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Monday 12 October 2009

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

For those wishing to see Kathleen's Sunday Roast please press HERE and then please return for this little bombshell!__________________________________________________

Right, come on! guess who did come to dinner that memorable night?You'll be amazed who did drop in for the celebrations!!

With all this recent heavy activity of Roasts, Posts and Toasts, now in well under control, this is an opportune moment for me to discuss my big event, occurring last week.

My 65th Birthday Dinner, no less - "Crumbs!", you might say, "He looks MUCH younger than that!! - I am amazed!"

Well, maybe so and maybe not, but the lad is wearing well with the exception of one hip which is due for replacement in a couple of months. But as for the food - not exactly crumbs!

Rump Steak, to be more precise, was my choice from the menu for my special 65th birthday treat, organised by my lovely and thoughtful wife.

Thank you Darling for everything and for inviting such distinguished guests!

It's incredible how time has passes so quickly - I remember well when I wore long trousers for the first time, spoke in a much higher voice and once experienced the wonderful state of never having to worry about all the the things adults do. I can recall even some events right back to the age of three, like when I had a double hernia operation and someone thrust a gas mask over my face - men in green gowns wearing green Wellington Boots outside the operating theatre. Obviously this must have made a significant impression on me.

These 65 years have gone - IN A FLASH.

I was with the family celebrating this most unwelcome milestone in my life, yet most welcome in other respects, seated in a little restaurant, just outside Bristol, and whilst we all awaited our meals we rested and jested prior dining on treats about to be ingested and digested.

Each guest kindly presented me with their gift which I opened with the wild abandon of a child whilst endeavouring to maintain a modicum of discipline befitting a gentleman of progressing years.

I singled out a target present and opened a well wrapped and attractive package, received from my God Son, Sam. Out popped this fabulous T- shirt which I held proudly across my chest.

"Oh how apt!", I remarked gleefully whilst jumping up and down with excitement.

"Oh no not blogging again", protested the Mrs, "I wish I could see the back of all that, particularly today - you are always at it! - I just cannot understand what the attraction is doing this hour after hour! day after day! week after week! You're an addict!

I see I'm flogging a dead horse but I do wish I could see the back of that tea shirt tonight of all nights!"

"Certainly, my dear! your wish is my command!" said I turning the garment a full 180 degrees, "I shall certain show you the back of it . . . . . . . . . . and tonight! . . . . just as you asked!"

When she saw this she laughed just as loudly as the rest of us.

This chaos and mirth captured the imagination of someone in the restaurant, a name many will know well. In fact she was non other than a well known and well loved blogger, Maggie May of Nuts In May.
She walked over to me and remarked she was celebrating some old fart's 65th Birthday in this very restaurant since he was a blogger too and she had come just too see him with her son, The Mighty Sam.

"Eddie 'Godfrey' Bluelights I presume, I see you like the tea shirt!", she said, "I didn't recognise you out of uniform at first!"

Yes indeed!", I said, "I had this from my God Son, The Mighty Sam."
"Oh Gaud!", exclaimed the Mrs, "I thought anything to do with blogging is banned for the night!"

Maggie continued, "I see there are three of us here then! Bloggers of the world unite and all that!" "We must have a photo to celebrate", she said.
"David taught us to always to carry a camera", we all said in unison!
Out came the cameras which flashed away fifty to the dozen. People wondered whether there was a film star there somewhere with all the camera lights flashing.
"What about you Maggie?" I remarked, "You don't like facing the camera. Do you want me to take a photo of your front or your rear?"
Wild hysterics encompassed our table and the two waitresses came over to share the joke.

Normally I would have invited these two lovely ladies to join me in a photograph, one on each arm, but the Mrs was there tonight and I had to be on my very best behaviour.
So here is a very rare shot of Maggie plus Sam, actually facing the camera - I wonder if she was drunk? In this shot all I am at liberty to say is that Maggie May and The Might Sam are there in it somewhere and a very good time was had by all.

"Gosh! What a turn round, Maggie!"
Which one is she? I can hear you asking, "That's for me to know and you to wonder!"

I expect Maggie will post something about this old fart's birthday she came to celebrate!
I think she mentioned he was Eddie Bluelights or was it someone called Godfrey?

Now what do you make of all this little lot?

Here's to my next 65 years!

You must be joking!!


  1. Happy 65th Birthday, Eddie! How cool to have a bloggie birthday party. Being new to your scene (though not so new to Maggies), I had no idea you two were connected.. related? And I didn't know there was another blogging May. The blogosphere is a wild and wonderful place. Best wishes to you for your birthday... and many more to come. :)

  2. I am glad you had such a good time and that you took that photo. I think I know which one is Maggie, and Sam and I wonder was Debs at that table too?
    I'm amazed Maggie let you walk this close to the line! lol - careful or she'll knock those blue lights off!

    Fabulous T shirt. And I have been to Maggie's and Sam's - without doubt your post is the longest! You talk almost as much as me.... ;0)

  3. happy belated birthday eddie. oh and a nice present for the off and so very cool a visit from Maggie May as well. i hope you have many more...and the strength to tell us all about it.

  4. Wishing you a very happy 65th birthday..belated but well meaning nevertheless....and lots of health and happiness for the future

    Ayak xx

  5. Happy Birthday dear Eddie!!! Why yes, you don't look 65, I'm amazed!^-^ I'm glad you had a wonderful celebration, lots of fun and laughs and the T-shirt present was really cool, very well thought of!^^ ...but I'm sure the other presents were nice too, you just don't wanna share them! Well, don't worry, I wont be over jealous and runaway with one.^^

    Now here comes my birthday wish, I wish you health, happiness, lots of love, more friends,and a shiny red new Ferrari.



