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Wednesday, 30 January 2019


I am most grateful to Carrie Van Horn for inviting me into her weekly poetry circle. I find receiving a weekly prompt very helpful for the discipline of writing on demand, rather than waiting for inspiration ~ which may never come. I found this one quite tricky, thinking about a likely theme. So here goes.

The Sunday Muse #40

In the Middle of Freedom"  by Isabel Mansfield

Origami Tsunami

A flock of origami cranes
Left their cage for new domains.
At last their captor set them free
Into this world of treachery.

How will they manage?
How will they fare?
Will they falter?
Will they dare?

In the cage they felt secure,
Now some start to feel unsure,
Some can fight and claw through life
To get a job and win a wife.

While others struggle and can't cope
And can't adapt, so sit and mope.
All was done for them in jail.
Now they must survive, or fail.

They must put on real flesh and blood,
To make their mark and turn out good.
They must be bold and courage find
Or else they will be left behind.

Some can rise to that great trial
Yet others find life too hostile.
Some excel and do quite well
While others find this life is hell.

* * * * * * * * * * 

Eddie Bluelights
January 2019

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Sunday, 20 January 2019


This week I am very pleased to participate again in Carrie Van Horn's weekly poetry circle,

The Sunday Muse #39

Hey Mate! Why Have We Got Stripes?

One day Zebra A said to Zebra B,
"Let's conclude the debate which we could not agree,
On why we have stripes, and what does it mean?
And why they are there to be clearly seen?"

"The answer", said B, "is simple, of course,
For without them we would look just like a horse!"
Said A, "That is daft and your answer is silly,
Please think and give reasons, you illogical filly!"

"Hmm, maybe it's all about recognition,
Courting and selection and mating ambition,
Imagine a stallion approaching a mare,
Walking with a swagger and a lusty stare."

 'Hey, honey, you're it, I'm in romantic mode!
We have the same stripes and a matching bar code!'"
"At last you have noticed," she said with a stutter,
As she brushed his fetlock and her eyelids did flutter.'"

Said A, "That's just plain nonsense and you well know it!
If you have any brain cells, wise up now and show it,
Us zebras have stripes and they are all the same,
Unlike tigers in Asia, all unique, scientists claim."

"I don't agree and I read it somewhere,
That our stripes are all different, just see over there,
That's Charlie, I can pick him out from the rest
By one little stripe ~ look there on his crest!" 

"An interesting thought, you speak like a tutor,
But our brains are all finite, and not a computer,
There are too many bar codes by far to remember,
With all combinations of each herd and each member." 

"It could be to confuse all those hungry predators
Lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas,
"I don't think you're right and my reason for saying,
Is stripes make us stand out, thus assisting the slaying!"

"I think what you say is entirely absurd,
That's why we stay close in a very big herd,
Where we're often safe if we all stick together,
Lions often miss out, if we run hell for leather."

"So the reason I feel it is not camouflage,
For a lion will attack us with wild sabotage.
It is in their breeding and for each hungry pride
They want us for food to fill mouths open wide!"

"Oh don't frighten me with that horrible stuff!
I'm feeling scared and I've had just enough! 
So tell me the reason and just what it is?
I'm keen to get answers for this very old quiz!"

"Research has suggested the stripes may be for
Cooling us down in a high temperature,
Because we are grazing in that very hot sun
Unshaded for ages, while we eat a ton!"

"But non zebra grazers feed hour after hour,
All prey for lions, wanting them to devour.
Impala, Antelope, Springbok, Great Kudu.
With none having stripes ~ ask any Gnu!"

"And how do stripes work, why should they cool?
What is the reason? and what is the rule?"
'A' said to 'B' that he'd work hard and try,
 To answer that riddle, to explain how and why.

"Heat strikes the black in a different way,
To the white all day long on a very hot day.
Where white meets black it causes an eddy,
Resulting in cooling, making us feel less heady."

"That may be so but I really don't buy it!
I think my solution is better, just try it!
It's all about flies which suck blood when they bite us,
And not camouflage, or lions that fight us!" 

"It could be infections from blood sucking flies,
Biting us as we graze, wanting us as a prize.
They could spread disease which would make us quite ill,
With a very good chance they might even kill!"

"Experiments show that for black and white types,
The flies are attracted, but not when in stripes!
When striped there's confusion and flies will not settle
So to bite and drink blood will not test their mettle!"

