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Monday 4 January 2010

A Harley-Davidson Talking Shakespearean? Whatever Next?

A few of you might have seen this magnificent motorcycle before.
A Harley-Davidson no less

I am a little under the weather with this hip so I am re posting something I wrote in March last year, a couple of months after I started blogging.

This post was inspired during my ambulance days. My very good friend and work colleague, Richard, also no longer in the service, is the proud owner and we all admired his noisy exits and entries into the garage.

A thought crystallised in my mind how this bike might announce to the world just how great it is and I decided to allow it to boast the fact in broad Shakespearean.

But listen! Please do not tell Harley because I do not wish to upset him but there is a better motorcycle called a Ducati. Now that is just between you and me - shhh! He will roar like a lion again if he finds out because he is dreadfully jealous as you will see.

Click HERE to see this post it but let me warn you - wear ear muffs!


  1. hope the hip is better soon the mean time off to hear from oyur motorcycle...

  2. I hope you heal, too. Those were great Harley photos and a great Harley tribute!

  3. I too hope your feeling better soon Eddie! A wonderful Harley tribute even though I agree that Ducati is a better bike. LOL!

  4. Sure hope they do your hip replacement soon Eddy, enough with the suffering for you. I enjoyed the Harley photo's.....:-) Hugs

  5. There are many who will enumerate reasons why there are better bikes than Harleys. But how many of those bikes are capable of announcing their presence and being automatically recognized?

  6. Hi Eddie, Hope your hip is feeling better soon.

    I'm very excited for David's tribute post! My calendar is marked!

    Take care,

  7. A brilliant post the first time round bears repeating, Eddie!!! Hope you can "bear" your hip pain until surgery...and pray that the surgery is soon!! As always, your humour (notice the spelling? In your honour, my friend ;-)) is outrageously funny...big, big smiles! Hugs, Janine

  8. Eddie...I haven't been to the 'here' know...the 'click here' part.
    I'll go 'there'...but I'm 'here' now....the comment section.
    So, I'd better get to commenting!
    I love the photo of the Harley.
    Jack has had several Harleys....and will have another. Must be that one can't get them out of one's 'blood'...I dunno.
    OK...Now, I'll go 'here'...and then later tonight, I'll come back 'here.' Ya hear?

  9. What a great blog, Eddie. I visited it...and apparently was overwhelmed with the rumbling and the smell of the "Hawg"....
    There's nothing like the sound and the ride of a Harley. Great job!!!
    Smiles from Jackie


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