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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Money Laundering

Upon arriving home one evening this week I was greeted by my charming wife, Mrs Bluelights.  "Have you been money laundering?" she asked.

"Not to my knowledge! - why?"

"You left this in your trouser pocket and it must have slipped out!"

"This is most interesting but what's this to do with money laundering?"

"When the washing machine finished I found it staring at me through the glass door."

"It was all soggy and limp!
Would you like me to iron it for you?" LOL


  1. Oh, I've done this many times, but have never told it so hilariously!

    I also laundered a cell phone once! Caught it before it went in the dryer, had zero hope for its recovery, but after one day of drying, it worked perfectly! And was definitely cleaner, too!

  2. i need to borrow your washing machine...mine only spits out change...

  3. The Pound holds up!

    Eddie, I am SO late with my materials. You ought to scold me, but you are SO kind.....
    I must take this opportunity!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral


  4. I've done that many times myself. Not to mention pens and lighters(from my dear husband's gear). What a great way of telling it you have though!

  5. Any money that's laundered in my house I get to keep! That's the deal-- if I do the laundry I get to keep the cash.

  6. Gives new meaning to the term 'filthy lucre'.

    Well...someone was going to say it.

  7. Rule regarding laundry room at our house:
    (1) Money found in washer or dryer belongs to Jackie.
    (2) If you've lost money in washer or dryer....see rule # 1!!!
    Cute blog, Eddie....great photos, too! Biiiig smile.
    Hugs to you, my friend,

  8. A washer that spits out currency! That's a real money maker!

  9. Ethel Mae - too funny! Laundering a cell phone LOL
    I once laundered a hearing aid LOL . . . PARDON! I'll do a post on it.

    Brian - we could 'make a mint' LOL

    Cloudia - at last I have 'come clean' with my 'tenner' LOL
    And yes . . . "Get on with your roast!" . . and you Brian! and you Marguerite! and you Janine! and everyone else! LOL

    Anita - thanks for your visit and comment . . you are most welcome. I'm glad I'm not the only person who feels 'flush' LOL

    KarenG - Hi there and welcome . . . when's the next BBQ? . . . I'm thinking of some great and 'original' recipes, never to be repeated again!! LOL

    I like your business acumen! In this household Mrs Bluelights says, "What's mine is mine and what's your's is mine!"

    Moannie - Well it was 'filthy lucre' but now we can see the Queen's head. LOL

    Teacher's Pet - Jackie, love the dress. I'm catching the next plane to N Carolina LOL. The deals sound very familiar LOL

  10. Eva - That's given me a great idea! Hey folks! . . anyone want to buy a money making washing machine?

  11. yes I am like the others, what I find I keep, hope everyone is keeping well Eddie......:-) Hugs

  12. Bernie - Well you ladies are an entrepreneurial breed! LOL Hope you are well too Bernie and hugs.

  13. I didn't know that you were involved with money laundering!
    I suppose you were lucky that it didn't disintegrate.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. Nuts In May ~ Maggie, I once put my ambulance uniform in the washing machine with some business cards I forgot to take out of the pocket. They DID disintigrate and what a mess they made LOL

  15. You've got a good operation going there. I wonder if your dryer spits out all those missing socks...

  16. I don't mind money, notes anyway, in the laundry, and yes, it goes to me.
    But what drives me mad is tissues in pockets, it's the part of "sorting" that I hate, and if I forget to do it, you can be guaranteed there will be one, and when I shake out the clothes as I hang them on the outside line, the remnants will go all over my newly mowed lawn!
    Oops, that was a it of a rant, sorry Eddie.
    BTW, what a charming and extremely honest wife Mrs Bluelights is- "would you like me to iron it for you?" - spoiled rotten, you are.

  17. Mimi - thanks for the amusing rant! LOL
    Yes tissues do mess things up - we've done it loads of times but your newly mowed lawn must look marvellous. Bet you are a keen gardener.

  18. I once accidentally washed a $100 bill. Somehow it glued itself to the tub of the washing machine and was still there even after someone else in the apartment complex had used the washer!

