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Friday 30 September 2011

Fancy Helping Me To Save The Sunday Roast?

Situations Vacant - The Sunday Roast Chief Exec requires Three Directors

Now you don't see plum jobs like these advertised very often, do you? So please read on and snap them up quick before these opportunities vanish for ever. It's a red hot chance for you to give folk a right royal roasting, just like you've always wanted to. Now I've had a bit of fun doing this post but actually I do require some help, be it large or small.  It might appeal to someone out there who has some spare time on their hands, who likes to get their teeth into a project and have loads of fun along the way.
So here is my imaginary job advertisement:

Three Directors Urgently Required to save The Sunday Roast

The current Chief Executive is stepping down to Director level and therefore invites three willing and tireless bloggers to form a team, with him as a fourth equal partner, in order to keep this popular flagship column on track and alive.  It is a top class column and it could become very popular.

Applications are welcome from anyone with at least one, or preferably several, of these highly desirable personal qualities:

They must have an outstanding sense of humour and be a bit cheeky
They must be slightly insane, just like Eddie
Must be a masochist and enjoy burning and turning people on the spit
They must have a vivid imagination
They must be witty and charming, just like the existing Chief Executive who is able to charm the birds out of the trees, of course
They must have the ability to extract information from their victims clinically and decisively
They must display a real hunger for running themselves into the ground for the good of the column
They must be capable of identifying, pursuing and relentlessly hunting down their prey when striving to find seemingly reluctant new 'roastees'
(They all end up loving it really but some at first pretend to be a bit shy)
They must be expert inquisitors/ torturers and never let their screaming quarry off the hook until the interview is safely received
They must be able to work well as team players
(Successful candidates will be invited to contribute to and discuss a Business Plan to re-launch the column)
Finally, they must not allow themselves to get despondent when they see few comments on their interview

In addition, it would be desirable for candidates to display willingness to:

Promote The Sunday Roast to the best of their ability throughout BlogLand using their proven Sales and Marketing experience
Suggest and implement new and more effective ways of spreading the good news of The Sunday Roast
(Like Twitter and Facebook etc.)

Successful applicants will be rewarded with this unbelievable remuneration package:

Salary: £0
Holiday Entitlement: Nil
Pension: Zero
Private Health and Accident Insurance: None
Company Car: None

Also wanted: an infinite number of Spies and Scouts
with the specific duty of finding and reporting new roasts.  Must have a press-gang type personality to encourage/bully new roasts to participate. Successful applicants could easily grow into the job and become members of the Board of Directors.

Applications will be seriously considered for brave or foolhardy individuals who wish to make a solo friendly or hostile takeover of the column, seeing themselves as a White Knight in shining armour seated on a fiery steed.
(But take it from me folks, this job is too big for just one, I think)

My fee for transfer of all private equity and hand over of the feature lock, stock and barrel will be as follows, should your application be successful:

If you are a lady - a romantic candle-lit dinner for two at a venue of your choosing, provided you pick up the tab LOL

If you are a man - an unromantic, dinner for two at McDonald's in broad daylight. I'll buy you a hot dog


Seriously folks I just cannot manage to keep it going by myself. I have done over 60 roasts since I took over from David.  I am sorry it has all come to a halt - I really enjoyed doing it but I just have not the time anymore.  I think it would be great fun if several of us teamed up and shared the work and in that way no one person would be under pressure to get the interviews out week after week.  Come on then, step forward, advance and be recognised and let's get this thing on the road again.  I have a few ideas as to how we can work together on this, and would invite suggestions from you.

Here is my email address:

Incidentally I do have some roasts in the oven but they surely must be incinerated by now - just like my cooking! LOL

I wonder if I may ask The Sunday Roast enthusiasts to display my advertisement somewhere in a prominent position on their blogs, perhaps you might consider it worthy of a special post - thank you.

For those who have not the foggiest idea what The Sunday Roast is please press HERE

I would be very interested to read your comments. Do you want to see it continued?  Or do you think it has run it's course?  I shall not be offended whatever the answer.


  1. wish i could help you brother but i have my own dealio to run with the poetry community...

  2. OK . . . and understood Brian and good luck with it. Best wishes

  3. And payment?Sunday Roast?:)

  4. Dzoli - I've added a link on the post which explains what The Sunday Roast is. Please press HERE on the penultimate line of the post if this is of interest.

