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Saturday 18 September 2010

The Sunday Roast

Jumbo Output By Gumbo Writer - With Still Some Time To Blog
Or. . . perhaps we could say,


This delightfully funny Cajun gal told me when I invited her onto my roasting spit, "I'd be most honored to appear on your Sunday Roast . . . . as long as you use a pinch of cayenne when putting me on to cook," to which I replied, "It's a done deal."

It's very opportune right now to roast her because she has just celebrated her second anniversary as a blogger. Many congratulations from us all.  And she is one of a small band of brave bloggers mad enough to present Suldog with an award. Jazz is another, Lime is another, plus your's truly.  Giving Suldog an award is like diving into a lion's den.

This week's interview is with Angie Leadbetter
who writes the blog, Gumbo Writer .

I took some info from Angie's blog profile which is of great interest.  She is Co-Publishing Editor of Rose And Thorn Journal. She is a writer, editor and sometime poet. When not wrangling her family life, she enjoys working on her women's fiction novel and other writing projects. She loves communing with others across the Blogosphere.

Thank you for the interview, Angie

A very warm welcome to you and your followers

When I told Angie her roast was ready for posting today she said, "Oh boy! I wish I could send each reader a mini-bottle of Tabasco so they could enjoy the roast in true Cajun style. LOL. Oh and thank you for inviting me - it was a hoot - I've got my asbestos drawers on so fire up the pit!"

Here's the first of the standard questions. Why do you blog?

I blog because I love the connections you can make in the Blogosphere. Yeah, there are some nutballs and alien life forms out there, but the vast majority of bloggers I’ve “met” have been just the best people. They’re willing to learn and share what they know about writing, cooking, whatever interests them. I started blogging when my beloved mom first became ill, and it became like an anchor of normalcy for me. The last six months or so, I’ve dropped down to blogging part time as other writing projects have eaten up my free time, but I still love it and the stories of the people behind the blogs.

(There are some great people in BlogLand and I am fortunate to know some very well)

What's the story behind your blog name?

Gumbo Writer was the name I came up with because it says a lot about how I feel about life. Gumbo, being a hodge podge (a little dis, a little dat) of ingredients that somehow makes a wonderful, hearty meal to satisfy a lot of tastes, is a staple of the Cajun diet. It also represents our Louisiana culture – a great blending of a nice variety of different faiths, tastes, races, abilities, ancestries, etc. And since I’m a writer who wears a lotta different writing hats…Gumbo Writer kinda fits.

What is the best thing about being a blogger?

It’s all about the connections and friendships and interesting stuff served up by others.

What key advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

Fiddle around with your blog until you find the things that work for you. Read lots of different blogs, learn from others, blog with the idea of what you can share with others, and you won’t be disappointed by what you get in return. Blog about your passions – that way, you’ll always be interested in what you’re posting.

(Great advice, Angie)

What is the most significant blog post you've ever read?

Too many to recall or mention, Eddie, but there’s been some real winners (or “wieners” in this case) over at Suldawg’s place, otherwise known as Jim Suldog. (Oh…he’s gonna hurt me for mentioning his name here!)
Friend and fellow writer Kathryn Magendie and Roni Griffin have posted some true nuggets on the writing life too. Here’s a recent post at Rose & Thorn Journal’s blog Kat wrote, if you want an example: Ms. Pickie Persnickity....That's Me by Katie Magendie.
And Roni’s blog: Fiction Groupie .
And who doesn’t know the whackadoo VodkaMom with her 1600+ followers?
Okay, I’ll stop now before I go crazy with mentioning more stellar bloggers out there!

(Thanks for these, Angie, I will approach them plus your other recommendation)

What is the most significant blog post you've ever written?

Hmmm, don’t know that any I’ve written are really significant, but my author interviews and contests have been popular. Oh, and the Ledbetter Lunacy Chronicles, linked to Episode 14.
My Tasty Tuesday recipes get good responses, as do the Politically Incorrect Jokes (Redneck, Boudreaux & Thibodaux, Blonde, Fun with Photos, etc.) Besides writing/editing, I guess that encapsulates the gist of Gumbo Writer – food, fun, family, friends, faith -- the 5 F’s. (That’s copyrighted, y’all, so don’t steal it!) LOL

(Like the 5 Fs, Angie)

If you were to suggest two blogs for roasting who would you pick, and why?

