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Saturday 24 October 2009

The Sunday Roast

Oh Boy! This Nifty Fifty Certainly Has The X-Factor

This week's interview is with Joanna Jenkins,
who writes the blog The Fifty Factor.

Thank you Joanna

(This interview was initiated by David at Authorblog and I am privileged to publish it)

Here's the first of the standard questions. Why do you blog?

Honestly, I get a kick out of clicking the “publish” button and seeing my words on the screen. That and, in the beginning, it was all about having something to do each day. I’d recently retired from a 60+ hour work week and my days lacked structure and a sense of accomplishment. Writing daily helped me transition from a workaholic to a life with more balance and broader interests. After about a month, I realized how much I enjoyed writing, something I’d never done before, and how much I appreciated the interaction with other bloggers.

What's the story behind your blog name?

I was crazed about having recently turned fifty years old. In hindsight, I should have named it something else because I don’t like being fifty-something or even saying the word! But, everyone kept saying “50 is the new 40” and since I was trying to “reinvent myself” it sounded like a good idea at the time.

What is the best thing about being a blogger?

Dare I say comments? Not in the literal sense of the word, although comments are nice, but for the interaction with people from around the world.

I had never read a blog before I started my own. Hard to imagine now, but it was not on my radar or anything I thought I would ever participate in. Now I read a wide variety of blogs by people from all walks of life. Some blogs are by accomplished writers, some are hysterically funny, some are simple daily diaries, others are photography focused, some are exquisite poetry, others great fiction. Regardless of the type or quality of writing, I feel connected on some level to the bloggers I follow on a regular basis. I know everyone says it, but I like the connection, the exchange of ideas, the comments back and forth, the friendships, and reading what a global community has to say.

What key advice would you give to a newbie blogger?

I’ve only been blogging for 9 months so I’m no expert, but I will say if you enjoy blogging keep doing it. But don’t do it for followers or comments or dreams of a new career -- Do it for yourself.
That said, if you want people to read your blog, you have to get out there and read other blogs that are of interest to you, leave meaningful comments and invite others to read your blog.
Add a signature block on your emails with your blog URL and name. It’s hard to keep track of blog names, user names, individual names and email addresses. Having it all in one place makes it easier for the blogger receiving your email to identify who you are --- and to link back to your blog
And, Word Verification is a pain. I swear, I lose half the comments I write because word verify is slow to appear and I’ve already clicked off the page. I don’t use it and I don’t get a ton of SPAM.

What is the most significant blog post you've ever read?

I’ve read many great blogs that have left me inspired, in a puddle of tears or with a heart filled with joy. Three posts come to mind:

One of the very first blogs I read was Lilly’s Life. Her post about her neighborhood on fire blew me away, I Still Love a Sunburnt Country

Holly Dieter has a blog I read daily. She did a beautiful post on grieving that I’ve read and passed on several times, The Gift Of Grief

And just recently I read a stunning post commemorating the 8th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on America by King Of The New York Hacks

What is the most significant blog post you've ever written?

I’m not sure my writing qualifies as “significant”, but one post in particular meant a lot to me. I’d realized I was following in my grandmother’s footsteps and wrote about it, I've Become My Grandmother

If you were to suggest two blogs for roasting who would you pick, and why?

I have not just two but six in mind - all must reads. All are terrific writers and all have loyal followings. I think most have received David's POTD nominations or named as outright winners.

Holly Dietor - Your Mother Knows But Won't Tell You
Alix - Casa Hice
Brian Miller - Waystation One
Braja - Lost and Found in India
Debbie - Suburb Sanity
Margaret - Nanny Goats in Panties

Thanks to Eddie and David McMahon. This was a real treat. Joanna Jenkins, The Fifty Factor

(Note from Eddie - Thank you Joanna for these recommendations (can't you count? LOL) - all great choices. One is in progress already, others approached and Brajar was featured in July this year. Readers, Brajar's Roast is well worth another look - to see it press HERE)


Today's Sunday Roast with Joanna is the 87th in a weekly
series of interviews with bloggers from around the world.

This interview will feature in The Roll of Honour
for all published Roasts. To view press HERE


  1. So nice to see Joanna here on the Sunday Roast. I can't believe it's only been 9 months of blogging. You're always an interesting read. I know I've lost countless comments too because of a slow-loading word verification. It's gotta go! Thanks, Eddie.. for this fine roast. :)

  2. I just love that profile picture with all the photos on it! I have never visited this blog before but I will be doing so. Always great to meet new people.
    I found this a very good interview with Joanna and will look up all the links when I can!
    Thanks Eddie for keeping The Sunday Roast going as it is really* taking off* now & I am *over the moon* that it has!

    Nuts in May

  3. Thank you for the introduction to Joanna. She seems like my kind of woman and I will be interested in reading her blog. I love the picture - very colorful!

    Hope you had a good week, Eddie!

  4. Found you through Marguerite of Cajun Delights. I enjoyed this interview and now you've introduced me to another interesting blogger. Thank you!

  5. perfect roast! from one of my favorite bloggers! man you are on a roll Eddie! Joanna is amazing...reading one of her posts about 6 months back changed how i blog tremendously! excellent!

  6. I always enjoy visiting Joanna! Thanks for the interview!

  7. Eddie, you are the best! Thanks a million! I'm so happy you took over the Sunday Roast feature from David. It's a pleasure to be included with such great company. Happy weekend! xo

  8. Eddie - I'm loving that you picked up and are continuing the Sunday Roast but I have a small request too -could you do your little blurbs between paragraphs and your "highlighted" posts, etc., in a darker color other than the yellow? Reason being -at least on my reader (also sometimes when reading directly from your blog too) the yellow is extremely difficult for me to read -too light, and with bifocals, really wicked to see. Otherwise -all is great!

