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Wednesday 28 October 2009

My Wife's Hospital Check Up

Today, Thursday, my wife and I go for her check up at the Oncology Department. My wife is a very strong person, particularly mentally, and this has driven her to cope with all that life can throw at her in the physical world, including her breast cancer thirteen years ago and how wonderfully she coped and overcame this evil disease, affecting so many in our day, including some of our friends in blogland - I can name three right now.

This time it is a lot harder for her because her lymphodaema has caused her arm and hand to swell and hurt, and her shoulder is giving her problems. Recently her leg has become problematic as well. I wish I could take it away from her . . . it hurts me so much to see her suffer like that. I love her so very much, I have always done so and always will - we have been together for 36 years which is a long, long time.

I cannot help thinking back to Biblical times when I am sure Jesus cured these problems regularly. I ask you to pray for my wife and I ask my Lord for a cure her if it is in accordance with His will.

Miracles still happen today, sometimes through prayer.

Many will know, I am a strong Christian, with very devout beliefs - indeed I have met many blogging friends with similar intense beliefs. It is almost as if this is by design rather than coincidence and I am certain in time the ramifications of all this will become evident of just why so many have been 'put together' so to speak.

I know some readers will be amazed at this statement, including perhaps someone or persons outside the blogging community whom I have wronged of late and to whom I convey my unreserved and sincere apologies.

On the subject of Faith I am reminded of a conversation I had with my dear cousin Roden, sadly no longer with us. He was an atheist, a strong one. You might say he was an evangelical atheist. He shouted it from the roof tops. Intellectually he was on a much higher plateau than I could ever aspire to.

Roden was light years ahead of me. So I knew he could make mince meat of me if we ever discussed this subject, knowing I had strong Christian beliefs. The contest did begin one day and I was well and truly on the ropes.

I said two things to him.I said, "You believe that when we die it is curtains, the lights go out and that is it - eternal unawareness of anything. I believe I have a distinct advantage in my argument because I believe death is a door to a much better life. If I am right I shall be in the unique position of being able to say, 'I told you so', If you are right you won't say it and I won't hear you."

The second thing I said was, "If we are lucky we might live until we are 70 or if we have all our faculties 80 or 90 or even 100. Then you say that's it - eternal nothing!" For a Christian we have the hope of eternal life in perfect happiness for ever and for ever! All we have to do is to chose Jesus. In my book there is absolutely no contest - what's a 100 years of ordinary life against an eternity of bliss - I just don't get it why so many reject."

Anyway, sadly Roden remained with his atheist viewpoint until he died 8 years ago.
He was a nice man, and cousin whom I admired and respected and looked up to yet unfortunately he just could not be a little child again and accept his Saviour. I just hope and pray I see him again on day, and if I do I shall not say, "I told you so". I am not a chap to do that sort of thing.


It is two weeks since I left the Ambulance Service and I have been a busy lad with decorating a couple of bedrooms. Even with this awful hip I am having to cope with I am managing to climb up ladders to paint and decorate - something I have always enjoyed. Indeed some may know I did this professionally for 15 years before I undertook ambulance work.
I will keep you posted about the hospital visit and thank you in advance for your prayers - I know some of my email Christian friends are supporting us and I thank you so much for this.


  1. Hi Eddie,

    I got online just now and read your whole post.

    On the plane I will be saying a rosary and tomorrow, Thursday, I will be going to my morning prayer group and will ask everyone there to pray for Maria. You and your children will be prayed for also as everyone needs strength in these situations...especially family.

    I do beg to differ on the intelligence level matter(with your cousin, may he rest in the arms of Jesus anyway) for the higher the level of cognizance the closer one should be to the Creator Who is all knowledge. Now I will step off my soapbox and pray for Roden as well.

    Please remember that strong prayers are going your way and her way daily!!

    May the Good Lord shower you and Maria with blessings, strength and healing.

    many blessings, prayers and hugs,


  2. eddie, defintiely praying for you both. i know as a husband it is hard to see her hurt. i hate that. God does still work miracles. Praying for one in this circumstance. stay strong.

  3. Thank you Marcy
    You are a real Gem amongst Gems and I thank you for your powerful prayers and it would be marvellous if Roden, his wife Gladys and the children are saved - I loved that family but recently Vic his son died as an alcoholic - he was just 62. A tragic story I am afraid. Mat God bless you Marcy. Have a good trip - I'll find your post and read all about it ~ Eddie

  4. Brian
    Thank you and yes I will stay strong ~ Eddie

  5. You have my prayers and hopes for your sweet wife and for you.

  6. Eddie, your faith and love will help you and her through all this. Prayers and best thoughts go your way.

  7. Well Eddie, my new friend, I'm not Christian and we don't share the same beliefs but please know that I do send my very best thoughts to your and your wife. I do believe in the power of a caring community and of that, I am a part. Best thoughts to the two of you.

  8. Will add your wife -and you as well -to my prayers. Hope the treatments kick in quickly and do the work they are intended to do -cure!