 Any of those mentioned above would taste great on the Bluelights BBQ. Crazy ol’ Suburban Sanity is another great candidate: an example post being, Where Did I Get That Brain?

(I asked Suburban Sanity once before - must invite her again)

That concludes the formal aspect of the interview but it would be nice to get to know you a little better while you are slowly turning on the roasting spit. So while you are screaming in agony above the open fire here are a few more questions for you.

Pick three things you can't live without.

Coffee, writing, good friends…not necessarily in that order.
(See, I can take the heat, and drink that hot nectar of the gods right along with it!) hehe

(Yes, I see you can take the heat but do you know if these gals can? I wonder if your sister, whom you mention later, blogs! . . . and of course I know another Cajun gal, Marguerite, who is currently on question 2 of her roast after 10 months!! LOL)

If we were to make a movie about blogland, what would it be and who would you cast in the leading roles?

Gark! That’s a hard question. Okay, as I’m prone to do, I’ll just take the easy shortcut! I’d cast the bloggers mentioned in the major roles, and put myself and a ton of others (except ol’ Colby Marshal and her love of the nasty feline critters ) in the supporting roles. [See the vid called “Angie Hates Cats” I “won” from Colby here: ]

(Sorry Angie, cannot find the link to the cats mention - I'll amend if you let me know)

How’s that? Said movie would be a crazy conglomeration full of alliteration, strange symbolism, lots of strange people hunched over their keyboards trying desperately to commune with their muses. There’d be flying monkey-cats (a la The Wizard of Oz), frightful zombies, long bouts of hysterical laughter, and in the end…all the hardworking writerly folks would be whisked off to Emerald City to have lunch with the Mad Hatter in Oz, and be awarded superhero-type agents, book contracts with huge publishing houses while the sky rained silvery glitter over their heads. Oh, and all the struggling parents’ children would be in attendance and on best behavior, with love and support shining from their teary eyeballs, as the winners from this season’s Top Chef served them a scrumptious banquet. There’s also a cameo appearance by the divine Gloria Swanson in her Sunset Boulevard garb, asking Max to zoom in for her close-up. *clap clap clap* Eddie Bluelights, natch, would be the producer, and become fast chums with Stephen Spielberg. Together, those two genius men go on to make Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: Bloggaritaville! And they all live happily ever after…until the star of the movie wakes up…and it’s all been a lovely lovely dream….

( . . . and I thought I was bonkers!!!! LOL What an imagination you have, Angie)

If you could live your life again who would you be, and why?

I’d simply be me, but a little wiser, a little more organized.

(You and me both  - in fact everyone I have asked so far agrees)

You have been given a wonderful talent from above. This causes you to make your mark on humanity and be world famous. In which area would prefer: a best selling novelist, a brilliant artist, a gifted musician, a fantastic singer, a charismatic leader, anything you choose, and why?

I’ll take all of the above for the Daily Double! Well, I already have an identical twin [Alaine] who’s run off to Colorado for an undetermined amount of time *wahhhhhh!*. She’s a fabulous artist. And my daughter and my DH [Deer Hunter] have wonderful singing voices. (He’s got records out and all, y’all); so I’ll take the rest of the categories. Yeah, I know that sounds greedy, but who cares? This is a hypothetical question, so I’m at liberty to choose ‘em all, right? [Here’s a plug for DH: you can listen to Denis Ledbetter's music here , after you make a quick and free account for yourself.  If you’re in a hurry, check out song #7. For some unexplainable reason, it’s my fav! *Mwahahahahahaha!*

(Just been listening!  great music - had my feet tapping and hips swivelling. Great stuff. What a talented lad is Denis Ledbetter)
If you were an ice cream cone, which flavour would you prefer and who would you most want to lick you?

