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Tuesday 19 January 2010

Master Bluelights and big sister Maggie

I have not much time for writing lately but I came across this delightful photograph of Maggie and I when we were innocent little children, long before the big bad world corrupted me - Maggie is perfect, and always will be of course. LOL

So these little children grew up to be Maggie May of Nuts and May and non other than the infamous Eddie Bluelights, and just in case anyone does not know, we are indeed brother and sister.

We look very happy here, don't we? We were very happy! We were living in the North of England and this was a huge garden where I used to drive my little blue pedal car, round and round and Maggie on her little red tricycle. Yet on this occasion you can see us sitting it out. My dad was taking the photo so we are not able to see him but I do have an earlier shot of our dear mother, Hazel with Maggie and our pet spaniel, Rex.

See the sparkle and love in mother's eyes - she was so happy, wonderful, so loving and so strong. She really looked invincible . . . immortal through our eyes. I wish she could have stayed like this for ever. Perhaps my wish, and now my earnest prayer, may have been granted, for one day we might see her again in her prime - just like this, but this time for ever in Heaven, never to die again. Dear mother passed away about this time in 2001. We still miss her badly, as we do our father.

Want to see Eddie as a baby?
Oh go on then!
Little rascal, aren't I Marguerite? LOL

One day I will write a post about my mother - it was very sad at the end but she had a look of Faith and Hope in her eyes as she lay in her hospital bed just before she died.


  1. Awwwwww! That was lovely to go down Memory Lane. Nearly the anniversary of Mum's death. I still miss her a lot.
    Don't we look angelic! It was a happy time and I did miss it when we had to move........ sigh.

    Nuts in May

  2. Aww look at you two. So cute. Lovely photos, Eddie. I'm looking forward to reading about your Mother one day.:)

  3. Lovely photos. If only we did not have to grow up!

  4. And you still look just like you!

  5. ha. wonderful pics eddie. smiles.

  6. How precious these pictures! Thanks for sharing, Eddie.

  7. Look at Maggie May! She has always been fearless! And you're this darling little angel!
    You look like twins.
    Eddie, I think you look like your mother. You have the same smile!
    Thank you for sharing blast from the past photographs :-)

  8. Aw, these are so cute, Eddie.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love old photos! Those are really cute. I try to post some on my blog on thursdays!

  10. I look forward to the post about your Mother, Eddie.
    I see a strong resemblance between you and your Mother....
    Your Mother is a very beautiful lady.
    I love the shoes on you and Maggie in the photo....such great memories these photos must stir...

  11. Great family photos! I love the one of you and Maggie. Now, that's the one where you were really being a rascal! Sorry about your Mum, cher, I lost my Mom in January, 2001, too. I will always miss her greatly, so I understand how you feel. Hugs, mon ami!

  12. You are beautiful, happy children and it shows in the photos!

  13. hello dearest Eddie! I'm up and about again! yay!

    Oh!These are wonderful treasures, I'm glad that you still have them with you. I didn't know you look like yourself already when you were little!^0^ ... adorable kids you were, Maggie and You! ...and your mom is lovely with her hair like that.

    Beautiful photos.

    big hugs!

  14. Very nice, Eddie. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    Looking forward to the weekend post!


  15. Its lovely to see family images, they are wonderfully evocative photos aren't they! Thanks for sharing these Eddie.

    Oh and l can't wait until Sunday for the David's pressure!!

  16. Sincere 'thankyous' for sharing these lovely photos. You've let me see two happy littlies and their very beautiful Mother.

    Sending care and loving huggles,

    Michelle and soundly sleeping Zebbycat, xxx and .... kittycat silence!

  17. A lovely post and moving tribute to your mum. I didn't realise you two were siblings. I learn something every day in blog land.

    CJ xx

  18. Wonderful post and love the pictures!!

  19. What a beautiful Mother & Sister..and what a beautiful baby you were too!! Just like Jackie, I noticed the adorable shoes...
    What wonderful pictures..Thank you so much for sharing these.
    Your Mother had a gorgeous smile..and yes, I can see the resemblance :)
    Lovely post....Jerelene

  20. Oh MY GOSH! Look at you darlings! No wonder your mother's smile was so broad and lovely.

  21. Great images of two of my very good friends. Thank you for giving us a peek at your early lives.


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