  5. oh Eddie, I wish I could help with it, but I can barely manage to keep my life on the rails at the moment. I just don't have enough hours in the day, or days in the weekend...
    The Sunday Roast is a brilliant thing, and I really hope some people can come forward. I had such fun being roasted a couple of years ago. I do agree re the amount of work entailed, it is too big a commitment for one.
    Anyone out there???

  6. Mimi - Thanks for your encouragement and your interview was great fun. If the worst comes to the worst I shall just put all on hold - I just cannot axe this brilliant column.
    I know you are a busy lass and quite understand. It seems right now that everyone in BlogLand is busy and that is part of the problem.
    Cheers and hugs ~ Eddie

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I'm in Eddie. As scouts and whatever you need me to do that could help.

  9. Ocean Girl - Thanks, great that you can help. Lets see how this all pans out.

  10. I vote keep her going for sure!!
    I will help where ever you need me Eddie!! It is a lot for one person to do...but a team would be great!!
    Let me know

  11. The Sunday Roast is what brought me to your blog, and I would hate to see it leave. (I always hoped I would get 'roasted' one day!)
    I do not possess many of the required skills for the job, and (as you can tell from my rather infrequent blogging lately) time IS scarce these days, but if I can assist in some small way, it would be my pleasure.
    xoxoxo, cd

  12. SueAnn - Thank you and a big hug to you. I know you have always been enthusiastic about the SR and you have been a faithful follower of the column. I think if we get a few more players involved we can work something out between us. Let's see what response we get. Thanks again, Eddie x

  13. Clare - Thanks me dear! I am encouraged so far and I too would hate to see the column spiral into oblivion.
    So you want to be roasted, do you? LOL.
    Well how can I resist? You're on!!
    And as for your volunteering your services, well I am sure there will be some things I could ask you to do to lighten the load. Thank you very much for offering. Let's first see what the toatl response is so we can get a hold on the big picture.
    Hugs ~ Eddie

  14. Sorry I can't volunteer because of lack of skills and and not being able to make any firm commitments right now because of health problems. I am living one day at a time and that is not good enough for the job.
    I would be very sorry to see the Sunday Roast go up in flames. I am still waiting to see the people I recommended when you roasted me and it would be lovely to have Clare Dunn on the spit!

    Hope you get enough firm commitments.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  15. Maggie - I quite understand abd perhaps I should have made it clearer that I am asking those only who might have some time on their hands and would otherwise be twiddking their thumbs X

  16. It is a really great feature. But I just had to take a break from all blogging for a couple of weeks and am now down to a much reduced schedule. The whole single mom/ running a business/dealing with health issues life just doesn't lend itself to increasing commitments!

  17. Secret Agent Woman ~ Thanks for your positive opinion about the SR.
    I fully understand that you are too busy with 'life' and have to take a break from blogging, let alone doing SR work. My post is aimed at people who have some time available. Thanks again ~ Eddie

  18. Eddie, I would like to help out if I can - I was inspired by your interview format to create my own version of interview so I think I'm qualified to do some editorial work: grammar, spell check and such...let's see how we can create a team to keep the Sunday Roast going!!

  19. The Creative Beast ~ Monica, thanks very much for the nice things you say about the SR and for your enthusiasm and for your kind offer to help. I think it would be great if you could help with the preparation/editing of the roasts as they come in. That would clear the way for me to add my bits and pieces and present them. We have a number of offers now to help and I am sure we can work it out together how we can do it. I think if we can get one more major player on board we can all together get this going without burdening one person too much. Thanks again - I will be in contact when we get all the input from others who may wish to take part - Hugs ~ Eddie

  20. I really hope that the Sunday Roast carries on. It was an absolute pleasure to be interviewed and I hope you get enough people to help out. If I had more time I would certainly be offering myself up as a sacrificial lamb!