"So that is the way us zebras evolved.
It may be the answer to that old problem, solved.
But does this really prove 'stripes evolution',
And is it accepted as the true solution." 

"Darwin was puzzled and had no idea
about this conundrum, he was very unclear.
The fact is that for the last two hundred years
There is no solution, or so it appears!"

"All this may be rubbish as ideas we plod,
It could be the creator, let's call him God.
He may like our stripes and made us this way,
For he's King after all, and has final say!"

* * * * * * * * * 

Eddie Bluelights
20 January 2019

Research to this problem is still on-going  and scientists are baffled.

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I recently joined The Sunday Muse and just missed out on Muse #36 which I found interesting so I have written something HERE

Saturday, 19 January 2019


Because I joined Carrie's poetry circle only recently, I missed the opportunity to write something for 

The Sunday Muse #36

I thought this was an interesting prompt, so here goes.


Life's bearing was lost to me
It had no sense of purpose or direction.
My inner compass failed to register anything except
A mirky, barren landscape, as I wandered aimlessly
Through a life; rudderless and without control.

No matter which heading I followed
Be it North, South, East or West,
It was always the same, I could find no comfort.
Instead the savage reality of loss prevailed, 
Devoid of anything I once held dear, or was of true value to me.

My wife was gone, a true friend of forty years.
She was the pinacle and focal point of my life,
Without whom there was nothing but emptiness and sadness
And the sorrow of an aching heart, beating alone in an empty wilderness.

Yet gradually a sense of order and meaning returned to me.
An acceptance that one day, perhaps in another dimension,
We shall be renunited in all the happiness we ever dared to hope for.
This time forever, and where neither could be abducted away
so cruelly.

I saw before me a bright morning star
A beautiful lady, young again and dressed in a white robe.
She is just as I knew her, yet her radiance shines much more vividly.
She smiles and offers me once more the golden keys to her heart.

With this promise accepted I adapted to my new course
And set sail to a more meaningful bearing in this life.
Happiness and humour returned once more to my soul.
And the poetry of music and colour regained it's meaning. 

Eddie Bluelights
19 January 2019

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019


This week I am very pleased to participate again in Carrie Van Horn's weekly poetry circle,

The Sunday Muse #38

Rather a strange one this week . . .  as will be revealed!!!

Image: The Resolve to Overcome (here)

Girl at the piano!
Please answer me.
Some questions I have.
I hope you agree.

You sit at my piano
The one shown below
It's eactly the same
As the one in the snow.

(Hands off my Yukulele)

Please bring it indoors
and out from the cold
How did you find it?
And why be so bold?

Why sit ye outside
In that icy cold chill?
If you stay there much longer.
You are sure to be ill.

Come into the warmth
Through my friendly doorway,
With my piano now inside
And out of harm's way.

And now you are here
You are welcome to stay
I'd love to be near you
And sit close as you play.

Just what is your music?
Do you play from the heart?
A romantic concerto?
Or a piece of Mozart?

Or do you play Chopin?
A Waltz or Etude?
A delightful Nocturne?
Or a tuneful Prelude?

I can see in my mind
Small hands glide the keys
 Your blonde hair is swaying
Like it catches the breeze.

The emotion of music
Is a power indeed
Be it Bach or Beethoven
We are moved ~ guaranteed.

A Sonata so lyrical
I'd then play for you
The Moonlight Sonata
To bring tears into view.

We speak the same language
Our emotions are one.
But are you real?
Or a memory gone?

* * * * * * * * * 

Eddie Bluelights
16 January 2019

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Monday, 7 January 2019


I am very pleased to join Carrie Van Horn's weekly poetry circle,

The Sunday Muse

This week is The Muse # 37 and sets a rather intriguing theme.

"Guardian" by Chie Yoshii

Her face is appealing
It makes one look twice
One's heart skips a beat
at her beauty ~ so nice.

I look through her eyes,
To her inner being.
Seducing her soul
Until love I am seeing.

Her heart is still her's
But it could yet be mine.
Attraction could get stronger
and mature like red wine.

Yet the fox on her shoulder
Bodes of something not right
Is it really a fox?
as we think at first sight.

Or is it her cunning?
Symbolic for sly
I must get to know her
To discover just why.

It's well worth the risk
I might take a chance
It might be so thrilling
If we start with a dance.

Yes, I'll fly like that butterfly
Throw caution to the wind.
I'll brave that sly fox
I said, as I grinned.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Eddie Bluelights
7 January 2019

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