinta!
    All those questions!
    I have had to fill in lots of forms recently and the one that always gets me is..... Have I ever been classed as *cross gender*!!!!
    I ask you!
    Looking forwatd to seeing you soon.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Congratulations and also a very big thank you because if it wasn't for people like you and my sister I would not be here today - I had to have transfusions after the birth of my son - so again, a very big thank you from me

  5. I'm thankful for the blood donors. And also secretly thankful that I', under the acceptable weight limit for donation because I'm a terrible needle phobe.

  6. This was another of your fantastic posts and I truly respect you for having donated 92 times! I am petrified of needles and even though it does not pain a lot, I can't stand the moment the needle is inserted and taken out!

  7. Oh my. That is the funniest story I have heard in a very long time! I think it was a ruse....a distraction so you wouldn't think of the needle pain. How very entertaining. Someone's going to pull a muscle...

  8. NINETY TWO!?!?! High five to you Eddie! That's fantastic.

    As for the "crimped buttocks"... Are you sure you weren't on Candid Camera?


  9. Good Lord, Eddie... 92! You're a saint.

  10. Wonder how many people in the entire world can boast of 92 donations? Not many, I'm willing to bet.
    I used to donate, though only once a year when the Red Cross came around to work, I'm ashamed to say. But since I've had cancer and developed extremely low blood pressure for some unknown reason, I can no longer donate. I have, though, been the lucky recipient of a couple of pints - maybe yours!

    Thanks Eddie!

    PS - may I suggest that the next time you have phone troubles, you take said phone between your buttocks and practice that exercise!

  11. Wow Eddie, donating blood is honorable. Many people never think of it until they are in need. Now for that other thing...I wonder if it is like performing kegal exercises?

    Thanks for visiting my blog today.


  12. Thanks so much for joining the Tuesday Train!! I'm following you back!

    Loved your story about donating blood. I'm one of those sorry few that are DEATHLY afraid of needles - to the point where I neglect my own health. Wish I was better because I truly believe that donating blood saves lives. It's wonderful that you have done so much to do so.

    My husband is a paramedic - what I assume is equal to being an ambulance man - and I am very proud of him. It's a very hard profession and I feel, under appreciated until you find yourself in the position of needing one.

    Anyway - thanks for stopping by. I look forward to getting to know more about you.

    PS - Yes I can.

  13. Hi Eddie! 92 donations is amazing!! Way to go!! :)

    I'm stopping by from the Super Stalker Sunday Hop! Thanks so much for joining us and be sure to join us again this weekend!

    Have a great day,
    Kortney's Krazy Life

  14. Thanks for following me at Organic planet:

    You have a great blog! I am now following you back :)

  15. no. 92? wow...!!!
    love the humour! lol

    found your blog at I ♥ Blogging Hop and am now following you.
    yes, seriously. :D

  16. Thank you all for your comments and welcome all my new followers.

    Mimi ~ Shame you got jaundice and cannot donate. Understand about the needles - I just try to think of something else. Did you really have Guiness? We used to have beer after but this was before my time. Glad you like the lantern. My good friend Jinksy did it for me.

    Marguerite ~ Understand fully why you hate the needles. Glad someone else can't do it . I was beginning to get an inferiority complex LOL A few of my new followers have already declared they can do it LOL . . . and I think I have discovered the solution today LOL

    Eva ~ new to me too when I saw it LOL

    Maggie ~ Forms have a habit of asking stupid questions.

    Rae ~ Thanks for the comment from your perspective. It is wonderful that we are able to help in this way.

    Secret Woman Agent ~ Needle phobia is understandable.

    Tranquility Speaks ~ Thanks for the valued compliment.

    Betsy ~ Glad you liked it and I just love to make you all laugh.

    Joanna ~ Thanks and no it wasn't candid camera but understand why you said it.

    Jane ~ Thanks and glad to see you back.

    Ethel ~ Thanks and you made me laugh with your suggestion. Poor telephone!!

    Marsha @ Banana Moments ~ Thank you for folling and I am following you back. You might say my story was a banana moment LOL

    Nikki @ Chef In Training ~ Thanks for following and nice to meet you, as with all my new followers. I am following you back.

    Donna ~ Thanks for following, I am following back. No I was not a qualified paramedic. I entered the service quite late in a private company and wasengaged in Patient Transport, mainly taking renal patients into Dialysis. Glad you can do it LOL

    Kortney ~ Thanks for following and I am following you too.

    The Queen Of Green. Thanks for following and the nice compliment. Am following you back.

    MyMy ~ Thanks too for following and glad you like my sense of humour. Plenty more where thayt came from. Following you back.

    Blogsville ~ Hey there all you bloggers in cyberspace. Where are you all? Come on!! I won't bite and I've had my breakfast LOL

  17. Hello Eddie, thanks for stopping by our Terrific Thursday Blog hop! The blog hop is not closed, you were looking at Blog Hop week #22 (last Thursday), we are on week #23(This Thursday). Stop by again and join us! :)


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