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Saturday 9 January 2010

The Sunday Roast

I Wonder, Is This Lady Singing, Que Sarah Sarah?

This week's interview is with Sarah Curtis who writes
the blog
Que Sarah Sarah.

Thank you for the interview, Sarah

and a warm welcome to you and your followers

Here's the first of the standard questions. Why do you blog?

Blogging is like therapy. Much of what I write never sees the light of day. What I do publish is me "putting myself out there" and eagerly (or fearfully) waiting for feedback. I can't tell you how amazing it is to see the reactions that readers have to my writing. Whether it's some creepy murder fiction I've just written called Second Try or even just a recipe to try, I love it.

What's the story behind your blog name?

Well besides the song Que Sera, Sera which sounds very much like my name and the fact that I love Doris Day and that my mom used to sing that song to me quite a bit...wait, is that enough? What will be, will be. Sounds like a good motto to me.

What is the best thing about being a blogger?

I'll admit that I'm a bit of a wimp. The idea that folks from all over the world can (and do!) read what little old me writes (and while I'm safely out of reach behind my computer) is quite the ego boost. And also that my regulars have become friends, though long distance ones. It's lovely to hop around to different blogs and see what happening in their world.

What key advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

Well I still feel like a newbie blogger, having been doing this for just over two years. The best advice I can give (and hopefully live up to) is to write often. Even if you don't publish, just getting those thoughts and ideas out can open up all sorts of ideas. You never know what's lurking in that brain of yours, perhaps a piece of fiction like this one called Take One .
Oh, and if you're anything like me, keep a notebook and pencil next to your bed. So many times I've been struck with inspiration at 2am and gone to bed delirious with anticipation of a writing fury the next morning only to wake up having forgotten everything. Drat!

What is the most significant blog post you've ever read?

I can't mention just one post, how about one blogger? Woman in a Window. Just about everything Erin writes just amazes me. She has such a way with words.
Ooh, and Cricket and Porcupine. Love it.
And Janine at Sniffles and Smiles has such a great outlook on life. I really can't pick just one...

What is the most significant blog post you've ever written?

The thing I've written that's the most significant to me is Goodbye which I wrote for my Grandmother. She is a big reason that I am who I am and I just love her dearly. Though she's been gone more than ten years, she's still there in my head and in my heart.
Love you, Grandma.

Thank you Sarah - see in Blog Land soon

Today's Sunday Roast with Sarah Curtis is the 98th in a weekly
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Next week I have a talented photographer for you who
also likes to write. Her name is Jen of Jennifer Photography


  1. I don't know Sarah, and this has been a wonderful introduction to her, Eddie Blues and Twos - I'm off over there now! Thankyou both, great 'Roast'!

  2. Congratulations on being a Roasted blogger. I shall find time to peep into your world.

  3. Eddie, I love this. Another new to me blogger! You rock!

  4. I'm liking Sarah already. Thank you for the discovery.

    And Sarah, congratulations.

  5. Another new *to me* blogger who sounds really lovely. I always have been a Doris Day fan and my husband even more so!
    Thank you for introducing me to her, Eddie and thank you Sarah for a really good interview.
    Will have to pop over her place now.

    Nuts in May

  6. Off to visit Sarah, and then her two recommendations!

  7. Yay, another writer! Off to visit! Great roast...


  8. thanks for the introduction.will head her way now!:)

  9. It's always fun to find new blogs. You provide a great service!

  10. Hi Eddie, You did it again! Another great interview with a talented blogger. I've read Sarah before but she somehow fell off my radar-- I'm going to go correct that! Thanks for the reminder!


  11. Oh, Sarah is simply terrific!!! Her blog is so beautiful, and she is so extraordinarily witty!!! A really lovely personality...and what's this? I can't believe how kind she was to mention me in her roast! Wow! I'm absolutely flabbergasted and overwhelmed... Thank you Sarah! I adore her blog, and am so glad you roasted her, dear Eddie!!! You're a winner!!! And quite frankly, a true gentleman and superb roast host!!!! Thank you for spotlighted a favorite of mine!!!You have extraordinary taste! Hugs, Janine

  12. Her blog is beautiful...
    Thank you, Eddie for roasting her.
    I love to read the hints for new bloggers (that would be for meee)..
    Thank you for a great roast!
    Another smile to my dear friend from Jackie!

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  14. Great roast...I have to go off and read the post for your Grnadmother now...It appears your sentiments are simlilar to the ones I have for my very own supergran!...Thanks to you to Eddie

  15. What a nice introduction to Que Sera Sera. I have not meet her before.
    Thanks Eddie

  16. Sarah,

    Congratulations. It's awesome your blog was featured here.

    Now .. How do I get my own blog in the running? lol. Eh, I'll take that up with you on Facebook.

    To Eddie, you couldn't have picked a nicer individual to interview. I've known Sarah's husband Steven since high school and Sarah to a lesser degree since they married. They are both great people. Thanks for promoting her blog.

  17. What a wonderful introduction to another very talented blogger! I especially liked her advice for newbies and will be visiting Que Sarah Sarah, soon. Merci beaucoup for a great roast, Eddie, and a very interesting interview, Sarah!

  18. Dusty - I already know Sarah is a nice lass - I have been a follwer of her's for quite a while now. High principles combined with a good sense of humour is a rare commodity but shared also with many blogging friends. Thanks for the comment and thank you ALL for your comments. Great fun this roast business isn't it?

  19. Sarah is one of the sweetest folks around! Good taste, too - Cricket And Porcupine!!!

  20. Thanks for choosing Sarah to highlight - she's one of those rare creatures who is genuine and fabulous and funny all at the same time.

  21. Sarah really is a great person and a wonderful writer! Her family loves and misses her very much!


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