Oh lordy! My favorite flavors (spelled the correct Americanized way) are Rocky Road and Pistachio Almond. Yeah, y’all go ahead and take the cheap shots – I’m nutty, full of fudge, and Yo Adrian to you too! Who’d lick that drippy, chunky double scoop? Umm…Sam Elliot? (Shut up, you youngsters, and go google him! Never mind – just go here:  I’m adding him to my imaginary blogger movie!  


Describe in one sentence your perfect day

Coffee served by Sam Elliot, mucho fantastico work done on the WiP, news that all three kidlets are doing supercalifragilistically groovy, more coffee, write a top notch poem, nap, more coffee, time spent in the zone with some Vispo work, supper served by John Besh  whom I stalk, I mean follow on Twitter, after supper coffee, polish up an interview and read lots of the great prose/poetry submission we get in for Rose & Thorn Journal, a few hours with a great book before I drift off to a full night’s sleep, and maybe a dream or two about the coffee-server. Ahhh, zzzzzzzzzzz.

( . . . . and Sam Elliott no doubt LOL)

If you were a fiction writer which one would you be and why?

(Sorry, Angie . . . you are actually a writer so let's hear a little about your work)

I’d be me, but with a reputation as the next Harper Lee. LOL. I’m revising my first womens fiction ms, and although daunting, it’s very satisfying to see a whole manuscript printed out on my desk…even with all the scribble scratch, sticky notes, red ink marks, and such.

What is you most embarrassing moment?

Eddie, there’ve been so many opportunities for embarrassment, it’s hard to pick just one. But I will say, because of my whacky nature, I don’t often feel like hiding in shame. Most of the antics that have filled my life (and by extension, my kids’), have been occasions for laughing at self, being wild and crazy enough not to CARE what others think, and/or just plain fun. Ask my kids about all the times I wore full costume to their high school…and you’ll know what I mean. ;)

. . . . and if you are really brave, if you awoke to find you had changed gender what would be the first and second things you would do?

First, as per my new gender, I'd yawn, let out some nonverbal noises, and maybe scratch a bit. (LOL) Then I'd probably poke the person sleeping next to me and say, "Hey...what's fer breakfast?"
Seriously, I don't think it'd bother me too much to wake up as a man...unless I couldn't keep my OWN brain. *grin*

(Ouch! Angie . . I take it you would not like a man's brain then! LOL)

And finally if you have answered all these questions I invite you to ask me one in return - it's the least I can do. OK fire away!

I blame this question on best friend Kat Magendie, the fabulous author and wild mountain woman, for putting it in my head – “How many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” tootsie
roll tootsie pop mr owl how many licks.

For scientific research on the topic, surf here: then please return to Angie's roast before it gets cold. LOL

('n' where n equals infinity! I think I'd better ask the owl.  I'd love to taste a Tootsie Pop but I don't think we have them in UK. I'll ask next time I'm in an ice cream type place and see if I get a 'funny look')

Well that's it Angie - thank you again for your fun and informative interview


Today's Sunday Roast with Gumbo Writer is the 133rd in a weekly
series of interviews with bloggers from around the world.

This interview will feature in The Roll of Honour
for all published Roasts. To view press HERE


  1. I wish you could have waited until Sunday, Eddie.

    Just this once.

  2. Well, Mr. E, did I humiliate myself sufficiently enough for your liking? :D Thanks again for inviting me to be served up at your cochon de lait (pig roast in Cajun lingo).

    Email me your address, and I'll send you some Tootsie Roll Pops. You'll never find them in an ice cream shop!!

    PS...How very strange. The word verification is "Rednec." hmmm

    And Mr. London Street...did I ruin your Saturday night? LOL

  3. Another great Roast!
    I thought circumstances would dictate that it would roll on Sunday, but it's Sunday here now anyway.
    LOL at the description of waking up as a man!

  4. OMGAWD GOLLY GOOD-DANG - he's never had a tootsie pop? Friend, yes, send him some TP's! I had to send someone across the pond some, too - can you imagine?

    LOVED the roast - isn't Angie the best ever in the universe? She's her own planet - wait, maybe her own galaxy.