  21. Happy Frog ~ Yes we had some fun didn't we on your roast. I think if I get just one main partner plus all the good people who have offered to help so far, we can keep this feature going. But we must all try to publisize it and make it more popular. When a lot of comments come through on a roast it is very uplifting and spurs one on, but when it is poorly received it is a bit demoralising. Let's see how it all pans out. Hugs ~ Eddie

  22. Oh gosh. I remember how much this meant to me when I was hobby blogging and falling apart inside. Since my new life I never have enough time, but The Roast was a beautiful slice. I hope someone picks it up. Thanks for your work on it.


  23. She Writes - Thanks Amy - means a lot to me what you said. I think we can just keep it going now and certainly can if someone could share it with me. One would actually be enough, but maybe two would be ever better. Three was always going to be optimistic.

    btw. Have you payed Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No 2 lately? Remember (our fav tune LOL) Remember The Grand National horse race when Sir Bluelights rescued you? Great fun!) Hugs ~ Eddie

  24. Eddie, I am blogging only sporadically due to some changes that have occurred in my life, but it appears that you have some volunteers there from the comments. I hope this roast continues because I so enjoyed it. You are such a wonderful friend and host, and you've done a fabulous job. You deserve a medal as does David before you!



  25. The Quintessential Magpie - Sheila, thank you so much for your very encouraging comment. I enjoyed doing your roast very much after I finally caught the right Magpie. Golly you were so elusive and I almost wore my Magpie net out trying to catch you!! LOL. I remember your's was very well received with zillions of comments - just what I like. The Sunday Roast is great fun to do - perhaps I should take some advice from a dear blogging friend and take an everlasting course of muti-vitamins LOL. Either that or clone myself. But as you say several lovely people have volunteered to help and thatr would make a difference. Hugs, my friend ~ Eddie

    PS One more 'biggy' volunteer!!

  26. Eddie - I love The Sunday Roast, both your version and David McMahon's, and I hope it will continue for a long, long time. I consider myself blessed to have been featured, and I know that many of my current readers are with me because of my being roasted!

    I can't offer help at this time (other than the link which I have always had on my sidebar, and which I hope brings in a few readers) but perhaps in future I'll find a bit more free time.

    Thank you so much for keeping it going, and for caring. Despite our past "battles", you know I consider you a good man and a friend.

  27. Suldog ~ Oh dear, I've a lump in my throat!! So many nice comments - how can I pull the plug on the SR? I shall take my multivitamin tablets, have early nights with lashings of sleep, get super fit, and do what I always do when pushed, think of Tara like Scarlet O'Hara, she got her strenght from that, yes that's where I shall go, 'cause after all tomorrow is another day! LOL. Sorry about that bad Gone with he Wind parody LOL.
    Jim, thank you for your kind comment and for placing my roast message on your side bar. Whenever you would like to be a guest Sunday Roast presenter just holler and we can arrange something I am sure. And if anyone out there would like to be a guest SR presenter I would be happy to work something out - but you must find your own 'roastee'.
    I think you have all voted to keep the SR so it will continue, hopefully soon.

  28. Well, there you go, Eddie! You've got your volunteers all lined up and now all you need are some roastees. LOL Loved this post, especially "they must be a bit cheeky and they must be slightly insane, just like Eddie". LOL You are such a hoot and I wish you and your co-roasters all the best! Cheers!

  29. Marguerite ~ LOL - well thank you cher and I have just one more thing to say so you on this subject, along with Brian Miller,
    It must be, what, now? Two Years! LOL
    Oh Lawdie me! . . . and bless my sanity. A record. Perhaps one day you and he may surprise me.
    Cheers and I really enjoy a bit of banter. Slightly insane, indeed! LOL

  30. LOL. Sorry, Eddie

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu;

    Comfort Spiral

    / )

    > < } } ( ° >


  31. Coudia ~ Thanks and nice to see you

  32. Eddie! My my!!!...look at these comments. :))
    Ask and you shall receive.
    It looks like you had not because you asked not. :))
    Good to see all the great responses, my friend. I hope that you will continue the Roast.
    Smiles....lotsa those.
    P.S. Have you seen my glasses?

  33. Teacher's Pet - Jackie, thank you and I am impressed and blessed by all these comments and offers of help. Hoping for just one partner and with all the helpers I think it will be much easier to keep the SR going.
    Thank you for your smiles.
    Oh! your glasses are ON YOUR HEAD!! Now don't make a specracle out of yourself! LOL Bye for now and hugs ~ Eddie


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