  9. Eddie, You know that you and Maria continue to be in my prayers daily...that I could not more persistently ask God for complete healing for Maria than I do...and that my heart is always with you both! Wishing you all the best news tomorrow!!!! I will go with you both in spirit, thought and prayer! Hugs, Janine

  10. Eddie..What a loving post. I know that when Maria hurts, Eddie hurts...and I'm sure it's the same for her when you hurt. I hug her real 'good' tonight (Wednesday night in America)...and I hug you too, my friend.
    I know that Jesus Christ died for us....and was raised and lives with His Father...our Father in Heaven. He sits at the right Hand of the Father making intercession for us....and I pray for Maria....I pray for healing for her...a testimony to His miraculour power. That power is still and will always be magnificent...and like Him is eternal. May you and Maria have a restful night...and know that prayer warriors are lifting her up. A sea was parted. Walls came tumbling down...the blind were made to see...and the lame to walk. That doesn't even begin to cover the immensenss of what our Lord can do. We need to pray BELIEVING...with only the faith of a grain of mustard seed. I do that for Maria,my friend...and will continue to do that. Much love to you and your family.

  11. Dear darling Eddie--
    What a beautiful post you wrote. Faith like yours is such a treasure. I pray it sustains you through these difficult times. I, too, will keep you and your wife close to my heart and in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Smoochies xxooxxo

  12. Oh Eddie, I have tears from reading your post.. it is such a beautiful love story. Eddie you must remember that Maria feels the same way about you and would do whatever she could to take your pain away....being there for each other, supporting and loving each other through this horrible disease is a blessing God has given both of you. He has given you time to share your hearts, thoughts and love. You both are doing God's work by loving each other.
    I will continue my prayers for Maria, you and your children....God Bless my friend....:-)

  13. Eddie, I get to know you better with each post I read. Please know that I believe in the power of prayer and in miracles. You and your wife are on my prayer list.

  14. I believe in the power of prayer and have seen it work in my life recently.

    I will say prayers for your wife. I, too, am a breast cancer survivor.

  15. Hi Eddie, Have been reading your posts all these days, but not commenting. But this post is different. It's beautiful, and so loving. Your wife is lucky to have you as her husband.
    I am not a christian but I do pray and am confident that nothing else works like praying for your loved ones. I am saying my special prayers for both of you and your family.
    I am currently in the United States (wednesday night here) and will be looking out to hear better news and even miracle! Hugs.

  16. Hi little Bro!
    Naturally I pray regularly for both of you. You are both such deserving people and my lovely sister in law is a very brave lady and doesn't deserve this illness, but then who does!
    The power of prayer is very strong and I regularly pick up that peace that knows no understanding........ So please continue to pray for all the members of our family because these illnesses are like stones being thrown into a pond.......... the ripples affect all who are connected.

    Nuts in May

  17. Never have I envied those with true religeous convictions more than I do at this moment. When I read blogs with religeous content I tend not to comment-it would be hypocritical of me as I do not call myself Christian, yet I believe that those tenents of Christianity that I admire-care for others,love for humanity-honestly, obedience, are traits I hold dear.

    And so Eddie, you dear and kind man, I am holding you and your wife close to my heart and sending a loud shout out into the Universe in the srong hope that I am wrong, and that the creator of this miracle world will hear.

  18. Eddie,

    you are both in my prayers as always!

    Faith heals and love never fails.

    BIG,WARM HUGS to you and your wife,

  19. Eddie
    Good luck to you both. I am not a Christian but that will not stop me praying for you both. I have a confession to make. When you first started blogging I was envious of your enthusiam and talent. Bit of an upstart I thought. No longer am I miffed. You write beautifully and have an obvious talent. (Must admit I'm a bit envious of your grasp of the technical side but never mind eh!) Have not forgotten about the Sunday Roast thing, about half done. Keep it up, I've been married 40 years next year so I know the feeling.

  20. My prayers are steadily heading your way to you and your wife Eddie and like someone else said, stay strong for the both of you.

  21. You and your dear wife have been on my prayer list for quite a while, my friend, and I will be saying an extra prayer, especially today. I will be praying for God to give you both the strength to get through this and that His divine love and protection will be with her, now and in the days to come. Hugs to both of you!

  22. What a terrible worrying time you both must be having. I am so sorry to hear of this and will of course remember you in my converstations with the higher power above. I truly hope that your wife beats this soon. 36 years is a wonderful amount of time to be together and may you realise a great many more. All the best Eddie and Mrs Eddie. Faith is a great comforter and a great healer too.

  23. Oh Eddie what a sweetheart you are are. And of coarse your wife is strong, most of us women are. We do it for our guys! You know that we all will be praying for you both. I pray that her pain subsides soon. And I pray you don't fall off that ladder! You be very careful, your lovely wife needs you! Love Di

    P.S. Don't over work the hip either!