  5. Angie, you are the best! Quirky, spicy, and a whole lot of fun. :)

    Laisser les bons temps rouler is what I always say!

    Well, okay, I don't say it exactly like that, but still...

  6. Fun to see Angie here for a roast. She's always a fun read.. great recipes, funny jokes and fun contest giveaways.

    Angie's also has a kind, thoughtful and generous heart. She once posted about the joys of grits. In my comment to her, I mentioned that I'd never tasted them and before the week was out, Angie had sent me a box of them so that this Canadian (sounds like, but not to be confused with Cajun) could cook up and enjoy some southern grits. Angie is da best!

    A fine roast, Eddie.

  7. THAT was major funnage, Mr. Ed! I could take up 4 feet of your blog talking about your crazy (the good kind)cajun roast-ee, but I'll just agree with Kathryn..."she's the best in the universe!" Thank you for serving up this beautiful and talented bowl of gumbo! I thoroughly enjoyed it AND had no idea Dennis sang?!!! Going to listen now. Ciao, The Paper Whisperer

  8. I really enjoyed this roast. Great advice and what an imagination for the film question!

  9. This was great fun getting to know Angie and be introduced to her blog. She sounds like a busy writer and I am looking forward to reading her womens fiction work. I too am a fan of Sam Elliot, years ago I had a crush on him, not so much anymore because I have a better crush on my hubby. Eddie, you did a wonderful job bringing the spicy Angie to well done.

  10. Oh, garsh, if I could blush at this old age, I would! Thanks for all the too too kind comments, y'all! *big Sunday roast grin*

  11. Fabulous cochon de lait, mon cher amis! Angie is the best! Not only is she a talented writer, but she is a wonderful friend to all that are lucky enough to know her! Her blog is filled with her "joie de vivre" and vibrant personality and is such a fun place to visit! Merci beaucoup Madame and Monsieur, for the great interview! Cheers!

  12. Where are my manners? Another cracking interview Eddie.

  13. Great interview. Really enjoyed it. thanks.

  14. I love me some Angie! She's always good for a laugh and some Southern Sass, that this Yank seems to need on a weekly basis. :O)

  15. That was a very good roast and I liked Angie's answers.
    I liked the fact that she wore asbestos knickers. Now why hadn't anyone else thought of that?! Good for roasting I should imagine.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  16. What a lovely lady! I was blessed to meet her on here soon after we both started blogging. She is a true friend, wonderful woman, and gifted writer.
    Apparently she's also a good cook because I leave her blogs on Tuesday very hungry.

  17. Oh, what a delightful roast!!! Angie seems like a wonderful lady!!! And I think her blog must be great fun, and very well-written!!! Can't wait to check it out!!

    And Eddie, you have done a wonderful job once again!!! The roast was well worth the wait!!! You are a fantastic chef!!! And serve up real winners!!!

    Hugs, Janine

  18. Angie, it's always fun to see what you'll come up with. I especially enjoyed the word, supercalifragilistically.

    Great interview, Stanley!

  19. Too cute Angie. You were a little peppery, but that's Cajun for ya. ;)

  20. What a geat roast Eddie! And you've introduced me to someone I just might like to follow!

  21. Excellent! Angie is one of my favorite bloggers, one hell of a writer, and a sweetheart to the core. Thanks for featuring her, Eddie!

  22. Oh, y'all...thanks SO much for the kind commentary!

    PS The world may truly end soon -- after the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl last year, and now SULDAWG left a kind response -- well, anything's possible. LOL

  23. Thank you ALL for your super comments.
    We have a lot of fun doing these roasts.

    I am running a little short of completed roasts so PLEASE if anyone out there wants a go or you can press gang a bloggy pal to participate please email me on:

    Thanks again ~ Eddie

  24. Angie- you are a treasure through and THROUGH. I hold you in the highest regard, even if you won't come here and cook me gumbo.

    Now pass me a drink.

  25. Angie, thanks for the shout out! Great interview! :)

  26. Coffee served by Sam Elliot

    This made me love Angie!!


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