  19. SAW - Glad I am not the only one! LOL

  20. Ha! Now that is priceless!! Now it is clean and ready for use!! Sanitized money always spends better anyway!

  21. Sue Ann ~ LOL Good job it did not disintegrate like the tissues do - what a mess they make!

  22. Good Quality money, it seems...

  23. Dawn Treader - Thanks for the visit, you are welcome any time.

  24. I am doing something wrong. I found a penny in our washing machine the other day. You must have won the lottery!

    Thank you for your comment/e-mail. I cannot access my e-mails at present. Will respond when husband has sorted out the problem on Friday or Saturday I hope.

    verification word COINTH

  25. Cheshire Wife - thanks, btw I borrowed the tenner LOL. Hope you return - I come from Widnes, do you live near there?
    Love the word verification LOL

  26. What a lovely wife. She is even offering to iron your money.

  27. Techno ~ yes she is lovely, but she was being friendly sarcastic on this ocassion LOL.

  28. So funny! LOL You are a lucky man to have such a nice wife. I would have pocketed it and let you wonder what happened to it! LOL

  29. Marguerite ~ So that's why you have such an affluent look about you LOL

  30. I've done that a few times, but never with such a large bill. It's usually just a one. I think the biggest I've sent through the wash was a ten. Awfully nice surprise when you find it, though!

  31. Suldog ~ Hi Jim, it must be a strong currency. The pound is very strong lately LOL

  32. guilty, i've unintentionally done likewise on a number of occasions

    most notes increasingly have traces of cocaine nowadays i hear, so i approve of this type of money laundering :)

  33. Tell Mrs. Bluelights that my rule is that any money found in the laundry disappears in my purse! hee.

  34. Betsy ~ You ladies are all the same! LOL

  35. Eddie Sir,
    Money laundering is illegal in India and it must also be so in UK.
    I had read a news item in Times of India dated 27.10.2010 on money laundering which read as :
    "Money laundering: police discover 400,000 pounds in washing machine".
    By Ahmed Nazeer | London,Oct. 27th, 2010 | Category: Society | Crime.
    Police have seized 10 pounds notes worth a total 398,500 pounds in forged pounds currency, after raiding house of an ex ambulance driver at 6:00pm yesterday.
    Chief Inspector of police Mohamed Jamsheed said Eddie was arrested in connection with the case.
    Jamsheed discovered the notes were hidden inside a washing machine in the rented apartment.
    ”We are checking to see whether this money has been circulated anywhere,” he said.
    He noted that the forged bills had two serial numbers repeated on all the notes.
    Now on reading your post I am sure and understand it was my dear Eddie Bluelights of the famous 'Clouds and Silvery lining'.Your blog name too is corroborative of these headlines with your silvery business under the haze or cover of clouds.Why are you showing only one note ?. These must be around 39,850.
    My deepest and heartfelt sympathies for you and Mrs Bluelights....LOL !!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Dr Yadav ~ Crumbs! . . you had me going there for a minute! LOL
    Great to see you here.

  37. Eddie....Dr. Y. 'nabbed' ya!
    Love it!! Great sense of humor/humour you both have.
    Nothing like finding $$...and I have to share this with you, Eddie. I opened the washing machine this morning....had washed Jack's khaki-colored clothing....and found a folded up $20 bill. Well, you know the rules, here...but....I just couldn't keep it. They were all his I knew it was his $20.... I took it and put it on top of his Bible on the end of the dresser. Still wet....still folded quite neatly (another clue that it wasn't mine...I tend to wad my $$ up and stuff it in my wallet.)....but what are the odds of my finding $$ in the washing machine after you had posted this...?? Now...I need you to do me a favor. You need to write about finding diamonds or sapphires in an unexpected place...I shall read it...and I shall find them. How does that sound?? OK. can only dream!!! Have a great week, my friend. (I loved the post from our friend, Dr. Y. Wonderful sense of humor. (USA spelling this time!)
    Smiles and hugs,

  38. Jackie ~ What a great coincidence. I will try to find some inspiration about finding diamonds. My 'cut' (get it?) is a cuppa at your place.

    But now I have done a post about winning the lottery perhaps you might as well. Oh! no! . . . my argument is flawed because I didn't actually win the lottery but just pretended!! LOL
    Seriously . . . mat fortune smile on you and yours ~ Smiles ~ Eddie


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