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Tuesday 22 July 2014


O Worship The Harley!

Behold this regal masterpiece of classical tradition;
fashioned by genius – a pinnacle of man’s inventiveness.
My countenance conveys such majesty, such strength, such beauty;
crafted as if by gods, and not mere mortal men of flesh.
Showers of praise and accolade rain and drench my person.
My mighty chest doth swell and overflow with worthy pride.

Consider then my purpose and exceptional design;
a powerhouse so supreme all others fall prostrate before me.
For while I but sleep, I am the object of awe and fascination.
How could mere mortals fashion such devastating perfection?
What miracle doth inspire such thoughts to cause my very being,
as if the gods themselves had willed and crafted my divine creation?

Beneath my face of steel, reflecting light in flight before me,
there lies a noble heart; a symphony of mighty moving parts,
which when conducted, will awaken and create such terror
that all creation shall know I, and I alone, am the rightful king of princes.
And those mere upstarts, who wouldst dare contest my reign,
Are not mine heirs but false pretenders to my throne.

Behold, I wake and stir and in season set in motion
all those inward parts of muscle and steel sinew, which
wouldst cause those fools who dare rival my authority
to bow down one by one and kneel before their king.
I roar! A thunderous bellow of a roar – like a beast possessed.
Yet this is but a prelude to such marvels as my power will fashion.

And now I rise to make the very air surrender to each blast of fury.
Hot gas and blood explode from deep within my furnace,
as each deep-throated roar progresses to my next astonishment.
Yet my engine doth but idle and my real task not accomplished.
But in due season I shall reveal my true and terrifying majesty –
My pulsating heart and lungs shall spring to life with deafening ferocity.

Claps of heavy thunder blasts cascade to mute all sounds around me,
as my real power engages into drive, propelling me to speedy motion
in a cacophony of canon fire with ever wild crescendo.
Every face transfixed in awe turns in my direction.
I throttle up yet again and shift a gear with omnipotence.
My belly shakes the very air in terror with unquenched fire,
and all before me flee in wonderment and admiration so profound.

I fly;
I fly on eagle's wings and with all my energy so harnessed.
The chilling wind doth strive in vain to cool my raging furnace,
and whatever thrust required of me I shall meet in plenty.

Now hear this, you pretenders, and mere princes who wouldst have my crown:

Get in rank! – you shall not have it for your pedigree will not stand the test of time . . . . .

 . . . . like mine.

Copyright:  Eddie Bluelights March 2009

I am honoured to receive Post of The Week award from Hilary at The Smitten Image, 6th August 2014.  
Thank you Hilary, and congratulations to the other winners.

To see how I became a big strong boy, able to handle this nasty beast click on MAG229


  1. Quite the paean to motorcycle appreciation. I've never driven one but I'd be willing to give it a try.

    1. Yes, some motorcycle. It belonged to an ambulance driver friend I worked with - we could hear him coming to work half a mile away!!! . . . .lol
      I never rode one but would have liked to. :)

  2. For pity's sake Eddie, it's only a noisy machine with a wheel at the front, and a similar one at the back. It's just to get you from A to B ! If it does go when you switch it on, then it's just a useless piece of junk. . . . . Just saying. Ha!

    1. Yes, it's noisy but what a wonderful noise,
      This one did go when my friend switched it on . . . .like the clappers!!! . . . lol :)

  3. Sorry, I should have said "If it DOESN'T go when you switch it on . . . . . ". I'm stupid aren't I? If you agree with that then I shall be forced to bring my fierce budgie round and set him on you ! I know where you live !

    1. Hi Keith, yes worked out the semantics . . . . I'm not saying whether I agree or not!! lol

  4. Such a poetic ode to a motorcycle! You have a way with words, Eddie!

    1. Thanks Michelle . . . . want a ride? I have a spare helmet . . lol

  5. What an ego! haha.
    If you drive it, can I ride behind? Or maybe get one of those funny side cars....

    1. Yes he does admire himself a lot.
      Sure you can ride pillion but you'd have to hold on itight. . . acceleration is fantastic and don't even think of those silly side cars . . . lol Enjoyed writing this one . . . :)

    2. Looks like Michelle is in that spot! I don't mind the side car! lol...just don't stick me out in the oncoming traffic! ha.

    3. lol . . . I must remember to drive on the correct side of the road at 130 mph when we go like the clappers . . .

  6. I wouldn't mind driving one around
    As long as no highway was found
    Going 100mph on one of those
    Could bring death woes

    1. 100mph you must be jesting
      130mph is better,and testing.
      Thank goodness it has something I did not mention
      A comfy seat and a super suspension

  7. 45 year licensed two wheeler! Hear me roar

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

    1. Yes . . . . .quite a beast! The Hell's Angels still ride 'em!
      Still a few around, but the more modern screechy ones have replaced the proper motor bikes . . . .:)

  8. And when will we see you on yours then Eddie!

    1. Alas I do not own one - this beast belonged to a friend of mine in the ambulance service. Richard was almost as large as the Harley . . . . but as gentle as a kitten, such a great nice guy we all loved. We could hear him coming to work half a mile away!! I really miss those days. . . . such a fabulous bunch of guys and gals . . .

  9. Replies
    1. That's right . . . . it sounds just like that, Pen.

      Jump on and hold on tight . . . . we're off for spin!! . . .. hahaha . . . :)

  10. Awesome! Harley really is the king of motorcycles, at least according to my husband.

    1. Thanks Karen - care for a ride? . . lol
      Tell hubby that some motorcycle purists refute this and say a better bike is a Ducati but shhhh I don't want to upset Harley . . . . he's done quite enough roaring for one day!" . . . .~ Eddie :)

  11. I have a motorcycle license! Vroom Vroom ...

    (thanks for stopping by my place)

    1. Well start it up and I'll jump on the back . . . away we go - gosh what a rider and such cornering Vroom Vroom !! . . . lol

  12. Hi Eddie....
    You really are a very accomplished poet...
    And you certainly know it...
    I would be afraid that I would fall...
    When the Harley gave it's all...

    Hey...not bad eh?
    Linda :o)

    1. Hey . . . . . applause applause!!

      I am impressed!

      But Harley is not very pleased . . . someone told him Ducati is a better machine and he went mad. Roaring all over the place and I have just managed to calm him down . . . lol

      Fancy a spin I'll wake him up . . . come on jump on and hold on tight . . . , I'll just take you round the block.

    2. That was fun . . . a bit scary wasn't it . . . . I couldn't remember which side of the road to drive it?

  13. You had me at "Behold!" Very well done, Eddie. And I don't even like motorcycles but I'm glad you took us for a ride on this one.

    1. Thanks Hilary - had a bit of fun with this one :)

  14. I think any Harley would be proud to have you astride him, too!

    1. Why how kind, Helena . . . now that deserves a ride . . . . jump on and hold on tight, Harley's about to show his might!!

  15. Didn't know you were a Harley enthusiast Eddie, but I can see it after reading this! Also enjoyed the Veggie stand poem. Glad to see you exercising your writing skills in such a fun way =)

    1. Hi Monica - always great to see you and The Creative Beast at my place. If you were a boy you and Harley could well be brothers, since he is a Creative Beast as well. . . . . . lol
      Thank you for the kind comment on this and the Veggie poem . . . . :) I'll pop over to see what you have been up to ~ Eddie ~ hugs

  16. Not made by gods, but Wisconites. But it's an understandable mistake! ;-)

    1. Thanks Mary - not sure what Wisconites is/are though . . . :)


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