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Friday 17 September 2010

Cooker Malfunction - Late Roast

Hi Folks,

No it's not actually a cooker malfunction or a problem with my roasting spit.
I have been very busy all week and I have not been able to complete the Sunday Roast in time for my normal publication on Saturday.

So I hope to post on Sunday at 10am GMT.

I have a real treat for you.

This week Angie Ledbetter is featuring who writes the blog, Gumbo Writer

She is a real hoot and a lovely Cajun gal.


  1. Will be here!!! You can count on it!! Hugs, Janine

  2. No need to apologise for having the Sunday Roast on a Sunday!

  3. Fine with me hun!! I will return!

  4. Hi Eddie, we'll just do raw veg for today, and look fwd to roast tomorrow, and I agree with MLS.
    It's great this has happened, cos you'll get to test the Sunday GMT response.


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