  6. Happy Birthday fellow Libra!! What a wonderful 65th celebration.

    Those shirts are entirely marketable...

  7. Okay, so I'm off-line...but not on painkillers yet...and so I cannot resist; I must stop by to wish you a Happy Birthday...and to express my delight with the fireworks!!!!!! What a wonderful bomb you have dropped!! Great fun!!!! And here are two of my favorites, sitting around the family dinner together!!! Absolutely wonderful!!! Again, Happy Birthday, my dear friend!! See you again when I return from "nether" land!! Hugs, Janine

  8. Lookin' mighty good for 65! Happy Birthday, indeed! Glad you had a fun day and it's nice to know that someone can get you to be on your best behavior! :) Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

  9. Happy Birthday, Eddie...mine was the 8th. Looks like you had a fabulous time!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Eddie. That was a great post as always. Way to go ! Cheers !!

  11. And how come we were not invited!? ;-)

    Happy Birthday, Mr Eddie Blue! You are looking great at 65!
    I love the "Blog Off" tee!

    By the way, I think October is David's (Authorblog) birth month, too!

  12. Belated birthday wishes to you Eddie - sounds like you had a great time. You don't look 65!

    My 60th is coming up next month and like you I'm wondering where the time went!

    Hope the hip operation goes well - my dad had one 2 years ago and it's taken years off him. I had a knee replacement 3 years ago (in Feb) and it's blooming marvelous. You won't regret it I'm sure. :)

  13. How wonderfulllll!!! HAppy Birthday to you chum!!! and to many, many lovely for you to celebrate altogether...great pics.....great atmosphere....

    here's to you!! CHEERS!!!

    saz x

  14. Happy Birthday, my friend, Eddie.
    You have surprised us all!!
    What a great post!
    Smiles to you from this Georgia Peach who wishes you many many more HAPPY birthdays!

  15. Oh what a wonderful birthday celebration Eddie! It sounded like much fun. Wish I could have been there too! Happy belated birthday to you! You are wonderful. Love Di

  16. Very strange but it seems some have not tumbled on it yet!!! Maggie was on planet Earth before me and she has known me for her entire life!! THERE! That should do as a clue! LOL he! he! ~ Eddie

  17. What a bright girl you are Cherry!
    To quote a well known phrase from the Bible, "It is you who said it!" he! he! he! Email coming later!

  18. Hmm! Hmm! clear throat!!
    Maggie May, you are highly conspicuous by your absence - it is most unlike you to remain silent like this - you never ever did when we were kids!!! Where are you? ~ Eddie

  19. I am gobsmacked that so many people have let it go right over their heads back on my blog and is any one visiting Sam for more clues?
    He he.
    Nuts in May

  20. Happy Birthday Eddie, and may you celebrate many more healthy and happy ones.....Loved the tee shirt.........:-) Hugs

  21. Does anyone out there require the services of Specsavers?

  22. This is indeed a benchmark. In the States, you could collect Social Security, apply for Medicare and receive discounts for dinner and other necessities. But, a proper dinner celebration with cake and ice-cream and presents must be the first step. I can see you had a houseful and invited anyone you could. With friends everywhere, you need to give us more advanced notice, so we can get down to you in person.

    Regardless, Happy Day, my young friend. Your wife deserves an award.

  23. Happy 65th Birthday, Eddie!! A bloggy party - how FUN! I wish I could have come!! Love your shirt!! Hugs!!

  24. Happy Birthday Eddie!
    And may you have many more of them.
    That tee shirt is amazing- I saw it at Maggie May's first, so I knew what was coming in the wife story. She's a patient woman, and we thank her for it.

  25. Dear Eddie,

    Happy birthday to you! I am afraid our spouses will remain mystified at our attraction to blogging :). But it does not change things a whit, does it? My whole family laughs at this love of mine, but all in good humor.

    Wish I could have been there to meet all of you and raise a toast to the man of the hour and Maggie May. It would have been like rubbing shoulders with celebrities in my little world, who I admire so much more than those on the silver screen!

    Cheers, friend. I salute you ;0

  26. Eddie and Maggie and sister!
    A neat way to share the information, Mr. Blue Eyes.

  27. Oh, Ed-eeeeeeeee!
    Happiest of birthdays, dear one.
    What a delightful celebration.
    Next year, you need to have a virtual bash, akin to Willow's ball, don't you think?
    Let the gobsmacking continue!

  28. A very happy 65th! You indeed look very happy and mighty :)


    I see I'm older than you as I'll be 68 in December, but I've always liked younger men.

  30. Jane - May I be your toy boy? Or do I have to wait for the next life? LOL

  31. Just came from Maggies and left a happy birthday wish there for you, so here's another...Here's to the sixty sixth...Cheers.

  32. Oh Eddie, sounds like it all was great fun, I love the Tshirt!
    Your dear Mrs must be a saint of the first order to be cheerful even when gate crashed by a fellow blogger... Good for Maggie, turning up to cheer you on.
    Happy 65th then, you have a while to go to catch me up!!!

    Love Granny

  33. Happy birthday Eddie!! What a great celebration and a sneak peek at the real Maggie and the Mighty Sam, how cool is that?!

  34. Happy Birthday! No way are you 65. ; )

  35. Oh Nessa...dont' tell him that!!
    He's already let the compliments go to his blue eyes...for Pete's sake. We'll have to put up with more of him....(which is absolutely fabulous!) Hugs to you, Eddie. Keep up that smile. This world needs more and more. Thank you for always bringing one to me!


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