  24. I share you belief of an afterlife Eddie.

    Please accept my prayers, positive thoughts and much Reiki healing light for your dear wife. x

  25. Kathy - Thank you very much my friend - your support means a lot to me.

    Rosaria - Thank you too my dear friend. You are always there for me and I appreciate it very much.

    Eva - Thank you too, Eva. I don't know you yet but will visit very soon.

    Hilary - Thank you my friend and your support is appreciated very much.

    Jeni - Thank you - your prayers are much appreciated

  26. Janine - My great friend - I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your endless prayers. God must be getting quite a barrage between you and Jackie - you are both wonderful people - God Bless - and Janine I am so releived and happy your cancer is finally beaten ~ Eddie x

  27. Jackie - Thank you Jackie for your wonderful comment and your supportive prayers. And thank you for your card to Maria, received today. She is so grateful and she will be writing to you soon. Thank you Jackie and Janine for your prayers for my sister, Maggie, who has surgery on Monday next for suspected cancer ~ Eddie

  28. Kathleen - Thank you my dear new friend whom I have just Roasted. Your prayers are so very much appreciated - Thank you ~ Eddie

  29. Bernie - You are always there as a faithful friend - I appreciate your friendship and your prayers so much - then you ~ Eddie
    PS The CD will be sent soon - I promise - I have a sieve like a memory! LOL

  30. Joanna - What a nice lady you are - thank you for your support and prayers ~ Eddie

  31. Pseudonymous High School Teacher - Thank you for your prayers - I aim to get to know you soon and I am so pleased you have beaten breast cancer - may God bless you ~ Eddie

  32. Maggie, my dear sister - You have always been there for Maria and I - thank you.
    And your Harry has suffered with PC cancer for 7 years . . . and now this bombshell that you too may be a sufferer. I will put up a special post for you. I don't know what we've done as a family to deserve all this but that's what happens in life sometimes. Sometimes our faith is tested - endless prayers for you and Harry ~ Eddie x

  33. Moannie - Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I say God bless you dear lady. I know you are having a hip replacement soon - I am as well. Please let me know how it goes ~Eddie. We can use this email:

  34. Sassy - I appreciate all your very kind comments - you are a wonderful young lady and I wish you and your hubby a long and happy life together - may God bless you richly ~ Eddie

  35. Ken - I was thrilled to hear from you.
    Ken, I just got lucky as to who read my stuff - I got noticed by David and got a few POTD's made it a bit easier - I was just in the right place at the right time.
    I always liked reading your posts yet time alas made it impossible to visit very often.
    I am very pleased you are doing the Sunday Roast - it will be very interesting.
    Oh and Ken - you were actually recommended by someone to appear you know and I thought of you as well. I am most touched by a non Christian praying for us - that is truly wonderful ~ Eddie

  36. Introspection - I value your comments so highly and non more so than yours today - thank you and for your prayers - wonderful - hugs to you as well ~ Eddie

  37. Gaston Studios - Thanks Jane - much appreciated my friend ~ Eddie

  38. Marguerite - Thanks a million my friend. Somehow I always guessed you were a strong Christian - I am so pleased we met and perhaps soon we can resume with a little humour on Oz (LOL)
    Your support and prayers are appreciated more than words can say - God Bless ~ Eddie

  39. Menopausaloldbag - Now if I called someone by that name I would more than get my face slapped!! It is such a fabulous blog name - Please agree to do the Sunday Roast!!
    But to today - thank you MOB for your wonderful support and for having a word with the powers upstairs - all three of them please! ~ Eddie

  40. Diana - Thank you dear friend that I do not see nearly as oft as I would like. Thank you for your prayers and also I will try not to fall off the ladder and I shall try not to overwork the hip. But with a Mrs like mine with her do list that is impossible LOL - Hugs ~ Eddie

  41. Akelamalu - Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words - I aim to get to know you a bit better soon ~ Eddie

  42. Eddie,

    You and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers. I believe in the power of prayer --- and power in numbers. Blessings and hugs!!

  43. Cheffie-Mom
    Debbie, thank you so very much my great bloggy friend from across the big pond. Blessings and hugs to you as well ~ Eddie

  44. I too belive in miracles.
    Believe, Mr. Eddie. We have to believe in something and SomeONE.
    I said a prayer for you and your wife this morning. Yes, I was here before but I could not leave a comment.
    I'm sorry to hear your hip is bothering you.
    Please be careful.
    (no more Saturday Night Fever disco dance move, ok? ;-)
    Have a great weekend!

  45. Cherry - what a kind young lady you are - and I have also seen you kind comment at Maggie's.
    God chose all the best things when he created you - may He bless you and may you have a wonderful life ~ with affection, Mr Eddie

  46. ...ever praying for you and your wife...What a lovely woman she must be. God bless you and keep you both as you continue through this battle together.

  47. Eddie, sorry I thought I had commented yesterday, but now realise I'm doting!
    This is a beautiful post, even though so sad, your love for your wife shines through.
    I'll pray for both of you, stay strong, mimi

  48. Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers, Sarah and Mimi

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