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Tuesday 27 September 2011

Six sent off following underpants row

Get this folks!!

I had to laugh when I heard this story on our local radio station this morning, so I thought you might like a little giggle too.  It concerns a youth football match and the almost unbelievable action by the referee when he sent off no less than five players for, wait for it, wearing the wrong coloured underpants.  And, get this, the manager was sent off too!  No wonder the team lost 6-0.

Here is full the story. Courtesy of The Bath Chronicle newspaper.
A youth game descended into farce after Bath City's youth team had five players and their manager sent off following a row about underpants.

Darren Adie, refereeing the contest against Newport County, contentiously ruled that some of the Bath team's underwear contravened the official rules.
The FA's rule 4 says "if thermal undershorts are worn, they are of the same main colour as the shorts."

Several players fell foul of the ruling, wearing white pants which were visible under the club's red shorts.
That said, the match was 20 minutes old before the issue came to a head.
Defender Billy Cooper was sent off first, with manager Billy Clark following for dissent at the decision, before Ciaran Rogers, Zemell Burton, Ben Bicknell and Lewis Pierre all saw red and were given their marching orders.
Despite that, the Bath Chronicle report that Bath City believe that even after the red cards, there were still players on the pitch on both sides who were technically in breach of the rules but remained on the pitch throughout.
Unsurprisingly, Bath City went on to lose the Youth Cup tie 6-0, with the first goal scored while two of their players were off the field, changing.
Bath City chairman Manda Rigby described the parents who saw the game as "distressed and angry," and said that referee Adie had locked himself in his room after the game. (spoil sport !)
‘"It was farcical - I have never seen anything like it before," she said.
‘"I was in total disbelief."
Bath managing director Paul Williams added: "It was all very surreal. I was angry with the officials.
"Every team has to submit a report about the officials to the FA. Let's just say ours is a very long report."
A spokesman for the FA said it was looking into the incident together with the Welsh FA, who supplied the match officials.
Newport County secretary Mike Everett, meanwhile, said he would not be making a similar complaint about the standard of refereeing. (I wonder why!)  "I understand that the initial problem was regarding incorrect undergarments," he said. "The referee made his decisions. There's not a lot I can add." (He might have added, "Thanks ref for helping us to win 6-0")

* * * * * * * * *

Back to me:
Apparently, as I heard on the radio this morning, the team was issued with an away strip minus underpants and the players were expected to provide thermal underwear at their expense.  Pity no-one told them which colour to buy - and wasn't the club stingy? Why did they not provide the full kit?

I cannot believe why the ref allowed this to happen. Why did he not inform the players before kick off and not after 20 minutes play?  And why bother to do it anyway?  It would not have affected play in the slightest.

It would serve the officials right if the team elected to play wearing no underpants and hope their modesty remained intact.  I guess it would help them to maintain their modesty if they read my highly popular post, titled "How to remove your underpants without removing your trousers" .  But this would in all probability be so exciting that everyone would want to try it, including the referee and the spectators, thus ruining the game further.

Let's hope their next game is not quite so PANTS!

Oh! and just in case you think the chap in the photo is me, like one commenter, who's name shall not be mentioned LOL, well even I would not admit to that LOL. Except, of course, I played rugby, not football LOL.


  1. Yes yes I had to laugh.An thought immediately would this referee survive wven teh opening of match of Nude Blacks (rugby palyers thet play all nude for a good cause).Here:

  2. Never know what one will find when one clicks on Eddie's blog...but know this: it will be enlightning and almost always entertaining.
    Who is the official "underwear" checker?? Wouldn't that be the job of the year??? :)) Sigh.
    Thanks, my friend...another wonderful post!!!!

  3. Ah, it is so good to know that lunacy is a worldwide phenomenon. I get too accustomed to the USA's idiocy. Thank you Eddie, for yet again offering a touch of the absurd. (I may not comment, but I follow.)

  4. Oh frustrating for that team! If it wasn't a problem for the first 20 minutes, then what was the problem? I say if he let the game begin that way, then it should have continued.

  5. Hmmm, playing with the wrong colored underpants for 20 minutes, then calling a foul on only ONE team sounds awfully suspicious to me!!

    If I said the referee was distracted by so many players wearing the wrong color undies, that might imply his focus was on something else altogether!! =-O!

    Thanks for sharing this one Eddie! I needed a good giggle =-D

  6. my mom always told me underwear was important particularly is going to the hospital but...this takes that a little far...ack talk about a game changer...

  7. Where does one apply for the position of underwear checker?

  8. At first, I thought that you were going to say that the guy in the pic was you! LOL You never cease to entertain us, Eddie, and this post is hilarious! You crack me up! LOL Cheers!

  9. I guess I should be laughing here...but actually I am mad!! What a terrible thing to happen to a team. How much did the team pay him that won??? I mean, seriously

  10. I wonder if the ref is a Newport supporter Eddie. Or is that me just being cynical? Shocking!

  11. [The following should be heard as though Victor Meldrew is saying it.]


    We have a rule in one of the ball leagues I play in over here that the pitcher's uniform shirt must match his team's shirt. That would seem like a no-brainer, but many pitchers, for whatever reason, often wear a different shirt. Nobody has ever been tossed from a game because of it. I expect the first time it does happen, the rule will be gotten rid of before the next game!

    Silly bastard of a referee to put strict adherence to a clothing rule before the fun and sport of the game being played!

  12. Was wondering if those were your legs!

    We did watch that ridiculous piece which made the headlines on TV. What a load of rubbish. If they are so concerned about the colour of their underwear...... then they should have provided them with the necessary kit. A man needs to cover his modesty in a comfortable way and those silly little shorts are far too short! Mad!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  13. The referee was maybe a fan of the other team or had a family member on the other team? Too bad things like this detract from the fun of playing team sports.


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