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Friday 9 January 2015


Hi folks . . . 

It has been a while since baby Peter blessed me with his presence.  Many of you will know he and the whole family have been sick with this horrible flu. I am pleased to say that the entire family have recovered and today I heard a little ring of the doorbell, by Peter himself, and my heart jumped to see his beaming face and outstretched arms.  Altogether . . . awww!

The first thing I noticed was that he seems to be lighter somehow which means he is, or I am much stronger.

Anyway it was not long before he saw his favourite biscuits in the jar and made very enthusiastic sounds that he wanted some.. So I got his high chair, he switched the radio on, Classic FM no less, and sat him down to give him some and his breakfast.

He seems quite a bit more patient these days waiting for his meals and it looks rather like he is practising his piano technique on this one . . . lol

Yum . . . . he did enjoy his Cornflakes followed by Marmite on toast and cheese cubes and a beaker of milk. . . . . . and afterwards we had a little play with his favourite toys.

It belonged to his father, all those years ago and he loves me helping him to post 6 animals into their holes.  If I position them right he 'clobbers' them and they go in.

I said to him, "Peter, put the animals into the house".
I could see his little gearwheels going round and he promptly opened the door and put them all in . . . . . then he  closed the door and started laughing.  Oh I did laugh.

We then got another puzzle which is a bit easier, also his dad's when he was a baby.

He can manage the cylinder shape and the square and sometimes the triangular shape . . . but not the others yet.

Then I got him out of his chair, checked his nappy, and had a little play with him.  He still shuffles but can take a few unaided steps and I notice each time a little triumphant look on his face.

He made a beeline to the Tower I built for him and swiped it so hard at the base the pieces went all over the kitchen and he got all the pieces together and gestured me to build it again and he gleefully demolished it again.  I was rather surprised that once or twice he arranged the pieces so all the yellows were together, all the reds and all the blues.

A great day of fun, and I am pleased to report he was not sick ~ thank goodness.  He came to me when he was tired and put his head on my shoulder and fell asleep, and so did I for a while.  It is very therapeutic holding a sleeping baby, but eventually I put him in his cot and covered him with a blanket.

He is back again tomorrow ~ I wonder what surprises that will bring ~ bless his cotton socks

Wednesday 7 January 2015


Hi folks!

So sorry for the last rather depressing post . . . . . . . not like me at all really and I am pleased to say I am much improved and looking forward to getting out and about when this awful weather finally relents and begins to radiate warmth, sunshine and happiness.  I always feel so much happier when the weather is good.  My genes tell me I should be nearer the equator . . . lol

I have been suffering from the dreaded flu bug which has been doing the rounds here,  smiting all before it rather like the Greeks and Trojans in fierce battle .  . . . bodies all over the place . . .  lol.   I don't know any family here who has not been affected and everyone keeps re-infecting everyone else so it goes on and on.  One poor lady next door was so ill she had to be admitted to hospital for a while.

The flu hit me just after Christmas and I can honestly say it is the worst short term sickness I can ever remember.

I am slowly climbing back to a recognisable and functional life form, from having just the tip of my nose peeping out from beneath the bedclothes for days.  But I am a lot better now, albeit with some coughing and spluttering, but I feel the worst is over.

Peter and family were still not quite right a few days ago but he was sick just once yesterday over his poor dad ~ that's a sign of affection for you . . . . . lol

I am looking after him tomorrow for a few hours so I hope the weather improves so I can take him to the park and the swings which he loves.

The weather has been nearly as dreary as watching paint drying, and today it is tipping down, which hardly inspires one to go for a nice walk . . . . or jump in the air and shout, "Alleluia! ~ lol

. . . . so I have been doing crosswords and having a go on the piano to stave off boredom and since there is no-one here to object to the frequent discords of an out of practice pianist, I am striving to re-train my fingers to hit the right notes at the right time in the right order, like they used to.  It can't have been too bad because no bricks have been thrown through my window as yet . . . . . lol

Before that I had a good Christmas with the family.
I enjoyed that so much.

I hope to get on with some writing in the new year ~ I have a lot of ambulance stories to tell, plus lots of other bits and pieces currently formulating within my cerebral hemispheres, so please bear with me.

Happy New Year to one and all and may 2015 be a very kind one to us all.

Tuesday 6 January 2015


Life has been rather sad and negative of late so I thought I would share one of my favourite TV sketches with you.

It always makes me laugh

Morecombe and Wise were a favourite comedy team, sadly both no longer with us.