  9. Eddie...another terrific roast...and I will be off to visit Joanna's blog later in the day.
    This was a great interview...easy to read and follow...and her tips were right on.
    Eddie...I have noticed that on Blogger, the photos of my followers aren't showing up beyond a 'certain point.' I think I remember you saying the same thing about photos not showing up. I just wanted you to know it's happening on my side of the world, too.
    Thank you, my friend, for a job well done.

  10. What a fascinating blogger!!! I look forward to checking out her blog!!! Thanks, Eddie!!! You are doing an absolutely amazing job with roasting!!! You are a natural!!! What a wonderful host you are, and what delightful guests you introduce us to!!! Bravo, my friend!!! Hope you enjoyed your first full week of retirement!!! You and Maria have been in my thoughts and prayers!!! Hugs, Janine

  11. Jeni - certainly I will change the highlight colour for a darker colour - no problem, it will not take long to do this. Many thanks for your comment.

    General - thank you for your comments too, everyone. I do love doing this - just love it!! Please keep your nominations coming in and let's have the roasts YOU want to see,
    Any ideas welcome plus roast suggestions on email
    Its not just established blogging recommendations required some of the newbies are great already as well - keep 'em coming!
    And for those already writing - come on! Let's have 'em asap. If you want to learn how to waffle - see mine, no 82 LOL

  12. Jackie - it's a fault with blogger. I'll have a go at writing to them but I would have thought they would know already.

  13. I love Joanna's writing, and I think that one of the best that I read was about getting Married twice to the same man!

  14. what a great interview from Joanna! I'm one of her followers.

  15. Wow, I loved this interview; I've been following Joanna almost since I started blogging. Now I can see I'll have to follow you, too, to read more good interviews and meet more interesting bloggers!

  16. I couldn't feel any closer to Joanna if she were my own sister. What an amazing wonderful friend and what a spectacular and rich blog she authors. I am so proud to know Joanna, and even prouder to be mentioned in her blog recommendations. She gives me waaay too much credit. I'd be happy being able to write a little more like her.

    Love you Joanna and thank you Eddie!

  17. Thanks Eddie, for yet another wonderful introduction to a great writer. I shall be forever grateful to you for keeping up David's tradition. Have a Great Weekend.

  18. Lots of good blogs to go read. Thanks for pointing the way.

  19. I read most of the blogs she mentioned and LOVE them. CAn't belive you finally introduced me to her, as I have never seen her before! Thanks, Eddie!

  20. Loved the interview of Joanna. I can't believe she's been at it 9 months, she's ver accomplished and I love reading her blog.

    Off to check out her recommendations.

  21. YAY, Joanna!!! Loved the interview! Loved it! And you know I love your blog!!

  22. Joanna is my number one favorite and I hope this is not offending - I am so proud of you Joanna.

  23. For all my new followers I am highly honoured you have signed up and I will try to visit you individually as soon as possible. What I can promise for sure is that I shall continue to provide you with a scrumptuous Sunday Roast every single week, published on Saturday in England.
    I am very encouraged by the response to my first three roasts and indications are we can together increase the profile of this column conceived so brilliantly by David at Authorblog.

  24. Wonderful interview! (I am visiting from Margarite's blog!)

    Love the sunday roast *smiling*....

  25. Eddie my sweet. I have been meaning to get back to you but have been busy and then I got the flu - not the piggy one so feelng a bit rough right now! I am really touched by your message and I'll email you soon when I stop aching and shivering. Thanks and great to see you back!

  26. It'll be interesting to see which kind of bloggers you pick up for this and whether they'll be different from the ones David used to pick.

  27. I was introduced (virtually) to Joanna Jenkins by Lilly of Lilly's Life. She is a natural writer. I enjoy her stories.

  28. You are good at giving apples to the teacher, my friend. Thought I'd come over here and 'bug' you a bit. I see you have lots of great comments on your roast. Congratulations again to you and to Joanna.

  29. Glad I followed Margurite and explored over here. Nice words by today's blogger that certainly ring true to this 1 year Hawaii blogger. How amazing to interact meaningfully with people everywhere!

    Best wishes on your retirement :]

    Do come visit, Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  30. I love Joanna. What a wonderful blogger and person. I have certainly enjoyed getting to know her through our blogs. I miss David and am happy to see some of his traditions carrying on in such a fine way.

  31. Eddie, I'm absolutely thrilled that some more of my friends are here, now, cher! This was a mighty fine roast and I'd like to say merci beaucoup for introducing me to Joanna. Fabulous interview! I will look forward to reading her blog.
    Superb job, Madame and Monsieur!!!

  32. Dear, dear Joanna! Always the modest, always the brilliant. It's so good to have your clear headed, practical mind and voice in the blogosphere neighborhood!

  33. Well done Eddie.
    another wonderful blogger :)

    x Ribbon

  34. Great roast Eddie, and although I've never visited The Fifty Factor, I so like her responses to the questions, I'm there!

  35. Eddie
    Tried to send an e mail saying ok. Gremlins. Your end or mine?

  36. Fantastic interview of a fantastic blogger.

    Did I mention how fantastic I think this is?


  37. Just checking in to see what you are up to, my friend!!! Hope you are having a great week! Hugs, Janine

  38. The Fifty Factor is a must read if ever there was one!

  39. Great interview. Joanna is fabulous.


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