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Friday 23 May 2014


Well - I have been dreading this all week!!!  

 My natural shyness would normally prohibit me from adhering to your most persistent and insistent badgering, which I have been receiving all week, since my last post!!

Eventually I caved in !!!

I just knew this would happen!!!

So I took a deep breath and got into my banana skin once more . . . . just for you!!
The things I for for my fellow bloggers.

You really ARE an inquisitive lot!

Your natural curiosity can be categorised into five distinct sections:

1.  Q. How do you manage to walk without falling over?
A. On my feet, they are on the end of my legs, you silly people!

2. Q.  How can we tell whether you are right way up or upside down?
A.  Stand on your heads and if I don't look right do a 180 degree flip!

3.  Q. Will you break if you sit down?
A. Some hopes sitting down in this lot besides I would not risk it!

4.  Q. Has anyone ever said, "I want to eat you!"
A.  I shall refrain from answering this question!!

5. Q.  What do people say to you when you meet them in the street?
A.  Oh! a whole range of things like:

Are you going to live to a RIPE old age?
How do you bend down to untie your shoe laces?
Can you stand on your head?
Can you run faster than a monkey?
Do you hang out with a BUNCH of guys?
When you enter a grocery store do the ladies try to buy you first?
Can I unzip you?
Do you ever go green with envy?
Have you ever had a fight with a cucumber?
Would you feel like a cannibal if you ate a banana?
Have you ever forgotten to do up your zipper?
Has your zip ever broken?
Has anyone ever confused you with a satsuma?
Have you ever been booked for acting like a suspicious character?

 . . . oh and many others!

The remaining comments are quite unprintable!

(A more sensible post next time - I promise)


  1. ha. i would def rock a banana suit...
    though i imagine that my students would have a field day
    with double entendre just saying....

    i dont want to think of the questions
    they might

  2. Thinks:- I have to mash a large banana when I make banana muffins...Promise never to approach you while holding a fork! LOL

    1. Thanks Pen, I am so pleased there is at least one person who would finish me off in such a humane way . . . . . lol

  3. Oh Eddie, I love it. You always add some humour to my day when you post! Now, I just have one more question, are you going to wear it on the bus tomorrow!

    1. Amy, I wish I could wear it on the bus tomorrow, but someone has eaten it!!! LOL

  4. You do look very appealing. :)

    1. Thought I might look like a boomerang so I would always come back to you! :)

  5. Perhaps you have a future in still life!

    A costume he dons
    Fetching in yellow
    A sight to behold
    A most mellow fellow

    The kids may laugh
    The grown-ups jeer
    But Eddie is brave
    He has no fear

    He drives a bus
    If you’re on his route
    Don’t be afraid
    Of the dazzling fruit


    1. Oh what a squeeze! lol
      I'll think of a reply verse tonight!
      I'm about to drive my bus - gosh where did I put that banana shin? LOL :)

    2. I'm so glad I'm not a pear
      If I was people would stare
      With every movement I would melt
      And lose firmness beneath my belt
      I'd turn into a nasty mess
      A pool on floor I would guess.

      I might fair better as an apple
      If these thoughts I could grapple
      I would be strong and be not leak
      And roll about where're I'd seek.

      But I much rather be banana.
      Not a plum or a sultana
      Or orange or a silly grape
      So let people stand and gape!

    3. Yes, a banana is right
      Fits to a tee
      No other would do
      For our suave Eddie


    4. So Suza you're so clever
      Now this is going on for ever!

  6. Well, I think you look a proper nana, as Bruce Forsyth would say... or was that Bernard Cribbins? .... or was it....? Oh well, can't remember who said it, but has anyone ever wanted to unzip you? hehehe

    1. "Well, I think you look a proper nana"
      That's the most sensible thing anyone has said to date. Not sure who said it though.
      I am shocked at your question - I really am! But you would be more shocked by my answer!! hahaha

  7. and you are a reipe banana Eddie?? haha
    I love your new header beautiful flowers!

    1. Thanks Gloria - so do you think you could use me in one of your recipies! If so please do not cut me into little slices otherwise each one would grow into a full sized Eddie Banana and soon the whole world would be overun with Eddies all teasing any Glorias they can find.

      Yes the header is a view from our front garden of our Magnolia Tree. We (or I now) have been at our house for 32 years and the tree was well established then. This is the first year I have photograhed it :)

  8. I love magnolia tree is beautiful!

    1. Thank you Gloria - it matches your eyes!! lol
      Thanks for stopping bye - can you entice a lot of other nice people here! Plenty of banana and cucumber sandwiches! lol
      Seriously I do love that Magbolia Treee.

  9. I've had to make myself a banana sandwich, after reading this post.

    1. LOL - Hope it gave you lots of energy for dancing! LOL

  10. I wouldn't be seen dead in that. If I met you in the street dressed like that I would have to pretend that I don't know you (which I don't, thank God!).

    1. I can see you don't like bananas!! ROFL
      But why say you would pretend you do not know me, and pass on by on the other side? How rude!
      All I can say if I saw you dressed as a cucumber I would tell everyone I could see you don't like bananas and to ring the race relations board!!

  11. Eddie, you are definately bananas!

  12. Oh, you're a slippery one, for sure!
    Jane x

    1. lol . . . better not slip on the banana skin . . . :)


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